A USC Weakness That Won’t Surprise You

Former USC defensive lineman Jake Lichtenstein, who transferred to Miami, was asked the difference the coaching staffs at the two schools?

“Everybody’s on the same page (at Miami),” Lichtenstein said.

“I’ve been at USC and the D-coordinator will tell you something and then the D-line coach or the coach will have a different way or tell you a different assignment on a play, it’s just confusing, but that doesn’t happen here.”

  • Pitt named former USC QB Kedon Slovis as its starter today.

That should set up a Week 1 matchup vs. West Virginia and JT Daniels, who is expected to be the starter for the Mountaineers.

53 thoughts on “A USC Weakness That Won’t Surprise You

  1. What’s great about that Slovis-Daniels matchup is it’s Thursday night, Sep 1 at 4:00! Won’t have a bunch of other games to get in the way of us watching it all. Should be fun!

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    1. …it’ll be fun….but Slovis gets to play for Pitt with it’s top rated o-line—while poor J. T. will be playing for West Virginia [which, at least, has a pass rush]….


      1. WVU’s OC is none other than Graham Harrell.



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    1. Good now they can get some pitching in their own back Yard of So Cal; the melting pot of arms for MLB. Still can’t fathom why they haven’t for years.? Make it make sense new owners. Leave the team in Anaheim and drop the LA lame name. Maybe then you guys can compete with the boys in blue up the 5 freeway. Good luck. Maybe then I will get one of my dreams as a baseball fan. To see a freeway world series. Go Dodgers baseball-Vin

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      1. Drop the LA name? That’s what resulted in a full doubling of its’ value after he did it. Funny how the same that scream such had no problems with the Rams keeping ‘LA’ when they oved to Anaheim in 1994 nor for the Jets and Giants keeping ‘NY’ when they crossed state lines to play in New Jersey but some how this demand only applies to the Angels.
        The sole thing Moreno did right was change the name.

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      2. I loved the shirts that were available at the ravine shortly after that name change: “The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles”.

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      3. trojanboogs,

        In the 2021 draft, the Angels drafted 10 times and all 10 selections were pitchers. Things are wrong when you have to do that. Hopefully they can develop and come up next year.

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    2. Rusoviet,

      I love the Angels. What does the new owner or Artie need to bring in to improve the Angels? They need pitching which is obivious. For startering pitchers, I would keep Ohtani, Detmer’s Suarez, Addison, and maybe bring back Synngard. For bullpen, I would keep Quido, Herget and maybe a few others. As far as the fielders are concerned, I keep Trout, Ohtani, Flecther, Renigho, and the guy that broke his wrist who is from the Nationals. Trade Adell. Get rid of Suzski, the catcher and bring up Welch.

      Try and get a GM who knows what he is doing. They had two of them prior to the person who is there now. Also, bring back Maddon. What do you think?

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      1. Mike DiGiovanna’s front page article in the Times today is long and meanders but towards the end he begins tying all the strands together – Moreno’s the problem ‘but’ Scoscia had a big hand in this mess. Tony Reagins never should have been a GM thanks to Bill Stoneman recommending him – a vacuum emerged and Scoscia moved in – traded Mike Napoli (who went on to play for three WS teams) then blew up when Jerry DiPoto fired Scoscia’s version of Art Fowler – Mickey Hatcher (Fowler was Billy Martin’s lap dog no matter where he managed). Scoscia should have been fired after 2014 season. Moreno’s never made good moves and rest of MLB knew it. DiPoto quit now with a winner of his creation as GM the SEA Mariners – Moreno first approached Andrew Freidman when the latter was the GM of the Tampa Bay Rays. Friedman sensed something and did move but not to the Angels but to the Dodgers. Moreno insisted they sign Josh Hamilton only to watch him relapse in self-pity while using ‘horse’. The latest was his insistence they sign Rendon but the worst was signing that fat bloated ego ass Pujols. Notice the last two years he ‘suddenly’ found his ‘mojo’? Billy Eppler replaced DiPoto and all he did was get Mike Trout to sign that huge 10 year deal but even more impressive get Shohei Ohtani to sign with the Angels – his reward? Moreno fired him – he’s now with the NY Mets man two GMs sacked and they both landed on their feet.

        Sooner Moreno is gone the better and finally take those two fraternity brothers (President of the LAA Dennis Kuhl and CEO John Carpino). Looks like Joe Lacob (partner of GS Warriors) ‘might’ be ‘in-bound’.

        Ss to those who mock Moreno for changing the name to ‘Los Angeles’ that cheap ‘blank’ Walter O’Malley paid a kingly sum of $200,000 for all of Chavez Ravine – all of it. When Autry got the new AL franchise he paid O’Malley (you guessed it) $200,000 for the right to use the two words ‘Los Angeles’ attached to ‘Angels’. That flows onward forever as an ‘asset’ which Moreno prudently moved on merely doubling his play. He paid $185 million in 2003 which is now potentially worth >$2 billion.

        See Arte – just go –

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    1. Tey already gon Ed G except Dontay Williams but hes gote know say soo any way. Fight on 9th wonder if the world. Lol


  2. I’m a USC Trojans and Raiders fan. I’m more worried about the Raiders offensive line, keeping Carr upright! than , the Trojans keeping Williams upright! Looking forward to good seasons from both of them. Fight on! Move on!


    1. RAIDER NATION!………IMO… The line will be fine….. I’m more worried about the secondary giving up big plays….. plus, we were last in the league in INTs last season



      I had season tickets to both, DA RAAAAAAIDERS and USC football. Some weekends I would go on a Saturday and then turn around and go back to the Colisuem for the Sunday’s game. I have been a Raider fan since Otto, Banazak, Blanda, Stabler, Lamonica, Sistrunk, The Stork, Villipiano, Tatum and the rest.

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      1. Just an FYI, but the female centric TV sitcom “Mom” (Alison Janney) has die hard Raiders fans for writers and so most of the characters have Raider player last names.

        Alison Janney and the daughter on the show are “Plunketts.”


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      2. Loved those Raider/KC match-ups in the early seventies. Remember one game where Blanda had a 48 yard field goal to win it and the Chiefs planted a 6’7″ tight end at the goal post to block it. The guy miss timed his jump and the ball crossed over the post by just a few feet. Raiders win. Great stuff.

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      3. I had been a fan since they were in Oakland when they won SB XI in my hometown at the RB. Then they moved to LA my jr year in HS and then at SC I was there many Sundays. I later took my wife to a few games in the 90s including their last at the Coliseum, also Joe Montana’s last game, on a Christmas Eve. I’ve been to a few games up here and the environment at this Coliseum is much tamer than LA which was a total zoo.

        The feeling coming out of the new regime feels very Pats-like – super professional. This is a different Raiders culture and one I hope is built for the modern NFL. High hopes for this season. They certainly now have the financial side buttoned up.

        I still need to find a copy of the Marinovich Raiders Black Sunday poster they used to have at the bar that used to be Cloisters.


  3. Hey, wolfman(bark @ the moon)…. Did you get the memo, Clay was fired some time ago. So your continued “grinding the ax” is petty, pathetic, and laughable. We all know how dysfunctional Clay and company were. Stop with the reminders.

    Do you get the drone repaired?….. We are all hungry for some real “inside” info.

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    1. “Did you get the memo, Clay was fired some time ago. So your continued “grinding the ax” is petty, pathetic, and laughable.

      Trump has been gone even longer, yet she rags on him all the time. Yeah, “petty, pathetic and laughable” would describe her posts.

      ONCE AGAIN, too stupid to see her hypocrisy. LMAO


      1. you senile sack of shit….trump is still the face of the Republican party.

        The shit you post makes me wonder how a self-proclaimed stable genius, like yourself, would post such trivial BS….

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  4. Mrs. slo cal walked into a dentist’s office, took off all her clothes, and spread her legs. The dentist said, “I think you have the wrong room.” “You put in my husband’s teeth last week,” she replied. “Now you have to remove them….. bad bad beaver breath!


      1. Grabby long ago confirmed he was a low life. He is just being true to form–he is part of the flotsam and jetsam of life that pollutes things for others.

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      2. Once again too stupid to comprehend cause & effect.

        In life, you get what you give. And the simple truth is, in terms of lobbing stuff at family members, she’s given FAR more than she’s received. Some of us actually feel a little bad when we stoop to her level.


  5. Claim’s I’M obsessed with Biden, yet all she does is post about ME. LMAO

    Another case of a Dim accusing others of what their guilty of.

    She’ll make excuses for her obsession, as usual.


    1. joking aside…..I don’t know of any other person who frequents this blog with a lower IQ than you….. it’s glaring!


    2. Knocking Trump all the time, but borrowing one of his favorite insults. It figures, considering how obsessed she is with him.


  6. Scott,
    Remember that time you reported on weaknesses from a past coaching regime that has zero bearing on this years team but still tried to report it like a current weakness? Yeah, me too.


  7. I don’t think that anything former Helton players say is surprising. We all saw the result on the field. But also, let’s be honest….The blocking sleds on any given practice field will be a bigger challenge for Offensive Linemen than Jake Lichtenstein.


  8. Forgot one key word in the headline…FORMER. Lichtenstein played under Helton and he’s the former coach. I doubt the same problem exists today.

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    1. Exactly, Jeffrey. Whomever interviewed Lichtenstein should have made it clear the kid was speaking of the previous regime.


  9. “We’d like to welcome a surprise third voice to our broadcast tonight; former USC and current Georgia Southern Head Coach Clay Helton. Welcome coach.”


  10. Who wins the former USC qb bowl?? – JT Daniels of West Virginia, or Slovis at Pitt. My prediction- Slovis and Pittsburgh win this early matchup in the 2022 season. Bottom line Pitt has a good head coach W. Virginia has a stupid offensive coordinator -Graham Harrell.

    Stay tuned….the season will be her soon, and politics on this board goes away for awhile.

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  11. Memo to: Commie SUCC

    #How ’bout them Los Angeles Dodgers – 86 – 37
    Don’t yah just love it.

    #Трахни свою мать


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