USC Lineman Steve Lehmer Passes Away

Steve Lehmer, a three-year starter on the offensive line at USC from 1967-69 and member of the 1967 national championship team, died on July 14. He was 74.

Lehmer was the only sophomore to start on the 1967 team and was also a member of the 1967 and 1968 NCAA championship track teams as a discus thrower.

Lehmer was involved in perhaps the most memorable play in USC history when O.J. Simpson went 64 yards for a TD vs. No. 1-ranked UCLA on Nov. 18, 1967.

Simpson exploded through a hole on the left side of the line courtesy of blocks by tackle Mike Taylor and Lehmer. The touchdown gave the Trojans a 21-20 victory and led to them winning the national championship.

“I was left offensive guard and we had a pass play called in the huddle and there was an audible on the line,” Lehmer said. “(Quarterback) Toby Page called Red 23 (a running play) and I didn’t hear it. So I stood up to pass block and a linebacker stayed in his zone and (I) possibly facilitated O.J.’s run.”

He graduated from the USC School of Medicine in 1975 and became a surgeon. Lehmer also attended Loara High School in Anaheim and Fullerton Junior College.

A celebration of Lehmer’s life will be held on Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. at Crossroads Church, 10050 Wolf Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949.

31 thoughts on “USC Lineman Steve Lehmer Passes Away

  1. Hard to tell if Lehmer had an influence on that play or not, OJ blasted through the hole so electifyingly fast.

    Folks forget that that play should not have won the game because sucla’s All-American kicker, Andrusyshun (spelling) missed an extra point and I believe 2
    field-goal attempts.

    Also will not forget how I somehow escorted one of the prettiest girls at SC to that game, but lo-and-behold she was out of my league and I never even thought of asking her for a date.

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    1. I believe more than one of those missed kicks by Andrushysun were blocks courtesy of USC’s defense.



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    2. I hear ya, John —but maybe ya shoulda asked her out anyway. As my grandpappy used to say “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”
      [I got that advice when I screwed up a great relationship in high school and was scared to call my girlfriend to apologize —I kinda followed it too….except I didn’t make the call myself —I had my smooth talking best friend make the call for me]…..

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      1. Yeah, Michael, after my school-days I never again let my nerves get in the way of trying to run-down some sharp-looking dame.


  2. All us Trojans recall is that 64 yard touchdown, but for the suclas all they recall is that their kicker, Andrusyshyn (correct spelling, I just looked it up) lost that game by missing a crucial extra point that left sucla vulnerable at 20-14 with 10-minutes to go, missed one field goal and had 2 others blocked (I just looked that up too)

    Students were so upset that they burned his number-7 in effigy that night on the sucla campus, and he had to wear a mustache and disguise the rest of the school year.

    In sports, where there is an ecstatic winner, there is a corresponding sad loser.

    Zee, as he was known, had a stellar life of charity and ministry after his college days, but some people still will see him today and say, “Oh, you are the guy who missed all those kicks at the ’67 SC game.”

    That game was so important as sucla lost a one-time chance at a possible undisputed national championship, whereas SC’s win catapulted the Trojans into a 10-year run of college football dominance.

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      1. They’re too busy campaigning for far left dems, setting fires, assaulting police officers and destroying government property…
        [Sometimes I say stuff just to upset Gabby]….

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      2. Is it that different on the USC campus? It seems to me that we caught up with SUCLA on the wokeness scale and aren’t far behind them in terms of student apathy towards football (the epitome of toxic masculinity).

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  3. The remarkable part of the story is that during Steve’s Junior and Senior years at USC he was joined on the offensive line by Fred Khasigian. Fred also graduated from the USC School of Medicine. When was the last time that a college football team had two starters who would go on to become Doctors?? That is the ultimate definition of a student athlete…..a heritage that USC should be very proud of!!

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  4. MG…… you’re swimming in a sea of hypocrisy. Here’s a reminder of the assault your fellow party members pulled on government property. Feel proud!!!!

    Do better in 2024! Get a real candidate with an actual platform for which voters can support and vote for.

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    1. How to get Gabby really going [by Michael Guarino]:
      No way! Those weren’t Trump supporters! They were BLM members pretending to b……oh, I can’t do it. Ha hee. I just can’t. It’s too easy…..


  5. The Shar Pei(aka Mrs. slo cal) walks out of the shower, winks at slo cal , and says, “Honey, I shaved myself down there. Do you know what that means?”slo cal says, “Yeah, it means the drain is clogged again.”



    1. I believe at times, PT, it is a “career” award. In ’65 Beban had the IMPROBABLE 20-16 SC victory, and the IMPOSSIBLE Rose Bowl win over No. 1 Michigan St (with apologies to Vin Scully), and in 1967 he had the Midget-Bears No. 1 when facing SC


  6. Hi Fred Before each game Steve and I would work out how to block certain defenses. As an example on 26 power if the next Defender out from the center was over the tight end Steve would say double. If the next Defender was on my shoulder I would say man. We work together easily because we knew what the other was going to do. When Steve was injured as a senior Wayne Yary stepped in and was fine but it wasn’t the same communication. Steve was a smart hard-nosed player. Scott This is a story from Sid smith the right tackle that played next to Steve. Nice article about Steve. Nice of you to do that Sent from my iPhone >

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    1. It wasn’t mentioned, but in that ’67 game it was Steve who laid out the pivotal block that sprung Simpson for a 10-yard touchdown run.

      It must be fun to have played in a game that people are still talking about nearly 55-years later!

      — Hope all is well with you and yours.


  7. Great Teammate 1967-1969!
    Fierce Competitor!
    Very Smart!
    Like Fred Khasigian!
    Both MD’s
    Extremely friendly and nice!
    He was a one of the critical parts of our 1967 National Championship Team.
    He will be missed!
    Bob Jensen
    #51 LB
    1969 Team CoCaptain


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