What If USC Fans Were As Vocal As Tennessee Fans?

When USC released a statement on Bru McCoy, it made me think what would have happened if Trojans fans were as vocal as Tennessee fans?

What if USC fans had supported Matt Boermeester like this? Or Kenan Christon? Or De’Anthony Melton?

I’m not saying it would have changed anything. But at least USC would have felt a little pressure to be more accountable instead of being in its usual bubble. It never went to social media to defend itself with those players.


20 thoughts on “What If USC Fans Were As Vocal As Tennessee Fans?

  1. Scottie, this is LA, which is short for LAID-BACK.

    We just don’t get worked up over things here, unless of course they affect our pocket-books.


  2. The folks at Tennessee are a little different. They are all color blind except for the color orange. It is like most things, if they knew the facts they probably wouldn’t say anything. I am glad they forced SC to respond though. Wolf is right, what if we were that loud about the guys getting screwed over by the woke Title IX committee.


  3. I noticed the pic of Mo. Ali. Still think he was one of the biggest con men the world has ever known. Claiming his religion as a reason not to defend the country. Also there is some dirt on Gene Lebell. He was involved with some shady stuff with porn stars

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    1. And who hasn’t?– Not the part about being involved with porn stars, but the part about being “involved with some shady stuff”

      Show me a man who claims to be sin-free, and I will see a man who is
      a self-deceiver.

      “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”


      1. I’ll have to agree with you LJ, Jean Labelle was a pretty cool guy And one public incident shouldn’t define a man. I actually went to a lot of those matches at the Olympic back in the early 70s and watched it on KTLA in the 60s with my grandfather. I happen to be Christian myself and that passage is one that I use frequently. I met Hank Matheny who used to referee a lot of those events and he was a very nice man


    1. Yes, more material! Expect posts about:
      Korey Foreman (unless he plays, and plays well)
      O-line (unless they play well)
      Defense (unless they play well)
      Caleb Williams’ jersey sales (no matter how well he plays)
      Jaxon Dart, Kedon Slovis, and/or JT Daniels (depending on how well they play)

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      1. Yeah, you’re right, Wolf’s stuff is not always riveting.

        But as they say in the U.S. God-belts, “He tries like heck”

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      2. Scottie definitely tries like heck, except when it comes to his 1990s era blog.


  4. I think that I would probably throw Bryce Dixon in there too. True, he got into trouble later after he got kicked out of SC. But that affair he had with the female trainer was initiated by her. When a girl comes to your apartment at 1AM in the morning, walks into your bedroom, dis-robes and lies their on your bed naked and then you have sex with her, It’s hard to reasonably say that you raped her.
    When she was asked if she said “no” to the sex, her answer was “I didn’t say “no” but I also didn’t say “yes” either. But she walked into his bedroom and layed down on his bed naked at 1AM in the morning. I would say that that was saying “yes”. Yet they banned him from the football team and, at first kicked him out of school until a judge intervened. The Feminazi’s on the Title IX student conduct committee have way too much power. We’ve lost a lot of good players because of them.


    1. Well, Desiree Washington thought Iron Mike wanted to play checkers at 3 in the morning, when he sent a limo to pick her up.


      1. She was a career opportunists. He promised to take her to a party where she would meet a lot of Big Kahunas who could open doors for her.


  5. There is a familiar theme of monkeys one covering his mouth, one covering his eyes and the third covering his ears. Each monkey believes he is avoiding evil. All USC monkeys have their ears covered. Some put their feet to work covering their eyes. They are the quintessential non-negotiating agent. They refuse to follow the voice of the people because they ARE the people who know best.


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