Caleb Williams’ Over/Under Figures Are Near Perfect

The expectations for Caleb Williams are incredible, according to the oddsmakers.

Here are BetOnline’s over/under marks for Williams during the regular season:

Caleb Williams Passing Yards 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   3400½

Caleb Williams Passing Touchdowns 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   34½

Caleb Williams Passing Interceptions 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   5½

REACTION: The thing that sticks out to me is the interceptions. That’s not many over 12 games.

Off the top of my head, the only USC QB to go over and under all these figures was Cody Kessler in 2014 and there was some major stat padding was going on. Remember his seven TD passes against lowly Colorado? I don’t think Lincoln Riley will be running up scores like that.

By the way, here are Jordan Addison’s over/unders.

Jordan Addison Receptions 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   85½

Jordan Addison Receiving Yards 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   1150½

Jordan Addison Receiving Touchdowns 2022 Regular Season

Over/Under                                   13


39 thoughts on “Caleb Williams’ Over/Under Figures Are Near Perfect

  1. Looks like Caleb isn’t much into hip, thigh, or knee pads. Much different than when I first started playing football. I think Caleb is potentially a great quarterback but I would take the under on most of these stats. IF SC is explosive offensively and scores a lot of points, they may turn to the run game or sit Caleb in the second half.


  2. None of that surprises me and all are in the realm of possibility. This offense will be explosive. The question is…..what about the defense? LR has been like Chip Kelly. At times you wonder whether he takes defense seriously.


  3. Agree.– Those are ‘Star-Wars’ type stats.

    Give me the under, although I am not betting my house on any of this stuff.


  4. Over on yards, he will have multiple 400 yard days. touchdowns is about right, but I’ll still go slightly under. Over on the picks, that’s really low for a guy who will attempt 400- 450 plus throws.


      1. Not giving Facebook or Twitter or other social media any of my personal data anymore. No city, school, gender, religion, political affiliation, marital status, sexual preference, etc. Though through their algorithms, they probably still have everything they need to know about me.


  5. I really don’t care what the stats or numbers are, as long as Victory is achieved at the end of each game.
    Fight on Trojans!


      1. Hypocrite!…. If you don’t like what a have to say don’t read and don’t respond back….simple!


      2. The response expected of someone very immature. Time to stop crying, and grow up, Gabby. Act like an adult.


      3. LAME!…. I backed you into a corner and that was your pathetic rebuttal…. LOW IQ TROLL…..middle finger up!


      4. If ever this applied to anyone, it applies to Gabby:

        Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.


      5. Hey, hypocrite!….. look in the mirror and repeat

        “I may be blessed by holding my tongue. Ultimately, refraining from speaking in certain situations means I’m practicing self-control.



      6. You………….just…………..don’t….. get….it……………….You are not worth the effort.


      7. Still undecided So Cal, don’t know if I want to deal with the parking situation and the protocol of a 30 minute delay to enter the Coliseum. For security screening.


      8. you remind me of an old PeeWee Herman line: “I know you are but what I’m I”

        Go service your goats!


      9. Quoting PeeWee Herman…. true to character to the very end. Anyway, sorry to hurt your feelings so much. Have a nice day.


      10. The Immortal Bard must have been thinking about Gabby: “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”


  6. I remember when everyone was going crazy about the numbers JT Daniels and Bru McCoy were going to produce. The myopic homerism on here is breath taking.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Just win baby! That’s all I care about stats and style points will be there regardless. Especially with the new Lincoln Riley era.


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