Nick Saban Pulls Offensive Lineman Out Of Apple Valley

Raymond Pulido, a four-star offensive lineman from Apple Valley High School, committed to Alabama today.

USC didn’t offer Pulido a scholarship, which seems strange if the Crimson Tide wanted him. Miami, Michigan, Mississippi and Tennessee were among those who did offer Pulido.

So you either have to trust USC’s judgment or Alabama’s judgment.

Either way, Saban’s amassed a large group of offensive line commits for the Class of 2023.

OT Wilkin Formby (6-7, 300)

OT Olaus Alinen (6-6, 325)

IOL Miles McVay (6-6, 350)

IOL Ryqueze McElderry (6-3, 345)

IOL Raymond Pulido (6-6, 335)


86 thoughts on “Nick Saban Pulls Offensive Lineman Out Of Apple Valley

      1. Of course Alabama our recruited USC. What would you expect at this particular time?
        Give it a couple of years and see if you can say the same thing.

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    1. At 6”1 280 lbs, Micah Banuelos is the best linemen in the whole wide world, so the USC fanboys have nothing to worry about. Lincoln Riley is on the J-O-B when it comes to recruiting offensive linemen. Look out Alabama, because the Trojans are coming for you!!! 😂😂😂😂


    2. Hey Pissant ’76, you stinking come stain, it means bozo FB recruiting whiffs again. It’s tough selling an “ELITE” (LFOL), two-bit, rah-rah, 4 – 8 FB program.

      Just asking for a friend Pissant, will bozo FB players Hollywood celebrate missed tackles and incomplete passes this year?

      #62 – 33
      Ding, ding.
      Трахни тебя, мать AH


      1. Right. We NEVER recruited him. Did the ruins? Btw, how many first rounders got drafted out of ruinville?

        Crickets, chirp chirp chirp

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  1. In case you missed it before..

    westwood sucks..

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    1. As long as USC Fanboys keep comparing themselves to the UCLA Bruins, they’ll continue to look like clowns 🤡 😂😂. Why not compare yourselves to Alabama, Ohio State, or Georgia? 😂😂. Never mind, I think I know why. 😂😂

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      1. Here’s one for you..

        Teams with multiple 5* players committed:

        Sorry, can’t compare georgia cause they gots none, you silly turdsnap

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      2. Poor poor miserable trolls..

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      3. “Magistrate of District X: All that was found in search of Oregon Athletic Department warehouses pursuant to Warrant FD 36969 were 12 year old boxes of desiccated donuts …and 2 mummified rats.”

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    2. Pissant ’76, journalistic opinions ARE NOT FACTS!

      Correct me if I’m wrong 8 ball, but Mr. Sondheimer isn’t a current member of Chip’s FB staff – that’s a fact.

      I doubt Chip has ever had the rare privilege to consult the “Fish Wrap’s,” Mr. Sondheimer regarding UCLA’s FB recruiting strategy.

      “Facts Matter” ~ Pissant ’76

      #62 – 33: A Fact
      Ding, ding: A Fact
      Трахни тебя, мать AH


      1. “Correct me if I’m wrong 8 ball, but Mr. Sondheimer isn’t a current member of Chip’s FB staff – that’s a fact.”

        What’s your point? Or should I get a 2nd grade holdback to explain it to me?

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  2. So Alabama’s upcoming offensive line averages over 310 pounds per man. No wonder its quarterback wins the Heisman Trophy, he is basically untouched by the defense and has plenty of time to find an open receiver.

    Alabama still seems the beast to be reckoned with, no one can win the college football title without first going through Alabama.

    And is there any wonder why NFL- possible linemen are drawn to Alabama, no matter where the kid played in America?– If you can make Alabama you have an excellent chance of later making the NFL

    Not sure if SC or any college will get to the same football-level as Alabama


  3. Games are won in the trenches. Cal #1 line
    RT: Brayden Rohme, 6-6, 285, R-Jr.
    RG: Spencer Lovell, 6-6, 335, R-Sr.
    C: Matthew Cindric, 6-4, 295, R-Sr.
    LG: Brian Driscoll, 6-4, 315, R-Jr.
    LT: Ben Coleman, 6-4, 330, R-Jr.

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    1. Two deep
      RT: T.J. Session, 6-4, 300, R-Jr.
      RG: Ender Aguilar, 6-5, 285, R-So.
      C: Dylan Jemtegaard, 6-4, 290, R-Fr.
      LG: Sioape Vatikani, 6-3, 335, Fr.
      LT: Everett Johnson, 6-7, 310, Jr.
      or: Colin Hamilton, 6-7, 305, R-So.
      Redshirt freshman Bastian Swinney (6-6, 310)

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      1. Yes, Cal75 –It’s like I’ve always said about you, “you are too deep.”

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      1. The FBI will [and should] be taken off national political party investigations [of EITHER party –I’m not interested in seeing the corrupt repubs turn this around and use it against the corrupt dems after November 2022] ….the FBI will continue to operate at the state level [in all 50 states] investigating violations of federal statutes—aided by federal marshals [& working with state law enforcement —as they have for decades]….

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  4. Alabama is not the best team all the time–
    Best Teams by Decades (1960s to 2022):

    1960s USC ALABAMA
    1980s NEBRASKA
    1990s MIAMI
    2000s USC
    2010s ALABAMA
    2020s (currently) ALABAMA

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    1. LJ
      Nebraska in the 90s not 80s
      1980s a real open discussion: Miami? Oklahoma? Penn State?
      Oklahoma in the 70s (over Notre Dame and USC – USC better in best seasons and of course produced more NFL talent than anyone, but Sooners worst season 71-80 was 9-2-1 in ’76, and they almost went undefeated for half a decade – nothing like it until Nebraska second half of ’90s, USC under Pete, Alabama under Saban).)

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      1. Charles:
        Just one minor (Miami should have won in ’88 … as well as ’90 … but let games get away in South Bend … just like USC did in ’89). Nebraska also should have won in ’93 (the irony being ‘but for a placekicker’ against Bowden) and ’96 (the James Brown initial Big XII Championship surprise)…to me the most interesting decade by far (not enjoyable…interesting) was the 1980s…chaos and the beginning of the tectonic shifts still underway today…the Pac(10) of that era was a (usually mediocre) microcosm…but lots of good stuff even from that time (1984 I think being the highlight, with Washington depriving Oklahoma of a disputed title with BYU, USC upsetting USC and then Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, and UCLA thrashing Jimmy Johnson’s first Hurricane squad in the Fiesta).

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      2. Don’t forget 1986 when #1 Miami and Vinny Testeverde got off plane at Fiesta wearing combat fatigues and got sacked by Penn State.

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      3. Charles:

        Oh yeah – that game (and its antecedents of Miami upsetting Nebraska in the Orange Bowl, and two years earlier #1 Penn State) along with the Oklahoma-Georgia lawsuits were arguably the most pivotal points in forcing a long settled system in the direction we still see it moving. And what a spectacle (think Daniel Stubbs was the ringleader…still unfathomable how Testaverde played such a terrible game – Gifts for Giftopolous!)…that game is why I can’t quite just hand the ’80s crown to the Canes (although if forced to choose I would), since the Lions had quite a (at least early) decade of their own…

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      4. I remember Jimmy Johnson and Miami thrashing Gerry Faust’s Irish 58-7 in 1985 and Jimmy’s This-is-All-About-Me moment afterwards.

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      5. Yes – Miami gave ND two squeakers (discipline – said several times on this site as much as I hated him, Lou Holtz was on the very best coaches ever – think he epitomized the Bear adage of “He can take his’n and beat your’n, and take your’n and beat his’n), so I never thought it was quite the rivalry it’s made out to be, since the Canes thrashed them in all of the other games (especially the ’89 1 vs 2 game). Jimmy was a great coach, and I think he developed over time (his early Canes teams experienced repeated failures in crucial games…I kind of think his success in Dallas was built on having come to understand how to balance ego and discipline in Miami)…but kind of like JRob and Pete at USC, he left som jewels on the table from time to time…

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      6. Charles – You and many others on this site that is even more true of (why I responded to 67 that at a certain point I just decided to stand down and follow)…I remember a lot of (now) older stuff like it was yesterday (like when people mention ’76 season opener against Mizzou – and that reminds me that you and I live in the same area)…at a certain point my interest began to wane, and I realized I no longer know the game as much as I once did (beyond the importance of great leadership in any endeavor)…but a bunch of you on here do, so I generally just like to read…oh, and the bonus material! Here’s to hopefully a good turnaround (my expectations are more Larry Smith turnaround than Pete turnaround, and that will be even more true once the conference shift occurs – but after the past decade, 1987-89 would be okay).

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      7. MG
        Yes – bugs on this site are annoying (and me being the foremost among them even more so). USC upset #1 Washington at the Coliseum to win the Pac-10 (even though Washington ended up 11-1 #2).

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      8. 67
        Thanks – but I have followed all along, just decided to pipe down – and will revert to that again (the discussion remains lively to say the least)..the history part is still the most fascinating to me as I am becoming mostly a fan based on nostalgia/recollection (have mentioned before the Tony Kornheiser remark of many years ago that at some point you cheer for the uniform because it reminds you of younger days)…LawyerJohn and then Charles really hit one of those to me fascinating historical questions (the 1984 season by itself might be a suitable basis for a college football history course).

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  5. It is so cool to have the trolls out, they are getting very aware USC is coming back. No matter what they say it just shows how worried they are deep down.

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      1. LOL MG, as usual you have your Ratpublican head up you kazoo. Biden, unlike Donnie Bigmouth, doesn’t ever lick Putain’s balls.

        #62 – 33
        Ding, ding.

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      2. Please see warrant — “This warrant authorizes the seizure of all White House records still in the possession of Donald Trump dating from January 2017 to January 2021” —only an idiot Attorney General would authorize such an overbroad warrant [probably based on zero probable cause at that] and only a corrupt magistrate would dare sign it….and only compromised FBI agents would execute it…

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      3. You need to get up to date! Trump’s lawyers told the DOJ, in June, that all the documents had been returned. Lies have repercussions


      4. Biden won’t do anything to Putin. That’s why he knew he could invade and not fear anything. Disgusting that Biden supporters actually celebrate that loss of life, rapes, mutilation, loss of homes & cities. As Boogs stated the other day, not unless it affects them or their loved ones directly do they care. Selfish bastards.

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      5. sloooo cal:…”Biden won’t do anything to Putin. That’s why he knew he could invade and not fear anything.

        You senile limp dick troll. Biden’s military aid has been a direct result of the 35k casualties and massive equipment loss, Putin has suffered. Any reasonable, fair-minded, person knows Putin is in fear of Biden’s reach…… another laughable reply from the troll!

        slooo cal:…”Disgusting that Biden supporters actually celebrate that loss of life, rapes, mutilation, loss of homes & cities. As Boogs stated the other day, not unless it affects them or their loved ones directly do they care. Selfish bastards”…..

        Please provide a link or details to support your pathetic claims…..or STFU

        Wait for it 3..2..1 slo cal’s one and only rebuttal…..”YOU WERE THE IDIOT THAT VOTED FOR HIM”……once again, zero skillset…..

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      1. Mike, you are so right, and this is so sad. I feel for the young people today who are ready to take the world on, and see all the negative, hateful stuff and all the impediments that we didn’t face.

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      2. I remember the feeling I got when I took my nephews to see the remake of Disney’s Dumbo —which, of course, was a joyless, spiritless, insincere piece of crap. I thought to myself, “these filmmakers are showing us how far we’ve fallen as a culture….and, wow, it’s a long way.”

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      3. btw, a majority of cool young people from the big cities are 100% supportive of the policies that are going to destroy their lives —burden them with debt and take away their freedoms…it’s a case of the old stealing from the young….and the young lending a hand….

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  6. Memo to: MG

    Re: “Please see warrant — “This warrant authorizes the seizure of all White House records still in the possession of Donald Trump dating from January 2017 to January 2021” —only an idiot Attorney General would authorize such an overbroad warrant [probably based on zero probable cause at that] and only a corrupt magistrate would dare sign it….and only compromised FBI agents would execute it…
    #MaybeRespectExecutive&Attorney/ClientPrivilegeNextTime” ~MG

    Timeline: The Justice Department criminal inquiry into Trump taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago
    By Holmes Lybrand, Marshall Cohen and Hannah Rabinowitz, CNN

    Updated 7:53 PM ET, Fri August 12, 2022

    Washington (CNN)The federal criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s potential mishandling of classified documents ramped up this week in significant and unprecedented fashion, with the FBI executing a search warrant at Trump’s home at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

    The Justice Department inquiry is about documents that Trump removed from the White House as his term was ending in January 2021. Earlier this year, officials from the National Archives and Records Administration, known as NARA, recovered 15 boxes of presidential documents from Mar-a-Lago.

    Trump’s lawyers previously worked with NARA to voluntarily turn over some documents, but the Mar-a-Lago search clearly indicates a new phase of the probe. Trump has denied all wrongdoing and claims the investigation is a politically motivated sham, intended to derail his potential bid to return to the White House.
    Here’s a timeline of the key moments from the blockbuster investigation.

    May 2021
    An official from NARA contacts Trump’s team after realizing that several important documents weren’t handed over before Trump left the White House. In hopes of locating the missing items, NARA lawyer Gary Stern reaches out to someone who served in the White House counsel’s office under Trump, who was the point of contact for recordkeeping matters. The missing documents include some of Trump’s correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as well as the map of Hurricane Dorian that Trump infamously altered with a sharpie pen.

    Fall 2021
    NARA grows frustrated with the slow pace of document turnover after several months of conversations with the Trump team. Stern reaches out to another Trump attorney to intervene. The archivist asks about several boxes of records that were apparently taken to Mar-a-Lago during Trump’s relocation to Florida. NARA still doesn’t receive the White House documents they are searching for.
    January 2022

    After months of discussions with Trump’s team, NARA retrieves 15 boxes of Trump White House records from Mar-a-Lago. NARA says in a statement that some of the records it received at the end of Trump’s administration were “torn up by former President Trump,” and that White House officials had to tape them back together. Not all the torn-up documents were reconstructed, NARA says. The boxes contained some materials that were part of “special access programs,” known as SAP, which is a classification that includes protocols to significantly limit who would have access to the information.
    February 9, 2022

    News outlets, including CNN, report that NARA asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump’s handling of White House records and whether he violated the Presidential Records Act and other laws related to classified information. The Presidential Records Act requires all records created by a sitting president to be turned over to the National Archives at the end of their administration.
    February 18, 2022

    NARA informs the Justice Department that some of the documents retrieved from Mar-a-Lago included classified material. NARA also tells the department that, despite being warned it was illegal, Trump tore up documents while he was president, and that senior officials in the Trump administration did not properly preserve their social media messages, draft tweets and deleted tweets.
    April and May 2022

    On April 7, NARA publicly acknowledges for the first time that the Justice Department is involved, and news outlets report that prosecutors have launched a criminal probe into Trump’s mishandling of classified documents. Around this time, FBI agents quietly interview Trump aides at Mar-a-Lago about the handling of presidential records as part of their widening investigation.
    May 12, 2022
    News outlets report that investigators subpoenaed NARA for access to the classified documents retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. The subpoena, which is part of the process to allow investigators to take possession of the documents from the NARA, is the first public indication of the Justice Department using a grand jury in its investigation.

    June 3, 2022
    Four investigators, including a top Justice Department counterintelligence official, visit Mar-a-Lago seeking more information about classified material that had been taken to Florida. The four investigators meet with Trump’s attorneys and look around the basement room where the documents are being stored. Trump briefly stops by the meeting to say hello to the officials, but he does not answer any questions. During the meeting, the federal officials serve a grand jury subpoena for some of the sensitive national security documents on the premises, and they take away the subpoenaed documents.

    June 8, 2022
    Trump’s attorneys receive a letter from federal investigators, asking them to further secure the room where documents are being stored. In response, Trump aides add a padlock to the room in the basement of Mar-a-Lago.

    June 22, 2022
    Federal investigators serve a subpoena to the Trump Organization, demanding surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s company complies with the subpoena and turns over the footage. CNN has reported that this was part of an effort to gather information about who had access to areas at the club where government documents were stored. The subpoena was served on June 22, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    August 8, 2022
    The FBI executes a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago — a major escalation of the classified documents investigation. The search focused on the area of the club where Trump’s offices and personal quarters are located. Federal agents remove boxes of material from the property. The search was the first time in American history that a former president’s home was searched as part of a criminal investigation.

    August 11, 2022
    After three days of silence, Attorney General Merrick Garland makes a brief public statement about the investigation. He reveals that he personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant, and pushes back against what he called “unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the FBI and Justice Department.” Garland also announces that the Justice Department will ask a judge to unseal some of the search warrant documents, for the sake of transparency. Trump says in a late-night post on his Truth Social platform that he will “not oppose the release of documents” related to the search.

    August 12, 2022
    Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart approves the unsealing of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant and its property receipt, at the Justice Department’s request and after Trump’s lawyers agree to the release. The warrant reveals the Justice Department is looking into possible violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and criminal handling of government records, as part of its investigation.

    This story has been updated with additional developments.

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  7. So according to you MG, the DOJ’s investigations into Donnie Bigmouth’s federal violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and criminal handling of government records is a political stunt and an idiot’s errand?

    Sorry MG, but you’re blind as the average Ratpublican mole.

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      1. MG…I have lots of respect for you but owns just gave you a massive “crotch kick”


        PS…You’re starting to remind me of the guy who starts the fire, hides around the corner, then returns with a fire extinguisher…….Can’t help but laugh

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  8. The kids plays at a lower level of football. Teams are going back to smaller linemen who are athletic because more defenses are playing Aaron Donald type players. Think about Georgia last year. It wasn’t the big guys who harassed Bryce Young. It was the athletes on the line who forced him to scramble. Jameson went out with an injury and the game was over for Bama.

    You can talk about Biden-he’s a joke-but he’d never take nuclear weapons docs or NSA Intel from foreign leaders home. That is the info that keeps all of us safe. That info got Sandy Berger arrested and the Rosenberg couple executed. And he took it to his beach house according to Paul Mudd.


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