Jaxson Dart Shines In Scrimmage

Former USC QB Jaxson Dart completed 14 of 17 passes for 207 yards and 2 TDs today in Mississippi’s scrimmage.

His competition, Luke Altmyer, was 13 of 20 for 126 yards and an interception.

Lane Kiffin criticized both QBs.

“I thought the first two guys [Dart and Altmyer] didn’t play great and took too many sacks — even though we’re not hitting them, that would’ve been sacks,” Kiffin said.


38 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart Shines In Scrimmage

  1. I am willing to bet $100 that by mid-November USC will wish they had Jaxson Dart instead of Caleb Williams. Hope I’m wrong.


      1. 😂😂😂. And who are you? Some type of couch potato quarterback guru ? 😂😂. Jaxon Dart may very well be a better player then Caleb Williams. Stop sniffing the press clipping hype.


    1. I would take that bet. Caleb is just better than Dart. I would love to see Lane Kiffin have another good season this year and start to challenge Alabama and Georgia.


  2. Right MG. I really liked Jaxson Dart but USC has never had anybody with the skill set of Caleb Williams. He is perfect for the Reilly version of the Air Raid. We will have 3 or even 4 receiver sets with no backfield blocking and Caleb will be able to elude the rush and throw it deep or run and pick up a first down. He is faster than most safeties, 4.5 speed. Dart was tough and could bread tackles but not capable of eluding rushers. This added dimension of a true running quarterback will make us a very difficult offense to defend. And Caleb has a great arm and will be throwing to great receivers. This could be an epic year for the offense.

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    1. Caleb is a unicorn. USC has never had anyone like him. If you were at the spring scrimmage, then you know what I mean. It is like he is playing a different game, as he knows he can easily avoid pressure once he is outside the pocket.

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      1. trojan1967,

        Whhat do you think Rodney Peete would have done if he ran Riley’s RPO? Peete was very fast and with an accurate arm. I think he would have been comparable to Caleb Williams. My opinion though.


  3. Watch out. Kiffin talking too many sacks means the bubble screen might get installed in the offense.

    Ole Miss might be looking at 25 – 30 sideways passes per game in 2022.



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  4. When I first saw this, I thought it was the other way around. Shapiro would’ve been a way better president at USC than Hot Lips. Michael Schill going from Oregon to Northwestern is like so many others in academia who fail upwards.

    InsideUSC: Oregon president replaces Northwestern president Morton Schapiro, who was also a vice president at #USC.

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  5. And in other news, ruins still suck‼️

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    1. Chip to wife: “I can’t see running this scam for too much more than another year. Maybe it’s time to start interviewing movers….”

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    2. If a recruit watches a UCLA football game live in the Rose Bowl, he will likely not commit to UCLA. In a 100,000 seat stadium, only 30,000 are occupied. Of the 30,000, 10,000 are occupied by the visiting team and another 10,000 are “give away” end zone tickets to local PUSD students and families. Absolutely no energy for a game in that stadium and the recruits know it. Maybe this changes with a transfer to the B10 but I doubt it. Until this changes, UCLA will be a mediocre brand regardless of their performance on the field. It is like watching a WNBA game.

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      1. Let’s see how you do now that we have a coach again. You can always tell the ruins, bragging about beating a team that played 10 games without a coach.


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    3. Dear Pisley:

      62 – 33
      Ding, ding.

      BTW way AH, how’s Korey Foreman working out – a 2 star loser dressed as a 5 star – LOL. UCLA will kick the SHIT out of SUCC.


  6. eric sondheimer
    “UCLA has basically collapsed in high school football recruiting. Focus has to be on transfer portal because the lack of success at the high school level in SoCal is pretty stunning”

    Eric Sondheimer- LA Times has been covering high school sports in Los Angeles for over 40 years, and always presents the news in a truthful non-objective manner.

    IS THE UCLA Program ready to sink completely. How in the world are they going to be able to compete in the Big 10???????????????

    Chip Kelly needs to get off the cheeseburgers —–or it’s only a matter of time until the program disappears especially with no fans attending the games at the ROSE BOWL.

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      1. Remember the scene in C. B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments where Ramses is exiling Moses from Egypt in chains? And, remember, as Moses leaves Ramses says “Let his name be erased from every building, let it be removed from every page, let it never be spoken again, let there be no evidence he ever existed…”?

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  7. Memo to: Dear POS ’76

    Loser excuses, excuses, excuses won’t cut it AH. SUCC was punked 62 – 33 in the Crumbling Mausoleum. Then, you spineless jelly fish, after the garbage bozo loss, you, as usual, disappeared.

    SUCC FB, the elite 4 – 8 cockroaches.

    Ding, ding.
    Трахни тебя, мать AH


  8. USC (JustOwns)Me is getting a lot of mileage out of last year’s game much like 13-9.He’s just about turned over the odometer on that one.I’m reminded of the classic line from “Gladiator” when Maximus tells Commodus, “The time for honoring yourself will soon be over.” The time is short Owns – enjoy it.

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