Yellow Fever Is Spreading

According to the Athletic, Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey drove to USC last week to pick up a pair of yellow tights that some Trojan players are wearing for games. Ramsey was originally committed to USC before he switchd to Florida State.

Frankly, I think the yellow tights are awful on USC and the Rams.

  • USC linebacker Clyde Moore drew an unnecessary roughness penalty on a kickoff against Oregon State by throwing the returner to the ground.

So it’s a good excuse for me to mention his father, Rex Moore, and his most famous moment as a Trojan.

Moore (35) threw mud through the face mask of Notre Dame tailback Allen Pinkett during the 1984 game at the Coliseum, which was played in a horrible rainstorm.

“Never happened,” Moore said. “If the refs didn’t call it, it never happened. I wanted to do everything to make this guy (Pinkett) unhappy — and I knew I could get away with it.

“I don’t know if I’m proud of what I did, but I’m not ashamed of it, either.”

27 thoughts on “Yellow Fever Is Spreading

      1. speaking of “fixed”….. Did you get the outhouse up right? I heard the liberal kids in the trailer park tipped over the outhouse while you were in there sitting on the throne launching torpedos at the Russians.

        Talk about drowning in deep shit!



  1. Really wolf!!!!!!….. your pettiness has sunken to a new low regarding the yellow tights.

    Focus on your infamous weekly report card….thanks!


  2. Let it go Scott. The tights aren’t anything except a way to keep from getting grass allergens ground into the legs while wearing football pants. Joe What’s his Nameth used to wear pantyhose when he played. On artificial turn players get rug burns on exposed skin. On real grass the painted logos and lines are also an irritating element.
    If the tights aren’t illegal, I’m fine with them. Watch his hands, not his legs.

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  3. The officials called unnecessary roughness on USC but didn’t call it on OSU when they did the same thing to Caleb. The officiating was not good, but they did let the guys play the game and stayed out of determining the outcome. More than what they did to Cal against ND. And they screwed WA out of a down. Any staff not knowing what down it is deserves to get screwed though.

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    1. The officials called unnecessary roughness on my posterior cavity, but guess what? I explained to him that I didn’t mind. But they did let the guys know that they only have 30 minutes each to bust a nutt while riding my Ass.


  4. Did these guys – among USC’s greatest ever, wear those gawd awful yellow tights? Burn them!
    QB: Carson Palmer & Matt Leinart – No.
    RB: Marcus Allen & Reggie Bush – No.
    WR: Lynn Swann & Keyshawn – No.
    TE: Charle Young – No.
    OL: Bruce Matthew & Tyron Smith – No.
    DL: Kenichi Udeze & Leonard Williams – No.
    ILB: Clay Matthews (II & III) & Richard Wood – No.
    OLB: Willie McGinest & Chris Claiborne – No.
    DB: Ronnie Lott & Troy Polamalu – No.
    …do you sense a trend here?

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    1. Yes modern helmets with plexiglass fronts and no hip pads many players don’t wear a cup. I see a trend towards comfort and informed gear choice.


    2. Yes I see modern helmets with plexiglass shields and no hip pads smaller shoulder pads and many players not wearing knee pads. Some don’t wear a cup and some wear tape on their inner arms.
      I see a trend towards comfort and informed equipment use.


      1. Don’t ya hate it when that happens? As a box boy at Hugh’s Market I told a checker you could “land a plane on Sherri’s butt” and he told me she was his fiance….

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  5. Ease up you punks – the equipment manager’s job is to ensure the team wears the prescribed uniform each game.

    Hence, we don’t have guys wearing white cleats or pink face masks. The yellow socks are not a part of the prescribed USC football uniform.

    It has nothing to do with rashes or irritation or turf or anything but a streak of individualism. Thankfully the majority of those on the roster aren’t the egocentrics who feel a need to abuse tradition.

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  6. If I start to respond to Wolf’s SC football-garment questions,
    I know it will be time for me to leave earth,

    So, 1/3 of the way through the short 12-game Season, what’s crackin’–
    SC is in the running but she’s got a few Silky Sullivans in front of her
    Everybody else, I do not give a rat’s ass, I don’t read the news except SC

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  7. Scooter,

    I was sick as a dog with the flu back in 1984. I was supposed to go the SC – nd game. Rex Moore did the right thing against a nd player. If was ugly as well then it would be great as well. Any other team it would not be great. To do those things you go to know the situation. Moore did. Did Clyde Moore look like he was on steriods? he was huge in the arms.

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