USC Towel Wavers Out Of Hand

USC is having a successful season. The fans are happy. Lincoln Riley is popular.

So why does it need an amateurish armada of towel wavers on the sideline?

It gives a clownish look to the sideline and looks like forced enthusiasm. Frankly, it’s beneath someone like Riley, who demands levels of effort and behavior from his players.

Look at it this way: UCLA recently put its towel waver (Ed Kezirian) in its Hall of Fame. Do you want USC to become known for it too?

You can see the mocking is reaching a national level now.

19 thoughts on “USC Towel Wavers Out Of Hand

    1. Those clowns waving on the sidelines are practicing for when USC has to wave the white flag of surrender when they finally have to play a good team


      1. I agree that one man’s Twitter post doesn’t mean that criticism is reaching a “national level”

        But … this towel waving stuff is stupid, Scott is right about that.

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  1. An “Armada” is generally thought of as a large fleet of warships. Coach Riley is very safety conscious and he knows he has to protect Caleb when he’s off the field just as much as when he’s on the field. I don’t think he’d ever take the chance of bringing warships to the sidelines…


  2. Agree 100%. It is ridiculous.

    I heard that players were talking about a lack of energy in the first half. That probably applies to the offensive line. I hope Riley starts to let the players know that if they cant get up for a game, they can sit on the bench.

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    1. Of course the o-line wasn’t “up” for the first half of the Arizona State game—poor guys were still exhausted from that last minute drive against Oregon State…
      #GiveThemABreak… They’reOnlyHuman


    2. Lincoln Riley is guiding the Trojans thru the desert as Moses did the Israelites.
      Some players want to go back to the siesta days under Helton just like the Israelites wanted the melon and cucumbers from Egypt.
      it’s good to see these towel waivers at least look masculine and not feminine.

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    1. Lol you left out the biggest towel waver that never played for Boston Celtics, ML Car, just sat on the bench and waved the towel. What a great paying gig!

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      1. Trojanboogs – thanks for the correction (man, I’m gettin’ old) – M.L. Carr was the guy I was thinking about .Cornbread was on the court, so your memory serves all.

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  3. Actually I prefer athletic female song girls and cheerleaders in lieu of tacky flag waivers.

    We know some of the Pinocchio boys here play for the other team ….. that’s their choice. I don’t know why they brag about it, I guess they have nothing better to do. So sad.

    Lest I can figure they are schills from another site.

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  4. How does waiving a towel bring a player to becoming more hyped? Would Riley let them wave towels if they lose recruits? Who enjoys grown men needing to put on a show during a football game? And get off my lawn while your at it, I’ve officially become old and cranky.


  5. I agree with Scotty on this one; the towel wavers suck and need to be shown the door. More cheerleader coverage will do and traveler running along the sidelines when we score TDs. The roaming troll needs to be known by fans, this decision sucks.


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