Saturday Buzz: Does Anyone Else Sponsor The Red Zone Besides USC?

It’s another exciting game day at the Coliseum.

That means loud music, the lights turned off when the team comes out on the field and the announcement “the Trojans are in the Rocket Mortgage Red Zone” every time the offense gets inside the 20-yard line.

Are you ready?!?!

But first, how many points will you pick USC to win by? Anyone brave enough to pick Arizona State and live to tell about it?

A USC official told me to take the weekend off before USC played Stanford in 2007 because the game was not going to be in doubt. But the Trojans were favored by 41 points back then. Today, the point spread is a measly 25.5 points.

Let’s see if someone can get an exact score. Pick away!

  • The game should be lopsided enough for Korey Foreman to play. A USC staffer told me if I saw the practice film I wouldn’t have to ask why Foreman didn’t play last week.
  • Rick Caruso has spent more than $62 million on his bid to become Mayor of Los Angeles, according to the L.A. Times. Karen Bass has spent more than $6 million.

68 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Does Anyone Else Sponsor The Red Zone Besides USC?

  1. Just watched UCLA beat Washington. Yes, they got help from the Pac 12 refs —who NEVER called a Washington runner out of bounds in the 4th quarter and let the clock wind down faster than I’ve ever seen it wind down before….and threw in some holding and unnecessary roughness calls that you’d never see called in any other conference….but, still, it’s going to be very hard to beat UCLA if they stay healthy. They’re gonna put a lot more pressure on Caleb than he saw at Oregon State. He really needs to grow up before he plays them —cuz it ain’t gonna be easy pickings.

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    1. Caleb is still a very inexperienced quarterback. He will likely be better by the UCLA game. And Reilly will adjust the offense to counter the defenses strengths. Looks for more screens, quick passes, rollouts, and bootlegs.

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      1. Thirteen games into his CFB career with some tough competition last year (Texas, TCU–Patterson’s D’s usually good, Baylor, Iowa State, Okie State–a surprise tough D, and Cristobal’s Oregon D) and one tough D this year (the Beavs), Caleb is making great progress.

        Utah will be a great challenge, and I will enjoy watching that test!
        Just nice to see a well-coached football team at USC again.
        Though JT Daniels, Kedon Slovis, and Jax Dart are all having good to great seasons, I like my present USC QB.

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      2. Last week, I thought Riley should have called some bubble screens, DBs were playing with a lot of cushion, and bootlegs to help neutralize the Beaver’s pass rush.

        Good call!…. Perhaps we will see some today


    2. Hey mg is that all you do is bitch about the refs ? What game were you watching on those holding penalties? Those Huskies offensive lineman were tackling those guys in plain site so there QB wouldn’t get killed


      1. Were the refs calling runners in-bounds [taking precious ticks off the clock during Washington’s comeback] so the sideline markers “wouldn’t get killed”? Did they try to sneak in a laughable targeting penalty [which they had to reverse] so a receiver’s shoulder pads “wouldn’t get killed”?

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    3. USC hasn’t played anyone good, but when they do they’re going to get smoked.

      Bowl game will expose USC, no one in the PAC 12 is any good, Utah gor beat by an average Florida team, Oregon got annihilated by Georgia.

      Notre Dame is trash, so USC has a weak schedule and will get exposed in a bowl game


  2. If L. A. voters elect Bass they really deserve what they’re gonna get: crazy far-left criminal justice policies that’ll make crazy D. A. Gascon drool. Could that really be what L. A. needs right now?

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    1. What I did notice, was Desantis popping his head up from behind the podium, interesting!

      According to a source, he was there to personnel thank Biden for his generosity



      1. Funny 7 clever—except for the fact Kamala’s remark about prioritizing poor blacks over poor whites in hurricane relief distribution was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause [i.e., state benefits must be distributed on a numerically equal basis unless there’s a compelling state interest in doing otherwise NOT based on color alone] & 1964 Civil Rights Act [not that she’d know that –but her staff should have pointed it out to her before she said it]…..

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      2. …obviously, that “7” should be an “and”…. reminder to all typists: be sure to press Caps when going from “7’s” to “ands”…..

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    1. I hope recruits like watching us beat up on a coachless, demoralized Arizona State team —cuz that’s what they’re gonna get.


    2. I don’t know what the score will be but I predict SC will win by 85 pts…….they can’t afford not to…..too many recruits coming to look at Caleb Williams pout, and cry like a little bitch.


      1. ‘The Great Pretender'(AKA…’the Imposter’) strikes again masquerading as Parcelman007. Who is this mystery man? Is it ED? Yes!!!! It must be ED…….Well…..actually……on second thought…….maybe not…..After all………ED is just……. ED… mystery there.


      1. There should be a rule about the fan counts: Only PAYING fans count in attendance totals….


    1. UCLA with 4 home wins and 1 road win versus UC Boulder–the worst program in CFB. Last night’s home win will definitely build interest in the fan base and students.

      They will be tested vs Utah (again, a home game for UCLA) but likely should beat the Dux in Eugene. I could see an undefeated UCLA or a one loss UCLA playing the Trojans in November.

      Nice to have CFB back to interesting after a few lousy pandemic years.

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      1. “#NotCuzIHateTheSunDevilsButCuzOffenseNeedsSwaggerBack”

        NAILED IT!……. style points matter



    1. That’s messed up!!!!. Try a local sports bar, and wear your Trojan garb.

      O’ wait!…… do the free Fubo trial…..looks like ESPN is a channel they stream


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  3. Man I love this regime. If Gomer were still
    here KF would be starting & jeopardizing games against lesser opponents (and fair to good teams would still be annihilating us).

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    1. uofsc93 is smart –he knew to use “were” instead of “was” after “if”…


      1. I’m pretty sure I’d achieve a high mark on this test….but I’m a little pessimistic about False Ed’s chances….

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  4. I can’t make a score prediction without first finding out what play in football gives you 0.5 points. Odds makers must be in possession of a different rule book I cannot find anything that puts a half point on the scoreboard.
    Let me see.
    Point after touchdown= 1,
    Safety and Drop kick = 2 ,
    Field goal=3
    Touchdown= 6
    Oh! Here it is Butt fumble =.05 points (to the defense)
    Okay Trojans by 25.5 for me

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    1. Okay everyone calm down I know what it means I was trying to be funny. My wife told me I was funny but looks aren’t everything
      I am surprised nobody pointed out the 2 point conversion.


  5. UCLA has a very bad secondary. The pass rush consists of two guys, Murphy and Latu. Offensively, they are big but slow. They can’t run no huddle without screwing things up. When they slowed down, they were able to lean on Washington and take advantage of a very beat up Huskies secondary. Penix panicked and made too many mistakes for the Huskies to recover. The Done Devils should be competitive for one quarter and then capitulate. A 40 burger for the Trojans with the D holding ASU to 17 points.


  6. I despise everything about ASU, so tonight’s game will be a joy to watch.

    Per FPI, ASU is the 94th rated (out of about 128) defense in CFB and
    the 104th rated offense in CFB. They lost their QB star–Daniels–to LSU and lost their star MLB to–well–USC. Doesn’t look good for Sparky.

    This FPI data includes a 40-3 win versus NAU and a loss to EMU (not the funny looking bird but the school in Ypsilanti). Hard to tell how bad are the Devils. The FPI data is a bit immature this early in the year.

    For comparison, the Beavers have the #34 ranked defense in all of CFB. USC struggled vs that D!

    USC 42
    Sparky 17,
    …and it’s a fine sip of Jack Daniels tonight for me.
    Saving the good stuff for a more solid opponent for this improved Trojan team.

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      1. Gab speaks from experience on that particular subject.
        And he’s up early. No telling how things went at the Bellagio last night.

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      2. A nice choice, Gabby.
        We’re playing the FPI #80ish team.
        I gotta save the good stuff for the better schools.

        “F” sparky!


  7. More like Henessey for this game. If you want to know how this team works then check out the snap counts of the last game to see who played and where. Only 59 players were used in the last game. A road game against a tough opponent that ran over the Trojans last year in the last matchup ever in that stadium in that configuration. Like any business with the bottom line on the line, the coaches went with decisions that they thought would work. And used the people that they thought would execute. Is this team really ready for the playoffs? Not at this stage but if they can increase their player usage and be more diverse in their playcalling then their output should increase.

    Time will tell.

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  8. To be competitive or beat Utah and UCLA, Riley can’t find run / pass balance in the second half. Must be done outta the gate, or the 4-7 defense that we struggle against will remain. These teams won’t let us recover like OSU did.

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  9. OSU going down to Utah. We havent played any really good teams yet. Utah, UCLA, Notre Dame are all going to be a challenge.

    We better improve on both sides of the ball, or we wont go undefeated.

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  10. Don’t know about the red zone, but ASU was sponsoring just about anything they could grab a buck for by at least the mid-90’s. I remember the stadium announcer telling us that “The Sundevils have reached the Valley of The Sun Credit Union First Down Line for a Coors Light First Down.” It really seemed that terrible.

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  11. Arrived at the Colosseum a little while ago, enjoying Tito’s & tonic. Brought some Beam & ginger ale for my next drink.

    I’ve got that Woodford Reserve Double Oaked at home. I’ll enjoy a sip or three after we get home from next week’s game if we’re victorious.


    1. Hey, slo cal!!!!…… you know I love you like a step-brother. Please drink in moderation. I would hate to see you get scraped up off the pavement!

      Say hi to Wolf for me, I heard he’s trolling the waste bins collecting recyclables. Enjoy the game!


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  12. 2 hours 37 minutes away. Status of PAC12 SUCCLA UTAH OREGON USC. We will be there in the end. Keys to the game 1. Keep Qb upright 2. Make explosive plays 3. Play smart and physical 4. Create pressure to disrupt wr routes


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