Carol Folt’s Definition Of Minimal Travel Disruption

When USC announced it would move to the Big Ten, Carol Folt said, “we are committed to devoting the necessary resources to ensure our student-athletes can continue to thrive in their classwork with minimal travel disruption.”

But according to the Athletic, “One conference source anticipated that USC and UCLA student-athletes will travel 159 percent more air miles and 44 percent more bus miles in the Big Ten, adding that even if sports are able to charter, travel times will at least double.”

Does that sound like “minimal travel disruption?”

  • Did you know USC has an official casino sponsor?

And now it wants you to vote that casino as No. 1 in America. A casino in Temecula? O-K.


30 thoughts on “Carol Folt’s Definition Of Minimal Travel Disruption


      BY THE WAY






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      1. I beg to differ, you had quick release when i let you put ur peenus in my posterior, and wiggled around a little bit upon ur request.


  1. Well, yeah, travel time from L.A. to Maryland customarily takes longer than L.A. to Portland (Oregon, that is!).

    Not that I am a ‘Without-a-Folt’ apologist, but she means planning for as short of an itinerary each year as is possible.

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      1. You first, Mike, and if there is anything left after you’re finished with her, then I will think it over whether I wish to intervene.

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    1. Penn St ……State College, PA. Road Trip
      Oct/Nov. Winter rain and snow and rain..
      3 hr time change. One day per HR to aclimate.

      Team flight Leaves sunny Ca probably on Thurs at the latest. Maybe Wednesday. Return Sunday weather permitting. Look at the airline cancellation rates. Could very easily be a 5-7 day road trip.

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      1. Not to mention hotels in State College are almost non existent in or near Penn St. The ones available are reserved by families a yr or two in advance. State College is two hours past nowhere. I drove through there every year for 20 yrs. Two hours from Harrisburg Pa which is two hrs from Philly. On a good day.

        Where are the training table meals going to be hosted?


      2. And with a probable 10-game Big-10 schedule, this means SC might be
        traveling to the midwest/Back east 4 or 5 times a season.

        Pretty grueling, if you ask me. I guess the team will be earning that $100-million they’ll see no part of.

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      3. Cal, I never travelled for a living other than commuting on SoCal freeways. When I do travel domestically it seems half the plane is made up of business travelers. Somehow they get through it, week after week. I know when I travel east the jet lag isn’t a thing to worry about, and coming home I just stay up when I feel tired until the reasonable bed time arrives. Now we are talking about 18-24 year old persons, who generally are used to odd hours simply due to their lifestyles. These players will be on charter aircraft, doing school work during the flight, catching a nap, and having a good time after a win. I just can’t see all the concern over travel, in my view it isn’t a big deal at all. In fact even if it is a big deal, get used to it, they are going B1G and it is the smartest move USC has made in decades.


  2. 4-5 trips to Central and Eastern times for football per year. I had a Negotiation and Persuasion professor, Stuart Dimond, at USC who also taught at a school back east who commuted to Los Angeles weekly.

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    1. True, Michael, but Prof Dimond didn’t have to travel with an ensemble of 100-men, and coordinate sleeping, meals, being bused, hearing last minute coaching instructions, and finally being taped for the game.

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      1. LJ, yes the trips are longer, but these other aspects of travel that you mention the team has already been engaged in for years.

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  3. I travel every week, commercial. I rarely fly charter, if ever. Let’s not pretend it’s the end of the world. The athletes will jump on their own plane and either sleep or study. They will then get on a bus for an hour or two at the most. If that is grueling, then wait until they hit the real world and they have to do all of that along with family events, mowing the lawn, errands, and schedules that start at 7:00 AM east coast time on Monday. I’m a middle aged dude whose peak days are decades behind me. I manage just fine, so will the athletes.

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      1. LJ, what is your point? EVERY team has to travel and prepare, every season, for decades. Thankfully they don’t have to take a train anymore.


  4. Riley on Korey Foreman per Ryno: “You can’t miss time on the field and expect to play at a high level — and then also expect that we’re going to put you out there. You have to practice.” Like the accountability.


  5. Your missing the point. What if the Big10 acts petty and screws USC over to keep Harbaugh, Day and Franklin happy? Why would they let USC win, take their best recruits and soak up all the NIL deals for USC players? There’s a reason why Notre Dame avoids the Big10 for so many reasons. They protect their own, always.


    1. And why wouldn’t the Big-10 coddle SC like it would Michigan or Penn St (Ohio St. is on another plane). Afterall, SC will probably be one of the most popular teams in the Big-10


  6. Scooter,

    I remember it used to be a big deal for SC to travel to Studebaker Indiana aka South Bend, Indiana. That is where they made the Studebaker. Now, these kids will have to travel around 4 times for a Big 10 game and 5 times when they play the Catholic Pagans of ND. A lot of traveling for a 17-18 year old. Speaking of 17 year old players on the SC football team or any team for SC, will they have to get a permission slip each and every time from their parents to travel to these far destinations since they are still a minor? Just wondering.


  7. Look USC is going to be a huge draw for all the Big10 programs – ALL. As such how is this different than it was in years past? USC will be able to craft the schedule that best fits its’ needs – 12 games per year 3 OOC 6 home 6 road or probably 7 home 5 road… 2 fixed annually (bel-air tech and ‘the princess) leaving the other 10 scattered with 2 OOC and 8 in-conference. We’re facing 4 deep trips and if they’re bookended with ‘byes’ it’ll work perhaps two roads back-to-back i.e. (MN/IL or MI St./MD). Major matchups – OH St./MI/PA St./NE/IA/WI. I’ve heard talk of a ‘satellite’ campus per ‘zoom’ in Chicago or such when the weight of outbound/back and return are too demanding.
    Back-to-back will cut the roads down and perhaps they do it twice a year then it’s 1 – 2 trips.

    In fairness much as I loathe ‘the princess’ they seemed to be able to handle it and yes I get they’re located ideally for minimal impact in terms of jet lag and distance.

    Hey buckle up it’s all smooth ahead


  8. If they were flying weekly to Europe or the far east jet lag would be a consideration. Flying to the midwest is a nothing burger and won’t even phase the kids.


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