Morning Buzz: USC-Oregon State Report Card


I knew it was possible for Caleb Williams to have a bad game, I just didn’t know it would be this soon. The part that isn’t being greatly discussed is how average Williams becomes when under pressure.

Grade: D+


Travis Dye is living up to his billing. I’m less impressed with Austin Jones. But Dye does everything plus provides leadership. USC is lucky he didn’t turn pro last season.

Grade: B


I really don’t understand why Mario Williams gets targeted so much (eight times, 1 catch). At least Tahj Washington and Brenden Rice were featured too. Who would guess Jordan Addison would catch only three passes in a game?

Grade: C-


The Bush Push on Caleb Williams’ fourth-down run was the best line play of the season. That said, I’ve found the pass protection to be lacking the past two games (Williams would probably privately back this up). It ruins the media narrative that the line is improved if you mention the pass protection.

Grade: C+


The defense had a stellar night but the defensive line was pretty ordinary. No sacks and no one had more than three tackles. And some short-yardage situations were disastrous (fourth-and-four turns into a 24-yard gain).

Grade: C


They weren’t perfect but it’s hard to criticize Shane Lee (12 tackles) or Eric Gentry (8 tackles, 1 interception, 1 pass breakup, 1 QB hurry).

Grade: B+


This is the group I most-often criticize and Oregon State fans were unhappy with their use of hands. But they came up with three interceptions in critical situations and played their best game of the season.

Grade: B


Denis Lynch is 5 for 7 this season on field goals and was 1 for 2 vs. Oregon State. Aadyn Sleep-Dalton finally had to punt and did OK (41 yards).

Grade: C+


Lincoln Riley looked like he did in some Oklahoma games last season with few answers against the overmatched Beavers’ defense. Imagine if this were a College Football Playoff game. And Riley admitted Monday he hadn’t prepared the Trojans for that massive crowd of 28,768. Alex Grinch raised his stock, though, as keeps trying to more with a lot less than what Riley has at his disposal.

Grade: D

36 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC-Oregon State Report Card

  1. This isn’t the first off game Caleb has had. Last year against Baylor he was 9-18 for 142 yards and no touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The very next week against Iowa State he was 8-18 for 87 yards and 1 TD and 1 Interception.

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    1. Caleb is the best athlete we’ve had at that position in a very long time. He saved our asses with his legs at least a half dozen times. Those bad throws came off a combination of bad line play and Caleb holding onto the ball all the way to the sideline before throwing to a covered receiver to avoid the sack. Bottom line: Scott nailed it —if asked, while hooked to a lie detector, if he’s getting enough pass protection Caleb would say “not exactly.”

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      1. He really did make some bad decisions to throw to receivers that were covered when there were receivers who were wide open. It really wasn’t one of his best games. It happens to every QB.


    2. USC Team Grade vs Oregon St (Coaching Grade Included)

      A Big Fat Fucking F-

      What a God Damn Embarrassment, a hick Oregon St. team that has a total of two 4 star recruits, the rest of the roster made up of 3 star and below players were able to keep ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s so called high powered offense in check all night.

      And the Trojan Fanboys are acting as if the win vs the lowly recruited Beavers was some sort of great victory.

      Is this what USC is paying ‘Ol Mule Shoe $110 million dollars for, to eek out victories over outmatched opponents?

      What a God Damn Shame this USC Trojan football program has become


      1. T-boner……scoreboard!…… If you want to claim a moral victory(something the gutties embrace all too well) for Oregon St. more power to you!

        Oregon St. had this game circled on their calendar since the schedule came out. I’m certain they just played their best game of the season against USC. They came with the “fight or flight” mentality and left everything they had on the field.

        On the other hand, USC had a sub-par performance on the road in a very loud and hostile environment and was still able to dominate all offensive statistics across the board, and force 4 turnovers.

        Not all games are going to be pretty wins. Under Riley’s leadership, and through adversity, this team stayed focused and made the plays when it counted the most. The mark of a team destined for greatness.

        Wipe the drool off the chin and continue to feel proud about playing the weakest schedule so far this year in college football.


  2. The USC punter did not have a good game. His worst moment was on the punt in the 4th quarter out of the end zone.

    The ball probably traveled only thirty yards and gave the Beavers the ball on USC’s 22 yard line. Beavers quickly scored from there to take the lead 14 – 10.


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    1. It was a short punt because he could not step into it to generate a lot of strength. Replay it and you will see. It was fortunate he got it out of there at all.

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    2. He’s also one of those Australian punters who likes to run sideways when punting. We knew that when we signed him and he wasn’t given that opportunity, with the situation we put him in. I’m fine with the result.

      It was up to the D at that point to hold them to a FG. They didn’t.


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    3. Message to Riley: There is more to football than offense. Special teams can win or lose games too.

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    2. Ed –I would think the fact that all commenters [well, except the one who is fetched with the male anal cavity] heap praise on you several times every day is a pretty good sign you’re in the A to A+ category…..

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    3. Ed. G, as a teacher with a credential at English in secondary school level, I can give you an A+. You manage to get your point across on a blog without an exit feature. Here in California our governor has made it clear that grades should be based on content rather than form. If, as your teacher, I can read and understand your post you will receive full credit.
      For any doubters out there, consider this; The average doctor ‘s handwriting and spelling is so bad they have to pay someone else to write their notes. This, however, does not stop them from practicing medicine. Ed. G’s posts are on par with the average doctor. And best of all he manages to mess with the humorless trolls.

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      1. Agreed —although yesterday Ed was inching into writing ordinary declaratory sentences….


  3. “…the overmatched Beavers’ defense”?

    What game was Wolfie watching anyway. The European Iron Curtain
    had nothing on that Oregon St defensive backfield as I saw no windows
    of opportunity open (sans Addison’s final grab) with Beavers smothering Trojan wideouts all night long

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    1. “Smothering” is right, John —as in wrapping their arms around receivers before the ball gets there. The only thing wrong with “letting the kids play” officiating is our guys AREN’T TAUGHT to interfere, Oregon State and Utah players ARE..


  4. Once again, it would be foolish to take this report card seriously when his evaluations show a complete lack of understanding of football basics.

    But I’ll give him credit since he has us tuning in regularly to read his snark, pettiness and uninformed opinions. Although if he ever censored this blog, readership would drop to zero since all of us are here for the comments.

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    1. Scott is overly hard on Riley and the offense….but I’m pretty sure it’s outta love. Scott is all about love.


  5. Scottie, forgets to mention that Caleb delivered on an 11 play, 84 yard drive and threw a dime to Addison with 1:14 left to win the game.
    Let’s regrade him from a D+ to an F.

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    1. Ha! If that were anybody but Caleb who ran for that miracle first down on 4th and 4 ….or led that brilliant last drive…. we’d all be calling him a hero.

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  6. I was not happy with the quarterback play, but I think D is a bit harsh. I remember teaching at a military school where there was no D grade. We skipped from C to F. The grade C is average, if you are not above average you are failing. My grade would have been at least C because Williams was mostly average against the coverage. My problem is with me. Having read the hype and seen the player in action I expected better play. There might have been something in the water, a lack of sleep due to studying (don’t laugh it could happen) a spat with the significant other or just anything bothering him, but he looked average. The fanboy in me says we can still win with an average quarterback.

    Insert the name the most recent average quarterback in your comments.


  7. USC couldn’t win games like 17-14 vs Oregon St last year. In fact, they were blown out at home. So Oregon St is a better team than USC. Why didn’t Wolf start with that? Because we all thought USC would score rampantly. Well, Oregon St showed how good their coaches are. And Riley and staff are better than the Oregon St coaches. They recruit better, they picked a better school to coach at and they kept their players engaged into the effort until the last whistle. Finally found the right calls to win as well.

    Sounds like an A to me. If they lose, it’s because the other team’s better.


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