USC Saturday Buzz: Training Camp Officially Over

Lincoln Riley said the left-tackle position is still not settled with Bobby Haskins and Courtland Ford battling to start.

I know this: Haskins will play so at worst there will be some rotation but Haskins will play.

The rest of the line is fairly set: Andrew Vorhees (left guard), Brett Neilon (center), Justin Dedich (right guard) and Jonah Monheim (right tackle)

  • Riley mentioned Ceyair Wright (cornerback), Xamarion Gordon (safety) and Mason Murphy (offensive line) as players who have improved during training camp, which ended today.

“Those are three guys that you turn on the film in the spring and turn on film in the fall and there’s a noticeable, a really big gap,” Riley said. “Obviously, they did a pretty good job throughout summer and here in fall camp.”

  • Defensive end Korey Foreman finally returned to practice after being out for nearly two weeks with an undisclosed injury.
  • The players got shaved ice after practice today. That used to draw criticism when Clay Helton did it.

25 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Training Camp Officially Over

      1. Artificial Meringue —-like what they use in Hostess Pies…..

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    1. Big difference between shaved ice [called “shave ice” here in Maui] and ice cream. Compare Clay & Lincoln’s bellies for the graphics.

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  1. Clay Helton’s Peenus and Nutts tasted quite delicious to me. And my wife and I absolutely loved his Dog sautéed in Filipino gravy, that we had leftover from Jolibee’s


    1. In depth “inside” reporting for sure. One thing LR has done is keep a tight reign on what comes out of training camp. Hopefully he will release their depth chart this week.

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      1. Yes, you are correct, Michael,
        and when God assigned the number ‘6’ to the devil
        the devil was so scared he stuttered 6-6-6.

        And to tis day the devil is known by 666 despite God’s protestations

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      1. Jeez, if he is remotely close this could be an exciting season nobody was expecting. No Clemson? He drew them out of a hat I bet.

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  2. At least the offensive line will be made up of players with mature bodies, seniors and 5th players etc. Even Alabama albeit most of their recruits are much more talented coming in the program usually stay for their senior seasons for some reason And I believe that is a big reason for their success. The dominant teams usually have fourth and fifth year players on their lines of scrimmage


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