And Now For Some Hall Of Fame Omissions

Of course it’s a nearly impossible task to pick 100 players for the California High School Hall of Fame.

But here are some omissions I noticed: Keyshawn Johnson, Larry Allen, Daryle Lamonica, Craig Morton, Brian Sipe, Henry Ellard, Ed White, Jack Snow, Chris McAlister and for obvious reasons . . . O.J. Simpson.


23 thoughts on “And Now For Some Hall Of Fame Omissions

  1. As far as coaches are concerned, they left out Chris Ferragamo from Banning High School. If they picked Gene Volnogel from Carson high they should have picked Ferragamo because Carson and Banning played each other at least once every year and Volnogel and Ferragamo’s record against each other was pretty even.

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  2. Or could OJ have been another Michael Jordan, who (story goes) didn’t make his high school varsity team?! Maybe OJ was a slacker in high school and didn’t turn it up until he got to SF City College.

    I like to think the HOF committee based it on football!

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    1. Jordan didn’t make the varsity team his sophomore year because at 5’11 he was deemed “too small.” (i.e., dumb coach.) He crushed it on the JV team, grew 4 inches, and dominated the varsity team the next two years.

      OJ was an All-City football player in high school but had awful grades.

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    1. I don’t know about ol’peenus breth, but Red Sanders used to wax poetic about ol’peenus breth’s sifliss infecktid muthur.


      1. RED HAD STD. ??


        HEY 67AND MG


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    2. Well, Ed, I don’t have a problem with the high school footballers chosen, only with the long-list of those not chosen

      Obviously it is a field begging for objectivity when only subjectivity will win out– hard to differentiate different styles of successfully playing the game


  3. Sean Salisbury was a top national recruit about the same time as Jack del Rio. Spent a few years in the NFL. Ryan Knight and Aaron Emanuel top recruits who may also deserve California HS HOF status.

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  4. Did you ever stop to think that our’ Football-Following’ addiction takes-up too much of our time?– That instead we should be spending more quality time with our woman, if you have a woman, and trying to chase her around the kitchen.

    (If you don’t have a woman you should get one. Their company for a man is superior to any man’s, primarily due to their being easier to live with)

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    1. Yeah —Women are fun to talk to, look at & chase…. but…I think you might wanna re-think that last sentence, L. J.


    John Carroll of Oceanside. Possibly the greatest coach ever in San Diego County. 248-75-6 record.

    John Carroll won 13 CIF Championships, 7 in a row at one point, 2 California State Bowl Championships, 1 So Cal Regional Championship (just started in 2013), 21 Consecutive CIF Semi Final appearances, 11 consecutive CIF Finals Appearances, and an eye-popping 76% winning percentage!

    “Let me hear you San Diego!”

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  6. Scooter,

    The pollesters did not do their job. They forgot the only player and head coach to be selected Player of the Year and Head coach of the year and it is one person. That person is Steve Grady. He won TWO CIF Championships with Loyola, back in 62-63 and was named player of the year. He was the starting tailback at SC and played between Garret and OJ. Plays for Denver and then goes back to Loyola to coach. He was named Coach of the Year around 92-93. Get on this. This is so wrong.


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