It’s Another Night Game For USC

The USC-Arizona State game will kick off at 7:30 p.m. and be on ESPN.

That will be three straight night games for the Trojans.

How about Oregon State-Utah at 11 a.m.? What a conference.

22 thoughts on “It’s Another Night Game For USC

      1. 67 — What do you think it does to a person’s mind to think about dick -up -the -ass 24/7 year in and year out?

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    1. ugh,its like thay got no cunsirn for the facked that the nexxed day iz nashunal cusstoadeal wirkers day. Hmmm 🤔. wut da Fuc did i jus say? anyway.. bac 2 sucking peenu … smdh


      1. Sometimes, after a game like Cal/Notre Dame, you wish the refs had to turn over records of phone & bank activity for the month prior to the game….

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      2. As the legendary Marquette basketball coach Al McGuire once said in the mid 1970’s: “To beat UCLA you need the talent of Kentucky and North Carolina, the coaching of Indiana, and a couple of Notre Dame refs”. This ND crap has been going on for decades in all sports.

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  1. USC Football is back! I’ve already purchased my tickets for the playoffs and the national championship game, Going to be so great to ring in 2023 watching Coach Riley and Caleb Williams leading the band after we win, The poll voters need to stop disrespecting us and vote us No 1!.


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