There’s Been An Overreaction To Oregon State Atmosphere

One of the most unpleasant basketball games I ever attended was a USC-Oregon State game in Corvallis where I sat in front of the student section.

It was a torrent of profanity and inappropriate comments. Now when I sat in other parts of Gill Coliseum, it was a great environment.

Pete Carroll was so appalled by the fans after the first time he went to Autzen Stadium (Oregon), he had staff video the Trojans walk from the locker room to the field in future encounters.

I would say it’s par for the course when you go to Oregon (or anywhere else). And when you throw in the move to the Big Ten, things will get worse.

Thanks to social media, the crowd and the Trojans’ reaction is getting overplayed. The crowd said USC was “overrated.” Students said Travis Dye wouldn’t do anything. Let’s clutch our pearls.

Some of the USC players went to the Beavers’ logo after the game and did snow angels and posed.

Was it necessary? No. Was it unprecedented? No. Remember this scene at Oregon?

The point is this kind of stuff happens and so does awful fan behavior.

You should talk to USC basketball players about the comments they were subjected to at the old Bohler Gym at Washington State if you want to hear about real abuse.

It’s best to ignore it and simply win the game.

P.S. — There was a report about the wife of a USC coach getting hit in the back by a bottle. Obviously that’s an entirely diffferent matter and should be handled by law enforcement/Oregon State.

  • Caleb Williams’ Heisman odds slipped from 7/2 to 6/1 according to BetOnline. But he’s still second behind Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud.
  • USC’s Oct. 8 home football game against Washington State will kick off at 4:30 p.m. PT and air on FOX.

26 thoughts on “There’s Been An Overreaction To Oregon State Atmosphere

  1. Heisman odds changing against Caleb is as much or more about Stroud having an unreal year, including 5 TD passes last week. Season stats:

    71% completion, averaging over 300 yards per game, 16 TD passes, 1 INT

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      1. How much of that is due to the outstanding team around him. That is how the Heisman works, but only if you’re presentable looking, which Caleb is not. Is a matter of fact, he looks like a drunk who just rolled out of bed that refuses to use a comb. And not to mention, he was sitting on the bench pouting like a little bitch when Oregon State was winning the game. 😂😂


  2. I’m not a fan of dancing on logo or these insane choreographed celebrations, and I’m sure I sound old AF.
    Always appreciated Isaac Curtis spiking ball overhead in end zone. Little celebration, but you’ve done your job and been there before…


    1. Old AF is a good thing. The world is going to shit right now.

      “This field, this game — it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and it could be again.”

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  3. Isaac Curtis
    Now there’s a story.

    Him and Herm Edwards at Cal.
    Isaac running track after he flunked out and was disenrolled and the other team checked. Our coach didn’t even check.

    On to SDS.

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  4. lemme git this rite john,sense beehayvyur can be wirse sum ware els then no matur wut hapind sadderday aint meen enny thing,and we aint to enclood poeples throwin boddels cuz that iz a puhleese matur and aint a fan ishoo,maiks sence to me,buy the weigh who iz cumplanenin abowt the fan boys uthur than u,smdh

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    1. emme git this rite john,sense beehayvyur can be wirse sum ware els then no matur wut hapind sadderday aint meen enny thing,and we aint to enclood poeples throwin boddels cuz that iz a puhleese matur and aint a fan ishoo,maiks sence to me,buy the weigh who iz cumplanenin abowt the fan boys uthur than u,… Huh ? What did I just say? 🤔🤔. I’m beginning to sound more like a Fucking Retard every day 😂


  5. I thought I saw somewhere that Oregon State used loudspeakers to increase the fan noise at the stadium. Is that true?

    I dont see how a stadium with fans on only one side of the field could have created the noise that it appeared was being generated.

    If this actually happened, it should be stopped right away. If your fans are loud, OK, but if you are doing something else to increase the noise to screw with opponents, that is just cheating.

    If you tore down one side of your field, that is your own tough luck

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    1. That’s bush league if that’s true. Using fake crowd noise, shouldn’t be allowed period, in any stadium. Half stadium or not. The PAC 12 commissioner showing how irrelevant he is as usual. Like Larry Scott just there to collect a paycheck. By the way the PAC 12 refs still suck all of them. Then he wonders why no one gives a rats all about a weak conference.


  6. Entitled idiots against spoiled smucks. Folks not ashamed about being rude in public. They’ll suffer when the games don’t matter and life gets in their way.

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  7. A lot(not all) of the college students today are foul mouth far left wing radicals who think they are little Einsteins but, in fact, are morons. Yet they are put on a pedestal with a megaphone and a lot of americans actually listen to them. Witness Greta Thunberg…..she’s a teenage high school dropout with verified emotional problems and she gets to speak at the UN. Every time the student section starts to chant those foul mouth chants against the visiting team, they should penalize the home team 15 yards.

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      1. Good point Charles. I have to admit….when they chant FJB that doesn’t really bother me at all so I guess I am being a little hypocritical. But the student section takes it a step further…..they throw bottles at the player and coaches as the are walking through the tunnel. You throw something at Uncle Joe and you’ll probably go to jail for 5 years.

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      1. Was Guvna Killer Kate Brown an Eager Beaver. Married to a man, KK is a self-proclaimed bisexual. Does that mean she has an open marriage?


  8. Well I’m from a different era. I had to put on nice clothes to go my first USC game back in 1960. Now I wear shorts and a tee shirt. I’ve seen the Stanford band throw white powder in Traveler’s face as he started out on the track. I’ve seen beer bottles being thrown into the crowd. Stanford fans launching heated pennies at USC basketball players isn’t new.
    I really think it’s like picking your nose at a stop light. You think you’re anonymous but the lady next to you at the stop thinks you’re gross.

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  9. I’m all for heckling but throwing stuff at people including mascots, is fucin idiotic and you should be banned for life from any stadium for doing so. If you obviously can’t control your behavior, Period. There’s a point of being a paying fan to watch a game, or a fucin idiot taking advantage of a situation.


  10. The crowd noise was not overrated. For 26000 fans it was just like it was a full rocking SEC type of atmosphere because it’s a small college town. Great environment for us to play in we must do a better job with our OL/DL communications too many timeouts, due to QB not getting line set before play clock gets to zero. We should be better now that we’ve experienced this type of hostile crowd


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