USC Morning Buzz: A Significant Difference In Training Camp

Have you noticed any differences to USC training camp?

Here’s one: A decrease in the breathless reports on the performance of players.

This is because Lincoln Riley is closing a lot of practices. Thursday was closed. Saturday and Sunday were closed. Even an open practice like Friday means people can watch about 20 minutes of stretching and some individual drills.

So that cuts down significantly on the hype machine because Riley controls the message.

That means you aren’t hearing so much about someone dominating camp and then wondering what happened during the season? Think back a year ago and the reports on how great Tahj Washington was doing. He caught one TD pass during the season.

That’s not Washington’s fault. But some people get ahead of themselves in August.

Last spring, there was a lot of talk about Korey Foreman. At this to this point, he’s not stood out.

Now players stand out if Riley says they are standing out. So people are mentioning players like offensive tackle Mason Murphy, because Riley mentions him.

  • Have you ever seen so much water in metal cans? This is how it is exclusively sold at USC now because single-use plastic bottles have been banned.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Significant Difference In Training Camp

      1. Absolutely ’67, less of you would be terrific. None of you would be even better ’67. You deserve to be the blogs first, last Dodo.

        #62 – 33
        Ding, ding.


      2. True,67. My friend Owns really should be WAY more careful about what he says on line — some of his postings would get him fired by Biden …hounded by Wray…and prosecuted by Garland.


  1. Somebody had to stop the USC football hype machine, because the Fanboys are loosing their minds over transfer portal players 😂. Can someone please inform them that your not going to build a national championship that way.. 😂. You all can start tooting your own horns when Lincoln Riley signs the big physical 4&5 star linemen . Until then, shut your pie holes, and stop using UCLA as a measuring stick for success. Measure yourselves against top five programs.

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    1. bozo FB can’t stand real competition: Alabama 52 – SUCC 6 and zero TD’s.

      Stanford will kick SUCC’s ass. So Pissant ’76 will have to disappear for several weeks or months. Let us pry.


    2. Herbstreit,

      I hat to be an English critic but you used the word loosing. It should be losing. Loosing is not a real word. If you were to use the word loosing, you probably would mean loosening, which means to loosen or not have it tight. Losing means to lose.


      1. And be doesn’t understand the difference between you’re & your. Just another fucla drop out. Check all his 20 different handles.



    3. Very funny that my friend Owns would “like” Kirk when he states it’s a joke to say a team is better than UCLA…. [since UCLA itself is a joke]…


  2. “Some people get ahead of themselves in August?!”

    No!!! LOL

    That’s why I laugh at people who cry about posting politics. (Funny, they don’t cry about other non-football stuff.) Because all that really matters is the results on the field. Wins! Nothing else.

    What one person thinks about this player or that coach doesn’t mean squat. We’re not coaches. We have zero say in who plays, how balanced our offense will be or when to go for it on 4th down.

    Now commenting about that stuff immediately following a game and how it factored into a win or loss?! That’s serious stuff!

    As Charles pointed out…19 days to go, Baby!!!

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    1. Yes, So Cal. That’s why —as much as I hate to admit it —I agree with Cal75 that we need to wait and see what happens against Stanford before we get too jerked off about this season….


  3. Kirk: Agree that national champions are built in the trenches. According to PFF ratings, Vorhees is the top rated interior offensive lineman in the country. Neilsen is number 12 and Dedich is number 22. We should have a very good offensive line this year, one of the best in the country. PFF has USC’s offensive line rated above Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, ect. As for the defensive line, well . . .

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      1. I hope you’re not talking about your earlier post, my friend. I may not agree with you….but I will fight to the death for your right to say it….

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  4. So plastic bottles have been replaced by metal cans, huh?
    What for, is metal waste somehow better for the earth than plastic waste?
    Or is it only about money?– ‘We’ll save a penny if we go to cans,’ type of thing?

    And Herbstreit, I don’t think anyone at SC has ever used sucla as a
    “measuring stick for success.” Only time we use sucla to measure anything is when comparing our lifetime football records against each other- Poor little suclas.

    Also, Herbstreit, you speak with ‘forked tongue– It is not true that the Trojans are not aware the team has not yet reached the
    ‘Top-5 National Teams’ level. — The Trojan problem is so obvious it is even being discussed among 7-year-olds at school–
    “Big men. SC needs more big men– I think”

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    1. I wondered about the aluminum, too. Found this:

      Recycling plastic is more complex, leads to degradation and has lower reuse rates than aluminum – so the metal has been heralded as a greener alternative. Cans have on average 68% recycled content compared to just 3% for plastic in the United States, Environmental Protection Agency data shows.

      That was from 2019. Not sure if figures are still valid.

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  5. Gee ’67 into the Jimmy Beam for breakfast uh? There’s nothing worse than a mealy-mouth alky like yourself.

    Cue: Roger Miller’s “Chug-a-Lug”

    #I saws the money and I tooks it.” ~ Reggie “Liar” Bush


    1. Though I don’t do it Mon-Fri, I love a little Jim Beam in my coffee on a Sat or Sun morning!

      I’m a drunk, or a borracho as Mexicans would call it!! Alcoholics go to meetings. 😛

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      1. I didn’t. I’m working on 32 years of sobriety and proud of it. I don’t preach sobriety, so belly up to the bar So Cal; I’m happy if you’re happy.

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      2. If moderation is not easy for you, sobriety is a good way to go!

        Congratulations on 32 years!! That is Something To Be Proud Of.

        P.S. I wish I had the excuse of having indulged this morning. I said Scott censored your post. But I was on another Wolf post from today and thought it was this one about him having some JB for breakfast! My bad.


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