USC Beats Oregon For 3-Star Lineman

Alani Noa, a three-star offensive guard from Grant High School in Sacramento, committed to USC over Oregon.

Noa had only eight offers, seven from Pac-12 schools and Fresno State.

You can always use depth on the line. But again, some game-changers would be nice.

USC has now beaten Cal and Oregon for a trio of three-star offensive linemen: Amos Talalele, Micah Banuelos and Noa.

These are guys that are really going to experience the Big Ten. It might help to beat Ohio State or Michigan on some linemen too.


25 thoughts on “USC Beats Oregon For 3-Star Lineman

  1. He wanted to stay local, so all his offers were in the west. The kid has the size, just coach him up. Wisconsin always has among the best o-lines in the country, and they are all 3 star fellas.

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  2. Wolf:..”Noa had only eight offers, seven from Pac-12 schools and Fresno State.”

    When Wolf was fired from the OC Register he had ZERO offers waiting for him.

    #FIGHT ON!

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  3. Andrew Vorhees who I believe was graded one of the top offensive linemen in the country was a three star. Obviously you want to get high quality linemen but they gotta get good quality coaching which has been sorely lacking FOR YEARS. Henson seems like a good coach, so let’s see what happens. He had good physical line play at A&M which ironically controlled the line of scrimmage and beat bama last year. The more you know…

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  4. By the end of his high school season Noa will be a 4 star and all of Wolf’s dreams will come true. This is going to be true for several of USC’s commits that are presently very high 3 stars.

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    1. Dream on Fanboy, if he was a stud he would’ve signed with a top 5 program. Why do Trojans fanboys like to spin average players into all stars ? 😂😂.


      1. ugh,saim reezin ur sifliss infecktid muthur brag abowt awl hir boy frends ol’peenus breth,cuz she now wun of them wil be bettur then the rest and gnaht jussed beet her like a hoar that she iz,smdh


  5. Sometimes I think Scott fits the meaning of pessimism too well. If you serve him a beer he’ll want egg in it. If you serve him a beer with egg, he’ll tell you he doesn’t like egg.
    Anyway I don’t understand why he’s worried about the Big 10. They play by the same rules and aren’t really that much better than other conferences. If I were a betting man I’d bet that Scott’s main concern with the big 10 is traveling back east give or six times a year (Without a big to comp the trip)

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  6. Rather have a hungry 3* who needs to prove himself day in and day out rather than a coddled 5* who reads his press clippings and refuses to compete.

    Fight On!!

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  7. Scooter,

    You wrote, “These are guys that are really going to experience the Big Ten. It might help to beat Ohio State or Michigan on some linemen too”.

    How are we to take this? SC’s oline will not play against the Big 10 oline. So it seems a little confusing. However, if you mean that SC’s oline will play against the Big 10 deline, then yes, you make sense.


    1. I think Scott was talking about recruiting against Ohio St and Michigan, that it would be nice if SC could pluck a quality linemen or two out from beneath their noses.

      It would also help the meaning if Scott had written, “It might help to beat Ohio St or Michigan FOR some linemen too”

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    2. hey…dude!!!!…let me help you out….you sound lost!

      “It might help to beat Ohio State or Michigan on some linemen too”.

      My interpretation of the comment is in the “recruiting battle”


  8. Scooter,

    What makes great Olinmen are quick feet, flexable hips, and an aura to punish people. If these three star linemen have the first two criteria, then the third can be coached. All ya gotta do is get them moving the sled with a fat guy on it and then have them go one on one with dline men. Do that for an hour. They will either puss out or they will get ready.


  9. 4&5 star offensive linemen will not sign with USC, until they’re totally convinced that Lincoln Riley plays physical football up front. Because he was not known to do that at Oklahoma. The Sooners under Riley, usually got their ass kicked inside out against physical teams in the playoffs.


    1. ugh,sorta like ur sifliss infecktid muthur onley fineding boy frends at truk stops,onley plaise she can fined enny one wiling to tutch hir,and than les then a yeer laytur u wuz bourn,smdh


    2. After consulting my expert sources, Kirk, they said your analysis is not correct. That it is misguided, uninformed, and, to quote one, “it is as wrong as wrong can be.” They also asked me if you could help them get Lee Corso’s autograph.


  10. They need to get their NIL program together. If they had that together, we would already have some of those game changers. I still think that there is opposition among the Board of Trustees that is holding up progress. Just as some people want Trump to fail, there are people who want LR to fail.


    1. I see their biggest problem is that LR is not going to fail. They were used to losing and were able to wallow in their wokeness.


  11. If negativity were a drug then some of you would be in need of some Narcan. First, it was “commits but no linemen” now it’s “where are the 5 star linemen?” when Georgia won a national title without any first round o-linemen picked in the last draft. Now that’s a shakin my darn head fact!


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