USC Morning Buzz: Frontline Receivers Seem Obvious

USC outside wide receivers coach Dennis Simmons talked Tuesday about how he would use this receiving corps right now?

 “If we play tomorrow, how would I split the rep distribution up right now?” Simmons said. “I don’t know that it would be half and half. I’ve got a handful of guys that have earned the right to be able to go out on the field on Saturday.” 

What does that mean?

Jordan Addison obviously is No. 1. Then you have guys like Mario Williams, Brenden Rice and Terrell Bynum. All transfers by the way.

I’m not including Gary Bryant and Tahj Washington because they can play inside too.

Then you have another group like Michael Jackson, who everyone says has potential but didn’t practice Tuesday. Kyle Ford has battled injuries and he didn’t practice either. And you have the Mater Dei guys too: C.J. Williams and Kyron Hudson. Notice all the guys in this group were not transfers. That’s almost a negative in this program.

It’s going to be hard for some of these guys to get on the field.

  • Two former fraternity houses have been bought by a real estate company and will be turned into general student housing. The former Chi Phi fraternity house at 2715 Portland Street and a former Gamma Epsilon Omega house on 624 West 28th Street were purchased by Champion Real Estate for $16.7 million.

Gamma Epsilon lost its recognition as an organization in 2017 because of hazing and health and safety violations while Chi Phi remains a recognized chapter at USC.

  • Here are the latest odds for BetOnline for making the national championship game:
Odds To Make The College Football Playoff National Championship Game
Ohio State7/4(+175)
Texas A&M11/1
Miami FL18/1
Notre Dame22/1
North Carolina State40/1
Penn State40/1
Ole Miss50/1
Michigan State66/1
Oklahoma State66/1


86 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Frontline Receivers Seem Obvious

    1. My sentiments exactly, Eddie– Why, when I was at SC you could’ve picked up one of those homes for a song– 50-grand, tops. Ain’t inflation a neat way to watch your money “grow?”

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      1. You can make all the pretend arguments on behalf of Biden you want …but when lots of folks are losing their homes and businesses can’t make rent and 20% of Americans can’t pay their energy bills we got ourselves a little problem…

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      2. Forgiving $300B is only going to throw fuel on that fire.

        But 6 months from now Dementia Joe will deny it had any effect and morons such as Gabriela will eat it up and blame Trump.

        Her TDS cannot be medicated.


      3. Wait… fucking senile limp dick troll… fucking bitch every fucking day that Biden is causing suffering in this country….. so he goes out and helps millions of people, like yourself, with some form of debt reduction to help ease the suffering and pain from a mental and financial burden….

        you truly need a good ass whipping….but you hide like a fucking little coward….


      4. Too stupid to realize Dementia Joe is merely shifting the burden of that debt to taxpayers. The idiot thinks it just magically disappears.

        I’m not surprised. Only someone who is severely retarded would think her lame posts were actually funny.


      5. You senile sack of shit!!!!….. where was the outrage when trump used socialism to save capitalism to the tune of 800 billion? The majority of that coin went to stock buy-backs….. I would explain you in more detail, but we all know your comprehension mentality is limited

        Debunked again!

        PS….try attacking someone on your same floor….you’re a simpleton, floor #6

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      6. I get it. Finally. We’re doing SNL skits! You guys are doing the stuff featuring Jane curtain and Dan Aykroyd (“you ignorant slut”, “you primitive baboon”)….while I’ve been assigned to trip and fall down the stairs a la Chevy Chase….

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      7. Gabby you know in your heart it is nothing more than attempt to grab votes this election. All the people that actually worked and paid off their college debt that they willingly incurred are not at all happy. But a degree in woke studies is pretty worthless anyway so why pay for it, let the taxpayers foot your bill. What else is new in the woke world.

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      8. Steveg — I never begrudge the other side for presenting things in the best light for them— and, fuck, you have to hand it to Gabby —the guy is still swinging on the way down —but you’re 100% right: taxpayers are gonna get SO fucked as a result of these policies. [And —guess what? —the economic bad news is JUST starting —things are gonna get a lot worse —you can’t just print more money to fix the problems Biden is causing]…..


      9. toooo funnny!!!!…. trump offered everyone and their dead grandmother $1200 of free taxpayers coin…. Here’s the best part, he held up the delivery of the money because the checks didn’t bear his signature. Trump was sending out money still wet off the press…. and we get crickets from the right. It’s only a money grab when it bears Biden’s signature….right?


      10. Yeah, but too dumb to realize that he’s been down on the mat for months. He’s like those MMA fighters who are knocked out and by the time they come to, they’re swinging at the ref who’s already broken up the fight! LMAO


  1. So Andrew Vorhees is preseason all American. He was 3 star out of high school. Offered by Pac 12 schools and 1 SEC school, Vanderbilt.

    Not a 4 star or 5 star but just a hard working kid.

    Of course, Wolf or most on this site still complain about USC not getting good OL recruits.

    Wake up and acknowledge USC oline is not a dumpster fire!

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    1. Austin Jackson is struggling at the next level, and is injury prone, he’s going into his 3rd year. Alijah Vera Tucker is struggling and has had the most penalties out of all the offensive linemen for the Jets. Chuma Edoga is another disappointment at the next level, and is used as a backup. Andrew Vorhees is decorated because he handles weak PAC 12 defensive linemen, so his true test will be at the next level.

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      1. Why can’t he be judged at the college level where he is playing now. You do not make sense. When he goes to the pro level judge him as a pro, but your are comparing pineapples and strawberries.


    2. O and D Linemen can create their own future just by working hard. They don’t need some of the natural skills like RB’s, WR’s and other skill players who need talents that one must be born with.

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      1. exactly… can’t teach a kid to run a 4.3 forty. But you can turn a big body into someone as hasty as hell. Technique and the pure fight form the base


  2. Now, how do you figure SC has the fifth best chance of making it to the final game, the championship game?

    Well, the thinking must be that the Trojans are in the easiest conference, with only Utah and sucla standing in their way to an expected match-up with Oregon.

    But then if they qualify for the “Final-4” they might have to beat Alabama in order to get to the championship game.

    Sounds like a tall order, perhaps too tall for a team coming off a 4-8 year, and whose make-up has been turned upside down.

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    1. I’m not nearly that optimistic either. 4-8 to a conference championship would be amazing and enough for me.

      The playoffs in another year or two, MAYBE.

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      1. But of course, So Cal, if SC is a conference champion, then in all likelihood they are in the “Final-4.”– Should be interesting.

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  3. Great receivers, plus a great QB plus an RB who ran for 1200 yards last year at 6 yards per carry, along with an electrifying frosh RB. Gonna be a fun offense to watch.

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    1. 67 –Even more than “fun to watch” it’s an offence that can come from behind—-which means nobody playing us is gonna be safe going into the 4th quarter with a lead….

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    2. Attendance will probably be great. Fans come to see offense an SC’s offense will be explosive. Win or lose, SC fans will get their money’s worth


  4. But returning to the receiver-corp situation, I count 10-guys in the mix, which translates to ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’

    — Must be tough going from “All-World” at their high school to
    ‘Never-heard-of-him’ at SC

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    1. I have seen USC dip pretty deep into the receiver corp to finish a season. We have always had a lot of receivers, this is nothing new, just the quality has been severely upgraded.

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  5. So Cal, Michael, and Gabby,

    Biden has destroyed the country by raising taxes through the roof and now student loan give away. I saw a man approach Pochantis, aka that no good bummette from Massachusetts and he asked her if he would get a refund for paying off student debt. It’s response was no, you will not get a refund. He then said he worked two jobs to save for college tution while others were spending the money on trips and other wasteful things. he said he was responsible by paying off the debt and now you are rewarding people who do not care and will take out handouts. This pissed me off. I saved and saved and saved to pay an $80K debt of this year for my son’s college tuition and other people who are fuck ups are rewarded for being fuck ups. May biden and the rest of the no good suns of bit#ches be arrested for treason, not protecting the constitution by allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS in the country, and for being fu#k ups.

    Gabby, I don’t give a flying f#ck what you say about biden, he is no good son of a bitch who is an adulter and pedophile. He needs to be in jail

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    1. WOW!!!!……. Triggered !!!!….. PLEASE GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS AROUND YOU. We don’t need another crazy shooting up a place where minorities might be gathered. Dude, you’re a major fucking idiot…I’m embarrassed for you. Biden just gave you the middle finger and you snapped…..creepy!

      Basically, you’re crying because you didn’t get something for free, interesting. Yet you constantly rant about people living off the kindness of the government…..YOU’RE A MOTHER FUCKING HYPOCRITE!!!!

      Regarding, “Biden has destroyed the country by raising taxes through the roof”.. I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about or do you. Please post a link to support your grievances…or STFU.

      The word is “Pocahontas” not Pochantis(dumb ass). You used the word in the context of a racial slur. You showed your true colors to be no other than a racist sack of shit. I thought you were better than that. Boy, I have been missing judging you.

      Also, please, explain this one: “May biden and the rest of the no good suns of bit#ches be arrested for treason, not protecting the constitution by allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS in the country” …You need to get educated, little man. Let me help you.

      Nowhere in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution is the word “citizen.” Often it is written “The right of the people…” The Bill of Rights protects everyone, including undocumented immigrants, to exercise free speech, religion, and assembly, and to be free from unlawful government interference.

      The United States Constitution does not define a federal power over immigration, yet courts have deemed it a “plenary power” of a sovereign nation. United States immigration law has developed extensively, often free of judicial review.

      WOW!!!!. One would have to conclude, I just gave you a major ass whipping….ENJOY!



      1. Gabby used to be Grabby. His parents were constantly having to ask him what he was spending so much time alone in the attic. He finally moved out when he was 30.


      2. This is what your 10-year-old relative had to say about you.

        SlimSlowSliderUSC used to be called “dildo breath” His parents were constantly having to ask him “why” he was spending so much time alone in the attic. He finally moved out when he was 30.

        The word is “why” not “what”…..(dumb ass)


      3. You attack the messenger and turn a blind eye to PT’s foul rant. I define that as a hypocrite. Get off your high-horse


      4. Gabby,

        A big FU#K YOU TO YOU and your fu#king socialist asshole points of view and the horse your rode on. You have no idea what i do or what i stand for. I have been working since i was 13 years old and my father taught me to be responsible for myself. Most of my life I have worked two to three jobs concurrently. Nothing was given to me. I went to Cal Poly Pomona so I could afford college. I came out with no debt. I have not received any free handouts from the govt., nor do I expect one. I was taught everyone needs to be responsible for themselves except for the elderly or sick. In the bible, you socialist, it teaches that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I take that to heart. I take it to heart that this is a land of opportunity. You earn what you can, legally. I am sick and tired of seeing 50% of my pay go to the Fed’s and State. Fu#ck them as well. So that means 50% goes to bums that don’t want to work. I have a nephew and friends that live off the tit of the Fed and State Govt and they are capable of working. They have been doing this for 10 years. So a BIG FUCK you to you. I pay more in Fed and State tax than some people get paid for in a year. When will your SUN OF A BIT#H asshole biden stop asking us to pay more taxes and let the people who work keep the money that they earned? BTW, I loaned my friend a whole bunch of money 13 years ago and he has yet to pay back a dime, because he too and his wife are socialists and they feel that they are entitled. You just opened up a can of whup ass and I will deliver.


      5. So who do you think will join the PAC 10 once USC and the other school leaves the PAC 12?
        You do know this is a sports blog right?

        However can you deny that the Democrats are so fixated on Trump they have ignored other issues?
        If you have written about sports I am sorry I haven’t read it. I usually skip over the crazy people.


      6. dude….I have been posting on wolf’s blogs since the early 2000’s…. simmer down.

        I don’t give a shit who joins the PAC12….I’m a Trojan fan

        Call me crazy, but it feels so right. Don’t read my comments, wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings


    2. Remember when Bill Clinton said something like “if you work hard and play by the rules, the US would provide you with an opportunity at a life more prosperous than your parents.” He then worked with a republican Congress to pass the Welfare Reform Act and to enhance mandatory minimum sentences for drug dealers. He also signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

      How times have changed. This democratic party is not the party of Bill Clinton. It has become the party that rewards or tolerates illegal immigration, generational welfare, drug addiction, homelessness, street crime and loan defaults. It does nothing for those who “work hard and play by the rules.”

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      1. Horse, good point. They enslave those taking the welfare to always be on welfare and dependent upon the party to make sure they get their freebies, and in return the dependent class votes democrat so they can get more stuff. It never ends.


      2. Veg….. you guys had the senate, house, and presidency and turned an eye to welfare reform. That’s a GOP problem. take ownership!


      3. “generational welfare, drug addiction, homelessness, street crime”

        And what did trump do regarding your grievances…..Details or you’re a major hypocrite….

        Matter of fact, the DOJ has reported that “street crime went up after Obama left office



      4. Hey Goober: Much like PT, I have been working since I had a paper route at age 9. I attended state college and worked 30 hours a week and graduated with honors with no debt. After working for a few years, I attended law school, obtained an academic scholarship, and graduated with a $15,000 loan from my father. I paid it off the next year once I started working again. I later paid for a portion of my niece’s college education. This is what families do for each other. Never asked for the government to pay my freight and never failed to pay a debt. So hypothetically, what would I advise someone to do under the Biden default plan, I suppose if I was advising someone with poor character, I would inform them that they have the legal right to default or break their promise to repay the loan. (How is encouraging default good public policy?) If it were my son or another loved one, I would tell them not to go to a non Christian University and have nothing to do with the government other than possibly the military.

        As for your other questions, the Obama administration repealed those provisions of the Welfare reform act that required people to work or attend vocational training to get a check. Rampant crime, drug addiction, and homelessness are largely state and local problems that were created by state and local policies in dem run cities and states. For example, Gascon will not enforce property laws, or trespass laws or laws against public intoxication or urination and the state legislature favors no cash bail and free needles to drug addicts. Trump offered the national guard to shut down the riots but dem mayors refused and multiple dem politicians including Harris encouraged the riots and took a knee to BLM. They embraced the defund the police movement.

        What is Biden doing to address these grievances created by Soros backed DAs and dem mayors.


      5. You sound like a man of honor and great moral character…..the trophy is in the mail…

        Wow!!!!….. calling out DEM states for high homeless rates is pathetic. when two of the top four states are Red states……Texas and Florida…..Do you bother to research any of the crap you post?


      6. Wrong. My student loans were paid off some time ago. But my wife still had one in 2020. We paid it off way ahead of time, by the end of that year.

        With both principal and interest being paused at least through the end of this year, we still could have been sitting on that balance. We honor our debts.

        So you can take your hypotheticals and shove ’em up your ass. You’re always making ASSumptions about people. Not everyone milks the system for everything they can.


  6. Hey coaches, the WR’s have to block. That’s why so many don’t get on the field. Whether a guy makes it in the NFL or not it’s based on talent, not school. You can make the same argument about Alabama and Georgia linemen. Depending on the depth and injuries on defense will determine USC success.


  7. Bruce Feldman:
    As expected, former USC quarterback Kedon Slovis has won Pitt’s QB job. He will face his former OC (Graham Harrell) and teammate JT Daniels in the opener in what should be a very entertaining Backyard Brawl.


      1. and Harrell. The capper would be to Zoom in CCH live into the broadcast for his insights and analysis.


  8. It’s funny that Democrats all talk about civil war and insurrection.

    Yet, Biden continues to govern unilaterally pandering to youth and the downtrodden. Executive orders are b.s.Loan forgiveness sounds unconstitutional as it involves $ which must be appropriated by congressional approval.

    He also has a foreign policy that is jumbled and panders to China, etc. Also, asking Venezuela and Iran to pump more oil alone makes him unfit for office.

    We need a legitimate 3rd party to bleed Democrat votes in next election to defeat them.

    Hopefully Elon and Bezos will fund Liz Chaney much to the chagrin of Gabby and company.


      1. The Shar Pei(aka Mrs. slo cal) walks out of the shower, winks at slo cal , and says, “Honey, I shaved myself down there. Do you know what that means?”slo cal says, “Yeah, it means the drain is clogged again.”



      2. Claims I’m senile, but forgot that she posted that same, incredibly lame attempt at an insult on yesterday’s thread. Wasn’t funny yesterday. Still isn’t funny today.

        No wonder she admires dementia man! LMAO

        She’s still jealous that my wife is still around, unlike hers.


    1. Wait, the only talk of your “civil war” comes out of the pie-hole of cult members like yourself….

      Trump was the king of EO, get educated. Where in the constitution does it reference student loans and a default process, show me. please

      “Panders to china”, details? Speaking of pandering to china- Trump blamed china for the so-called “Ku Flu” but the weak coward pussy did nothing about it regarding china’s culpability… you sound limited.

      A third party would be great!!!! It would bring a vote split among republicans. You fools already trail Dems in registered voters. Shoot yourself in the foot….toooo funny!


      1. Seriously how you support Biden or Gascon is beyond me.

        I will always be a Reagan Republican. Meet him in at his Century City office. He was true leader who understood bipartisan legislation not executive orders.

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      2. Reagan is dead(RIP). the first president I ever voted for. You need to get updated with the pulse of the current voters….


      3. Goober: It is true that Trump had a lot of executive orders but Biden surpassed him in his first year in office. Biden’s first order was to nix the Keystone pipeline thereby eliminating hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs and making us more dependent on foreign oil. Under Trump, we were oil independent and actually a net exporter of oil. Prices were cheap. Biden’s biggest accomplishment was to open up the federal oil reserves and entered into the Paris Climate Accords which “put America last.”

        Further, most of Trump’s EO involved identifying and eliminating costly and ineffective government regulations. This act along with tax changes was instrumental is sparking the biggest economic boom in decades. 20% 401K returns, full employment, minority home ownership at an all time high, 350,000 new manufacturing jobs, ect. And, he did slap tariffs on China. Something Obama/Biden refused to do.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hey, road apple…. stop the fucking lying….where in the fuck do you come up with these false narratives and alternative facts…BEYOND PATHETIC!

        The same fossil fuel interests pushing the Keystone pipeline have been cutting, not creating, jobs: Despite generating $546 billion in profits between 2015 and 2020, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and BP reduced their U.S. workforce by 11,200 employees over that period.

        In 2019 alone, the top five oil companies slashed their global workforce by 4,400 employees, the same year executives paid themselves nearly $220 million. But at least those working in the industry as a whole get paid high wages, right? Turns out that 40 percent of U.S oil-industry jobs consist of minimum-wage jobs.

        Instead of bankrolling an industry that is laying off workers and threatening our economic future, isn’t it time to take the billions in subsidies going to oil companies and invest instead in a sector that both creates jobs and protects the planet?

        I’m sure you have no fucking idea what sand tar oil is, and how toxic it is to the environment. There’s a reason why Canada will not refine it….google and educate yourself. Our country has little to no need for this dirty oil. The major of it is sold to Texas exporters and leaves the country. You sound confused on how his process works

        As for your suggestion that the U.S. was exporting oil because trump was president, that’s false. The country has been supplying international markets with various forms of energy for decades. The former president presumably meant to refer to net energy exports during his administration.

        A few other things, trump lost 11 million jobs while in office. Only president in history to leave office with fewer jobs. How blind can you be.

        As far as the “biggest economic boom in decades”-stop the fucking lying! Obama had 84 consecutive months of positive GPB, and averaged over 4% a quarter. trump never broke 3% in any given quarter…..pathetic…..hey!!!! you voted for him.

        Dude, I’m sure you’re aware, Tarriffs in reality, are actually a tax on the consumer. Something Obama/Biden knew would be a mistake . China played trump like a fiddle, and the world mock and laughed at him. What happened to all the soy beans trump said china was going to buy?..crickets!……china gave trump the middle finger. He coward down and did nothing about it. while Xi Jinping continued to butt-fuck him.

        Most people I know who have gone to law school have a solid IQ……what’s your excuse? I hate to bash you, but your BS needs to be dealt with appropriately.



  9. Jordan Addison was All-American last year largely because he and his
    NFL-bound quarterback were a 2-man team

    This year he has got competition for that ball.

    It might be in SC’s best interest if Jordan is not All-American this year, which could mean Troy was successfully spreading the ball around.

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    1. John, why not just go with whatever works best. That is generally how you win games. If Addison is that good and open every play, get him the ball and score score score.

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  10. Young Dole,

    I too am a Ronny Regan fan. I remember the democraps screaming that he was too old to run for president. Yet when he was elected, he was on top of his game. His speeches were incredible and on point. Where were the hypocrip deomcraps screaming that the ol senile biden was too old to run? As for him being a presence for the US, put it this way, I have seen more lively people at the rest home than that ol’ senile ol’man, who stumbles and bumbles on the word, I. He has been useless and always be useless as a president. That piece of sh#t is giving away the country. he thinks he can buy his way back into heaven. When people mention biden’s name to Bugs Bunny, all Bugs would say is, “What a Maroon”!!!!


      1. It depends on how you define failure. If failure is the inability to do something to support America and Americans, yes Joe is a failure. If failure is define by the inability to support his family, then no. A recently published book estimates that the Biden family has received in excess of 30 million in graft based on Joe’s political influence.

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      2. slow your roll, Einstein!….. Here’s one part that Biden did for you, and millions of others, on his new bill just signed into law. And if it doesn’t benefit you. I must assume you are dead.

        On health care, the bill enables the federal health secretary to negotiate the prices of some drugs for Medicare. It also caps out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for people on Medicare at $2,000.

        The bill also provides a three-year extension on health care subsidies in the Affordable Care Act that were originally passed in last year’s pandemic relief bill.

        Regarding the 30 million, that is another far-right fallacy(prove it) But it is widely known and based on real numbers, Jared and Ivanka have profited over 300 million in grafts due to the orange cheetos influence.

        Dude, quick bring a knife to a gunfight…..


      3. Gabby –I’ll grant ya points on this one. The repubs haven’t done shit on health care —- beyond toy bills that McCain was right to call “meaningless jokes.” The reason? The repub establishment doesn’t give a crap about your health. McConnell said as much during the Obama years. They better change their tune when they retake congress or they won’t be there long.
        There’s more to life than “investigations.”


      4. MG…. FYI….. Only four major pieces of Health Care legislation have been signed into law by a sitting President. All four came from a Democratic President.

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      5. P. S.
        Plow Horse is right about Biden’s Big Success being Family Wealth Promotion. I think you’re gonna be disappointed in what comes out next year.


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