How Hot Will It Be? USC Band Won’t Wear Traditional Uniforms

It’s going to be so hot tomorrow, the USC band is ditching its uniforms for something more suitable for extreme weather. USC said it will provide “branded apparel” that is appropriate for extreme heat.

Carol Folt sent out her fall semester welcome video tonight and yes, she mentioned Lincoln Riley and football at the 4:30 mark.

24 thoughts on “How Hot Will It Be? USC Band Won’t Wear Traditional Uniforms

  1. ugh,this iz so reediculuss,thay iz ruwining evry thing,if thay aint wiling to die to play thare horens and stuf then thay aint wirthy of dowing som thing i aint evr dun,smdh

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    1. Right-O, Charlie-O, I mean Ed.

      And General Patton might add to your assertion, “Yes, band-members, if you aren’t willing to die to play your horn, then you aren’t ready to die in a war.”

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      1. 50% of the country admitted shortly after the Ukraine invasion that if the same happened here, they would not stay and fight.

        Ed, some of us have done it and yes, in 100 degrees.

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    1. Make sure it is primarily water, 49er. I came home tonight dying for juice– V-8 and Pomegranate, and afterwards I was still thirsty, and finally quenched it with some ice-cold H2O.

      I love water more than ever, knowing that there is a finite amount of the stuff. I believe the day may come when we will be paying gasoline-size prices for a gallon of bottled water.

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    1. Who wilts first?– I say it will be a tie, although the Rice-kids are a little more used to the hot stuff, and in Texas the 100-degrees is usually accompanied by 50%+ humidity

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      1. Exactly. 100 degrees and 50 percent humidity (relative humidity) is freaking unbearable. That same level of moisture in the air would be about 70 percent relative humidity at 90 degrees. Unlivable. Even for Houstonians.


  2. It will very hot. USC defense will be tested with it’s conditioning. Hopefully the players who have been missing alot of practice time, won’t wear down, if for some reason the owls will be able to run the ball. Due to the number of players available LR will be able to evaluate the depth of the defense. I believe this defense is very underrated. I want to see our team play with a chip on our shoulders. Let’s make this a magical season, and get back to being the most hated team.


    1. Hey ee421 while your calling people idots. Did you play or coach football. If you know anything about football conditioning you would understand what I’m saying retardo. I know their going to rotate players, but will they wilt in the second half. This is the first game. Please don’t resort to name calling because your too ignorant to understand practice conditioning opposed to the actual. #IgnorantPeopleWillNeverUnderstandLogicalViews


      1. Eric, don’t let the idiots calling you an idiot get to you, it’s why they’re baiting you, to arouse an angry reaction.

        I like the line used against some of the ND footballers after they cold-cocked SC 51-0 in 1966, and then cockily roamed through West Hollywood calling the gays “Hey quer, Hey fggot,” and one gay retorted, “It takes one to know one.”

        P.S. That resulted in several Irish getting into fights that night, and to this day they are known as ‘The Fighting Irish.’


  3. Honestly I can’t do the heat. No air circulation in the coliseum. When they light the torch everyone is going to burn.
    I’m not even sure I’ll wear my sweat socks tomorrow.


  4. Greetings sports fans , Coach Carroll wins a game with a almost non exsistent offense ! A. Woods exploded on the goal line tossed the guard nto the back field like a rag doll ! that was a reggie white move awesome !metcalf way over rated ?! Regards , E


  5. Greetings fans , well former coach hilton i mean helton led ga .south to a win over frosted flakes of nebraska ! this guy frosted traveled many thousands of miles to coach and lose to every concieveable so so coaches he came accross ! regards , E

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