Strange Things Going On Off-Field At Coliseum

Wasn’t it amazing how USC had almost exactly 60,000 at the game?

If you don’t believe the numbers get made up, having a crowd count of 60,113 confirms it.

The Coliseum holds 77,500. There were really about 40,000-45,000 at the game.

It’s a blistering hot day. There’s no shame in 45,000 attending. But don’t try to inflate it.

  • And now for a cringeworthy post-game moment.
  • It was pretty unseemly for USC to use the band’s halftime show to simply promote an upcoming movie. How much did USC get paid? It’s great when the band interacts with Hollywood. But shilling an animated movie? Not so much.

60 thoughts on “Strange Things Going On Off-Field At Coliseum

  1. hi John, Carol fault look like she has a nice piece of ass. I be willing 2 bet she she give mi some If I deliver her some jolly bee for din din. Wut u think?

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    1. hi John, it’s me again. do u think Carol wld date a dumb fuck like miself ? if so I learn 2 spell better n she be empressed . Smdh


    2. I told you clowns the attendance for yesterdays game was going to be 45,000

      In Other News…USC President Carol Folt was on the sidelines working the refs just for fun


  2. Carol —
    Leave it alone.
    P. S.
    Don’t ya love how the bruin fans with the row 103 seats just stayed there [in a completely empty stadium] instead of taking a stroll down to the row 10 seats?

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    1. Bruins you say?– I say Sheep. Sheep. They are all mere sheep, stepping in time together to the beat of an unconscious desire to fit in, don’t stand out.

      Conformity does rule except for the few

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  3. I watched the Carol video. That is about as good as it is going to get for her.

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      1. I don’t know if you can really call it “sneaky” if she starts off the throw with “here it comes… I’m about to pass it.”

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      2. It’s gotta be hard for Carol —in that same way it was hard for Hedy Lamar, Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe before her….

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  4. One-piece is a Japanese Anime that is popular in America. It’s been on for more than ten years. It’s probably popular with some band members and the band director. It’s more relevant than that crap Bartner used to have the band do, who also preformed movie previews with the band. My sister played on the band. Ain’t nothing new Wolf.

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    1. …gotta keep the Band “relevant” to the younger crew.
      While I always liked our Band playing “Alright Now” (a great song from the 70’s by one of my favorites–Free–a precursor to Bad Co), it’s dated. Time for us Boomers to let the younger crowd run the show.


  5. Stanford is going to blast you guys next week. USC is not ready for physicality. It will be a study in intellectual brutality next week. Stanford O Line average weight is 315lbs. They are going to crush those chicks you got on the D Line. I can’t wait 😂😂😂


    1. I could not agree with you more, F.U.-

      – It is disappointing to discover the SC defense has not improved much, and I bet Stanford has no fear of being shut-out by the
      “Keystone Cops-like’ Trojan defenders.

      I realize these carpetbagger Trojans all played on different teams last year, but it is time for them to understand they play on only one team now, so it’s time to start looking like it.

      Problem is, there is little time before Stanford to get much better. So I foresee 30-points put on Troy, with a 40-point scalping a possibility.

      However, if the Indian-like Cardinal want to win this game, 40-points may not be enough.

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      1. Rice not Gd football team, they on JC level, so Stanford better test for Trojans. And speaking of rice , I hungry so mi n Missus cook a big pot 4 din din then I take a spelling test


    1. Have you watched the Manti Teo story on Netflix, TO?
      I certainly gained a better appreciation of the Polynesian ethic.
      Faith, Family, Football–in some different order.


  6. Carol: Those legs you have are something else! Twiggy must be in envy…..please don’t wear short dresses or shorts again so men can stop going so going crazy over you.

    Scott Wolf- I am not worried about USC’s attendance figures. The people will gradually fill the place if we keep winning which is not the case at UCLA.

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  7. from a bruin fan on ucla’s complete embarrassment at the rose bowl:

    “If the Rose Bowl had 27,143 people in it today, then my apartment currently has 27,144.”

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  8. Carol will ride Lincoln Riley’s coattails for all it’s worth. Not nearly as cringe-worthy as when that fraud CCH gave game balls to Frank and Hot Lips.

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    1. There is almost something touching about the way she flashes the HUGE grin after Lincoln catches her “pass” —- a kind of “do you like me now?” expression— the kind I used to see on kids who took the dare & jumped off the high board at the Mar Vista Park swimming pool…

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    2. Carol: “I had no idea of the popularity of American football and the importance of the football program to USC Alumni. If I did, I wouldn’t have let Mike Bohn convince me to keep Clay Helton as coach the past two years. He also convinced me not to hire Urban Meyer at the end of 2019. The whole “radioactive” thing (reported by Scott Wolf) is Bohner. Fight onward Trojans✌️”

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    1. 19-22, 2 TD, no int. Of those 3 incompletes, one was a flat out drop by Taj. He threw another one away. The third incomplete was a near TD reception by Mario Williams who had been ridden by a Rice defender, just before halftime.

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      1. Tweeted this earlier

        #Heisman Watch (Week 1)

        Caleb Williams
        19/22 passing, 249 yards, 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s, 6-68 rushing, 0 TD’s

        Bryce Young
        18/29, 195, 5, 0, 5-100, 1

        C.J. Stroud
        24/34, 223, 2, 0, 3-1, 0

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      2. CJ Stroud played against a real defense.
        Bryce and Caleb did not.

        IMHO, we will find that most of the ‘Bama QB’s will never be much in the NFL, much like most of the USC QB’s. Reason is, “the Bama and USC QB’s were surrounded by such talent that they did not NEED to be a game-winning QB.”

        So, Bryce will be OK. Jalen Hurts, OK. Tua, OK.
        Guys from Wyoming, Fresno State, Pitt, etc have to carry their team.
        Preps them for the NFL.

        That said, Carson Palmer–due to playing for 3 horrible teams at USC–was our premier NFL QB.

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    2. The offense wasnt on the field that much, as the defensive pic-6’s turned the ball back over to Rice right away. It was good the defense got more time on field to practice.

      What USC really needs is a defense that can get the other team off the field with a punt and get it back to our offense.

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      1. I saw a Rice team that I thought was pretty good on offense. I thought they had a good O line and a great scheme for USC. Benton had 5 tackles on the DL. The linebacker play was way better then we had before. USC must be doing something right for all these worthless trolls to have to come on here and post stupidity.

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    1. Would’ve tweeted Reggie directly, but twitter “permanently” suspended me for over a year for “hate speech” and then came back and said I wasn’t actually in violation of their policies. Seems I was likely suspended by an algorithm.

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  9. Say-hey, Michael me-lad– Your buddies Voltaire and Sarte got it all wrong–extending to the masses the right of full-freedom to say-what-they-want anytime they want, may not be in the best interest of their particular country’s government.

    For example, just look at Red-China, where if you disagree with the State’s decree on something-or-another, you shall receive jail time without a chance to explain.

    The result is full and complete compliance by the 1.4-Billion Chinese

    Contrast that with America, where every citizen has so much unfettered freedom to say&do whatever they want, that it creates a thousand competing business interests, and stagnation in the Washington D.C. Congress

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  10. “attendance?”

    If one buys a season ticket and pays for it but chooses to stay home that day and watch on TV and drink an icy-cold $2 craft beer at home and use a spotlessly clean toilet, did he “attend” the game?

    (Pardon the run-on sentence)

    Just askin’ for a friend.

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