USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Travis Dye

The star tailback is not only the top tailback but a team leader. That’s quite a luxury to have him and Caleb Williams as your leaders.

Alex Grinch

For a week everyone will talk positively about the USC defense instead of the offense.

Trent Bray

The Oregon State defensive coordinator did the unthinkable Saturday night: He made USC’s offense look average.

Eric Gentry

For the first time this season, Gentry did not lead the team in tackles. But he had an interception, a pass breakup, a QB hurry and . . . eight tackles.

Jadyn Ott

The true freshman from Norco had 274 yards rushing vs. Arizona.

Max Williams

The USC safety has 23 tackles, two interceptions and a forced fumble this season.


The Pac-12

Its best game of the week gets relegated to the Pac-12 Network and its game officials can’t even count downs at the Oregon-Washington State game.

Lincoln Riley

Some luster came off the offensive guru’s reputation Saturday night.

Caleb Williams

That Heisman campaign might have remained in Corvallis but if it happened on the Pac-12 Network did it happen?

Steve Sarkisian

He is 2-2 at Texas, which will resurrect the Seven-Win Sark moniker. His excuse will be the injury to QB Quinn Ewers.

David Shaw

Stanford has lost nine Power 5 games in a row. Stanford has been outscored in its past six Power 5 games, 254-96.

Terrell Bynum

The wide receiver is 0 for 4 to start the season with zero receptions in four games.

UPDATED: Bynum has one catch in four games. The transfer hasn’t worked yet.

Korey Foreman

Didn’t play vs. Oregon State and this is with someone who plays his position (Romello Height) out for the season.

102 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

    1. Well Ed, and it looks as if this comment is from the Real Ed .G, I agree.

      Case in point is Travis Dye. He fumbled on his own SC 1-yard line and I thought for sure Oregon St would recover it but somehow Troy got it. If Beavers had recovered, easy touchdown, up by 2-scores, and the Trojans are probably through and lose, and who will be in Scott Wolf’s loser column today as the No. 1 Loser?

      But Wolfie does have a point regarding Celeb’s Heisman-busting performance not having been seen by 99% of U.S. sports fans, so perhaps the Oregon St fiasco didn’t happen afterall. This is analogous to when writing on this Blog, if no one reads it, was it ever written?

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    2. hi john,ur loosur lissed lokks incompleat bcuz i not on it, i the #1 loosur cuz I cnt spell worth a damn . missus say I spell meow 😸 wrng cuz I use K not C 🙄🙄 smdh


  1. One game does not destroy a Qb’s Heisman campaign. It doesn’t help it either. Wolf actually had something positive to say about the defense? The times, they are a changin. The play of Max Williams and Mehki Blackmon have overshadowed the great work being done by Callen Bullock. Then there is Tuli. He is everywhere doing everything all the time. Without a doubt the best football player on the USC defense.

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    1. One game does not destroy a Qb’s Heisman campaign, a fucked up hairstyle does. So that goofy Ass Caleb doesn’t stand a chance until he does something with that nappy shit on his head. . Wolf actually had something positive to say about the defense? … Really? They sucked big time to me. The play of Max Williams and Mehki Blackmon have overshadowed the great work being done by Bozo Bullock. Then there is Tuli. He is without a doubt a free agent at best when he leaves USC.


  2. Well since Mr Wolf mentioned him …

    I suspect some of you will revolt over a Cal player being mentioned here but this guy is a breath of fresh air
    Freshman, not a redshirt…

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      1. CAL75,

        I have two other friends that went to Cal. Usually I would rag on them, but I have grown to respect the school because of people like you and my other friends. I like Wilcox. He needs some more experience and recruits, but he can turn the team around. I will cheer for them until the SC-Cal game. That will be one game that I will turn back to my ol’ self and hate Cal with disdane and punity. LOLOLO. I would love to see SC and Cal in the Pac 12 championship game with SC winning and going to the playoff and Cal going to the Rosebowl. Reminds me of when Joe Kapp, the qb for the Longest Yard movie went. LOLOLO. Good luck this season.

        BTW, I did read how you went to a Catholic military boarding school. Very good.

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  3. The one thing that the sycophants at the Pac 12 network got right on Saturday was that this was an ambush game for the Trojans. First true road game (Stanford never counts, as there is no fan base on the Farm).
    The student section and the rest of Reiser were rocking. Smith and Bray came up with a great game plan to slow down the passing game.

    The Trojans played well as a team and are the winners of the week.
    The Defense came up big–first time since the Orgeron era and carried the team. IMHO, I find it just refreshing to see a team that controls the edge, rallies to the ball, tackles, gang tackles, and hawks the ball. Oh, and besides Rex Moore’s kid, no dumb thug penalties.

    Enjoy a tough victory and prep for a reeling Sparky.
    So far, Riles is 2-0 in payback games. A bunch more to come this year.
    Thanks Riles.

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    1. Thanks for reminding us of the awesomely stupid ‘unnecessary roughness’ penalty committed when the whole game was on the line — that’s Helton football & it can’t happen anymore if we want to collect ALL the scalps on our Revenge Tour….

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      1. CAL75…….you sound confused!……Jake Plumber is not related to the two Plumber brothers you referenced, Will and Jack.

        Also, Will plays for Arizona and Arizona St.


      2. OK, Cal throwing it down early in the year.

        Yes, the Bears are slowly building a reputable FB team.
        Goes to show you that Wilcox was not the problem at USC–Sark and Helton were.

        Still, I like our chances at the Coliseum vs the Bears.
        This kid Ott has some wheels, but a breakout performance vs ‘Zona is
        not a good barometer of future performance. Hoping the Bears come into the Coliseum undefeated. A November to remember.

        BTW, anyone heard from Owns?

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      3. Owns has been driving around the Rose Bowl parking lot for the last 2 weeks looking for an exit. Apparently there have been no other cars to follow out.

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      4. ‘CAL75…….you sound confused!……Jake Plumber is not related to the two Plumber brothers you referenced, Will and Jack.

        Also, Will plays for Arizona and Arizona St.’

        Will is very clever.

        Listen pal, I can’t be perfect. How many plumbers do you know?


      5. Owns has been driving around the Rose Bowl parking lot for the last 2 weeks looking for me to suck him off so he can penetrate me. But I told him many many times that I do house calls.


  4. Austin Jones’s dad said it all about David Shaw and Stanford; that the o-line had gone in the tank because Shaw stubbornly stuck with his old-school offense which was a non-starter for recruiting.

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  5. — And why is this kid a “breath of fresh air,” good ol’ Cal-75
    There are millions of good kids like this one spreadout from sea-to-sea
    We need only ‘see’

    One more thing, Cal, it is said that a sign of really old age
    is to look back with disdain on the young generation


  6. I can’t wait to watch the libs heads explode when we win the National Championship this year! The Libs continue to do a disservice to USC by not voting us No 1. It’s going to be great when they lose the house and senate, Trump becomes Speaker impeaches Biden and Harris and they are removed and Trump becomes President again!


    1. Oh, right—like a bunch of self-aggrandizing RHINO repubs are sure to do all that…


      1. It will be even nicer to shift that IRS funding to the border. Biden-Harris (or rather, their voters) are responsible for so many deaths as a result of their open border policies. Pathetic, when they try to claim it’s always been broken and none of this is their fault.

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      2. What else can they do at this point? They see what’s coming & they’re scared shitless. [But they don’t have to be. The repubs will not act on their mandate…and they won’t carry out the will of the people]….


  7. I’m a loser this week. On another blog under a different name I lost 15,000 because we didn’t beat the spread. If only the last pick had been a pick six…
    Korey Foreman is a non starter … I guess whatever undisclosed injury he has in training camp has come back. It’s most likely a bruised ego. To the portal with you Mr. Foreman, USC is only interested in team pursuits not individual. (Ironic note: every time I type “Korey ” my Kindle spell checker changes it the first time today it went with “sorry “and the second time “lorry” My kindle is a great judge of character, which doesn’t like Korey (More I) either.)

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  8. Winner: Mekhi Blackmon – That interception was picture-perfect. I hope the coaches are really going to work with him to make his abilities an interception machine. Bait QBs into making borderline passes and go and get them!

    Future Winner: Domani Jackson – Getting on the field. A start to him taking over and locking down the other side of the field. Ceyair Wright is doing fine, but Domani will take it to the next level.

    Loser: Jordan Addison – For transferring to a team where he might not fully utilize his abilities. Caleb seems to have problems throwing the deep ball (under or overthrows his receivers), where Addison is a true threat and can wrack up stats.

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    1. Overly harsh, Gamer.
      I might watch the game again to confirm, but my first glance was that Caleb was not finding the open man, was confused with the OSU look, had a collapsing pocket most of the game, and likely was not set up for success due to poor play calling? Blaming Addison is off target.

      USC will face some hot QB’s and WR’s down the road and all of our CB/safeties (and LB’s) will be tested. Domani still needs plenty of experience. Recall, his position coach is, well, under scrutiny.

      We have over-scrutinized a tough victory and it is just Monday, for cripesake. Our last victory at Reiser while being ranked versus a sporty Beaver team was 2004–and we all know about THAT USC team.

      The Beavs make a habit of beating the Ducks and the Trojans.
      A good, GRITTY “W” by our guys.
      Enjoy it.

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      1. Bourbon
        Glad to see you’re up and making your rounds.
        But your posts in the eves while under mild sedation are much friendlier.
        And if you think OSU’s scheme on D confused the duct taped transfer portal O at SC, then wait til da bears show up.
        Quote Princess…” We never did figure out what they were throwing at us”


  9. Scooter,

    When did SC rehire Don Lindsey for the def cordniator position? Defense got pushed around but SC’s defense when they had to. Grinch is doing a great job with the talent that he has. Helton did not leave him any talent. Hopefully he will recruit and get dtackles and lbers. If so, then he will be able to shut down the run to the right side. For some reason, they have trouble shutting that down. Stanford, Fresno, and now Oregon St. had success with that.

    Gotta come up with a nickname for Grinch’s defense.

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    1. Williams can be a great asset if we don’t over-rely on him —-if we make it all about Caleb he’ll become a liability…..we’ve got the offense we need: Use it —ALL of it…

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    2. Let me help you out here. Riley likes to use wide-sets when running the ball. If you split 4 receivers really wide, that leaves hat on a hat in the box with the DE unblocked as a key for Williams on the RPO.

      The more defensive players you can run off in a play equals fewer defenders in the box. This puts a lot of pressure on the DBs to make open field tackles in space.

      Watch how often our running backs get one-on-one with a DB in the running game.

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      1. Yes, MG, such as realizing she couldn’t afford to live in Southern California.

        But thinking an 80 year with dementia was the way to go? Not so much.


      2. Says the senile troll who rents a single-wide in a rat-infested trailer park, with zero discretionary income.

        Always begging for MG’s affirmation…….PATHETIC!

        Biden is leading the country, while trump is running from the law….. Looks like 81 million made the right choice…..

        Tell the shar pei to change your diaper, marinating in it for three days straight is criminal!



    1. PT

      You think scheduling now is a problem…

      Hey guys we need a time slot filled on Thursday in Piscataway..

      SC available? Why yes it is.
      We’re good.

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      1. The Pac 12 is about to be relegated to Big-Sky or WCC prominence, Cal.

        I’ll take Piscataway on Tuesday morning and relevance over Palousse/Eugene/Corvallis and irrelevance every day, Bro.

        Sad, but the Conference of Champions believed its own hubris and is soon to die. I’ve been a fan, student, alumnus, and advocate for 53 years. Hard to say good bye, but this is what libtardia does to successful entities.

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  10. Anyone heard anything about the Alabama DL that entered the transfer portal a few days ago? His name is Braylen Ingraham and I imagine SC would take him


      1. Gabby, the guy will transfer as a grad. I think they are excluded at this time and can enter when they want. I think. This is the ncaa we are dealing with so everything is a vague as possible.

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      2. When I read the transfer portal rules, it didn’t mention a “grad student” exception. Perhaps there is another set of rules that apply to grad students.

        The kid in question is actually a redshirt Sophmore

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      3. Gabby, if I slip you a few dollars, may I put your Nutts in my mouth? I promise to nod up and down really fast.. ok ?


      1. Thanks, steve!….. I see where Bryant mentioned Ohio St. as a future school. Ohio St. is loaded every year at the skill positions. Scratching my head if he’s looking for more playing time.

        I wish him the best of luck!

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    1. Hey, dipshit!!!!!… have comprehension issues.

      PT: “CAL75,

      Good win for your bears. Is Cal’s qb, Plummer, related to Jake Plummer from ASU?”

      Dude….Jake Plummer is a former NFL QB….. No relationship.

      (my bad, the name is Plummer, not Plumber)


  11. The offense was horrible. Caleb completed only 44% of his passes. He was not rushed. Numerous errant throws. This is the same OSU defense that gave up 32 points to Fresno State!


      1. ….Or an asterisk followed by the words “Once again USC prevails over a gritty team putting supernatural effort —which will not be duplicated again this season—into their game against only Big Name opponent”….





      1. I saw the 4 Tops and Temptations together. Awesome show. Motown is still a force. In their Hey Day, no one could touch them. If i were stranded on an island and I could only have three albums, I would have The Who, Beach Boys, and Temptations with me.

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    1. “Baby Love” was being played at Pali Sports Night during the breakup of my first serious romance. So I have mixed feelings about that song.
      btw, My UCLA girlfriend and I were at Hickory Burger on the Pacific Coast Highway when Diana Ross’ limo pulled into the parking lot and out she popped… to grab a burger and a soft whipped cone [which she tossed after 3 licks]. Oddly, the following week I had an interview with her boyfriend, Barry Gordy, at his office on Sunset Boulevard …..the interview, which started at 9am, got interrupted when his pretty secretary brought him a full- to- the- brim glass of champagne.


    1. cal75….. I just woke up and “the sauce” is my go-to medicine!

      Anyway, Cal football has only had one relevant moment in the last quarter century, OT victory over USC in 2004. Actually, many pundits claim it was their best win in 60 years…..ouch!



      1. Gabby,

        If you only knew what you don’t know. I’m so sorry for you that I’ll pray for you.

        There is always hope.


      2. I know reality checks can be painful. There should be no shame in embracing mediocrity decade after decade.

        Your prayers would be better served by asking the guy above for Cal football to gain an ounce of relevance once USC and UCLA depart. Hope is a great motivator!


  12. I’m not going to argue with Wolf calling Riley a loser for not scoring 70 points on Oregon St. but that’s harsh. To expect USC to dominate that secondary is unrealistic for a team that lacks continuity. The rb’s struggled with blitz pickup. The offense wasn’t in sync and errors should have cost them but they suck together, didn’t point fingers or argued with each other during the game. I hope Riley’s a loser every week because it’s better to be lucky than good.

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  13. Winners : Gentry & Shane Lee for giving the LB unit an A+ for making a big impact on defense. Winners: Blackmon Jackson Wright. Blackmon is looking like a potential 1st all PAC ? Jackson is going to special made his presence felt in secondary, with solid debut. Wright is better each week, was in great position on the Int. A+ for that unit. Losers: Lincoln Riley for not adjusting to the OSU changing looks. Must game plan better for those type of coverages. Consult with Rams coach for a new game plan. Caleb get your ass out of the sky.

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  14. Riley adjusted to the changing looks by the Beavers by using an empty backfield with motion. Not going with TE running fade routes near the end zone was disappointing. Using 3 TE was encouraging but guys missed blocks too many times. I hope this team is better after the break or they will settle for a three loss season to Utah, Arizona and Notre Dame.

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