With Season Two Weeks Away, How Familiar Are You With USC?

It will be helpful when USC puts out a depth chart because a lot of fans I know still can’t name at least half the team.

Lincoln Riley said Saturday that he expects the lineup to change because of daily competition in practice.

“There will be somebody this year that’s a starter in Game 1 that isn’t in Game 5, and somebody that’s on the scout team or a two or a three in Game 1 who all of a sudden becomes a starter,” Riley said.

A scout team player becoming a starter? That would be something.

Of course, we don’t know who exactly is on the scout team because practices are closed during scrimmage portions.

For casual fans, guys like Stanley Ta’ufo’ou and De’jon Benton will be unfamiliar names that are part of the defensive line rotation. I still wonder how many fans are aware of transfers Shane Lee and Romello Height, who will be key members of the defense.

Even tight end is not a position a lot of fans are familiar with. Who remembers Malcolm Epps starting five games last season? He’s 6-6 but caught only 10 passes, which seems ridiculous.

Lake McRee is another tight end who should play that is an under-the-radar player.

How many remember wide receiver Terrell Bynum from Washington? He tends to get lost in all the talk about Jordan Addison, Jerry Rice’s son (Brenden Rice), Mario Williams from Oklahoma and Gary Bryant.


39 thoughts on “With Season Two Weeks Away, How Familiar Are You With USC?

      1. Let’s see her try to put a stop to it….

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    1. Speaking of lack of competition, this is from 2018. You won’t have to guess who said it:

      “Toa will be our center. Toa Lobendahn is a man of honor and a great football player. I’m sorry that the snap went over our head and we lost the game. I know he’s worked awfully hard to get that right”.

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      1. No other coach in America would force a QB to pick the ball off the ground or out of the air on every snap….

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      2. Yes, the “love of my life” quote came later that season, when the Toa saga had gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.


    2. This is the philosophy you need to create a top team. A coach like Riley understands how to build a roster, both with recruiting and with development.

      The players just look physically different than ever before.

      Sure the closed practices reduce the USC fan base involvement, but in his first year, this is probably important. Keep opposing teams guessing.

      Nothing strange about this chaotic practice schedule. Keeping players on their toes.

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  1. Wolfman….a list of names two-deep on a piece of paper is trivial. What’s remembered is the action on the field. That’s where you quickly learn to identify with a player(s)

    Another petty grievance….sad!

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    1. Now that sound like the real Ed.G, finally, although I don’t agree with his Wiley analyssis.

      I don’t know, I don’t know half the team and maybe more,
      but I simply rah-rah root for good ol’ USC

      Let’s hear it for our boys– Similar to the chanting of U-S-A, U-S-A,
      only it is U-S-C…U-S-C…U-S-C

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      1. I’m 50/50 on going I don’t know if I want to deal with the ridiculous parking and the entrance to the Coliseum protocol to waste more of my time.

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      2. Well, considering all the lowlifes out there, can’t blame them for safety checks at the gate. Heck, we have a loser on here who wants to meet up in person and get his ass handed to him, because he doesn’t like what is posted on a blog! Far too many mentally challenged people on the streets.

        As for parking, we just get there extra early, so it’s not too bad. We used to tailgate, but it seems the administration is doing all they can to cut down on that, unless it’s one of their tailgate parties and they can make some money off of it.

        We’ll chill out in the car for a bit, before heading over to one of the restaurants on Fig. We’ll catch the end of a 9 am game or two, then head over to the Coliseum.


      3. sloooo cal: “we have a loser on here who wants to meet up in person and get his ass handed to him”

        TOOOO FUCKING FUNNNNY!…… Speaking of “ass”- you can barely wipe yours, you senile sack of shit. Prove to everyone you’re not a keyboard warrior, and back up your threat.

        Just what I thought, poking the bear then running back into your outhouse…..FUCKING COWARD!…..

        You’re just a pathetic, cheap-ass old man, who bitches about the price of everything. It must suck living off SS with no discretionary income.

        When you want to prove you’re a real man let me know, until then STFU!


  2. Once they pull on the helmet they are the team. No individual players, no names on the jerseys I’ll root for the guys with the Trojans stickers on their helmet who cares what their names are?

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    1. HI 67



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      1. 62 – 33: bozo FB bends over early after UCLA bitch-slaps Clown U all over the crumbling mausoleum field. FYI TIREBITER, attendance figures don’t count for wins.

        Ding, ding.
        Cue: “Farmer in the Dell”


      2. Hey Owns you love that figure 62-33 coachless game score, but consider all time 49-33-7 USC leads the series and how about 76to 0 largest margin of victory. I was surprised to see how many Heisman trophies grace your version of heritage hall (1 if the school could afford a copy) I understand parking at the Rose Bowl sucks and heat plays a part in deciding to go out to the oldest stadium in the county, but face it,Ucla students are there for education and if left to them, they’d vote to close the program.


  3. Scooter,

    Not only can’t I name more than 10 players, I can’tname 90% of the coaches. The fans and public have been shut out and the players might be benifiting from not having the fans breeathing down their neck at practices. We will see how they play against Stanford. Rice, well with all due respect to them, will lose to SC. It is just a matter of what the score will be.


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