USC Notes: Will The TV Networks Pick Trojans?

We were told last week to understand the USC-Oregon State game had to be on the Pac-12 Network so the real networks could save the Trojans for later in the season.

But what channel will USC-Arizona State on next weekend? Will ESPN or Fox pick up the game with USC playing a 24-point underdog? Fans should be livid if they do after ignoring the USC-Oregon State game.

  • Jordan Addison sounded pretty confident after the Oregon State game.

“They did a good job. They had a good scheme going on but like I said, they just didn’t keep up,” Addison said. “They didn’t finish it off. You can only win the game in the fourth quarter and that’s where we finished at.”

He caught three passes. He shouldn’t sound too cocky.

  • According to the participation chart, Korey Foreman did not play. He made the trip and dressed for the game.
  • USC moved up to No. 6 in the Associated Press Top 25 poll.
  • You will be shocked to know the Pac-12 officials made an error yesterday, which was eventually corrected.

25 thoughts on “USC Notes: Will The TV Networks Pick Trojans?

  1. The Pac-12 league is a dumpster fire. They have not solved the problem with the referees and the film crews and announcers on the Pac network are a joke. I had originally thought Kliavkoff was going to actually fix some stuff, but it looks like another blow-hard who is not getting the job done.

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  2. For those of us who ditched cable and dish TV years ago, PAC12 network can be found live streaming on Fubo.

    Fubo often provides a one week trial period also.

    Irrespective, Fox should be able to find a slot for USC vs ASU.
    Hell, ESPN thought that two mediocre (but ranked) SEC schools were worthy of a marquee listing.

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  3. Addison sounds cocky only compared to a 1950s time warp.

    Shane Lee with 12 tackles, 6 solo, and Gentry with 8 tackles, 4 solo, 1 interception, and effectively caused another INT. Defense getting better every week.

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    1. hi john,u remined me of missus ed wen she gets this way eech munth,iz u to reelatid, but I eat her ass hole anyway, and guess what? it taste like caca 💩, but I still eat yum 😋


  4. In the last segment Bryan discussed SC coliseum crowds and reasons for their lack of passion. Well, I would start with the obstreperous Coliseum Music Manager and read him the Riot Act dictating he is to play SC-related music only.

    Next, with no loud-sounds to interfere, hire some cheerleaders to lead the non-student sections in some organized cheers to warm them up a little, such as the chant U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A,
    only substituting U-S-C, U-S-C, U-S-C
    It is our most natural cheer and yet it has never been pulled out of the ‘SC Cheers’ bag

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  5. He caught 3 passes. Ya Wolf, and THE WINNING TOUCHDOWN was catch #3. They say great players don’t always play great, but great players finish great.

    They can keep Foreman on the bench if he isn’t going to make himself into a college football player. USC will get by without him.

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      1. The way USC runs guys in and out is like nothing I have seen at USC before. The fact Foreman sat the entire game is quite telling, especially when he only had a couple of plays last week.

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  6. Scott

    The ASU game next Saturday is on ESPN.

    I think you meant who is broadcasting WSU game on 10 / 8 and what time.

    We should find out tomorrow. I expect 1230pm or 5pm.

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  7. Korey needs to sit on the bench. He has talent but with Romello Height out for the season, this should be the time for the next man up to step in and get some playing time. Korey doesn’t seem to be stepping up. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a big bust.


  8. I told everyone that Michael McCabe was worse than Michael Goodspeed and the Pac 12 is so legendary in their incompetence that the official statement from these putrid screwups included an oxymoron. What the @#$&!! is a correct error???!!!! I’d fire an subordinate of mine who’d put out any official paperwork with the words correct error. Klivacrap must have worked for the government.


  9. We won in a setting we have historically had nightmares winning. I dont understand all the smack being hurled about some post-game wisecracks by the victors….we won…the defense saved the game and Caleb Williams ‘…played the man…’ we won…. 4 – 0 AZ St.
    Friday evening WA @ Bel-Air tech
    Saturday evening AZ St. @ USC

    Both on ESPN….just sorry USC didn’t get the Friday night gig.


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