Colorado Fires Karl Dorrell And There’s A USC Connection

Colorado dismissed Karl Dorrell today. He was 8-15 and lost 15 of 19 games.

Mike Sanford Jr. will be the head coach for the remainder of the season. He is the son of former USC assistant coach/player Mike Sanford. I used to see him all the time at USC training camps when he was a kid.

People with good memories might remember Sanford Jr. as the QB at Los Alamitos High School and then Boise State. He was the head coach at Western Kentucky in 2017-18.

He also interviewed to be offensive coordinator at USC before Graham Harrell was hired.

13 thoughts on “Colorado Fires Karl Dorrell And There’s A USC Connection

  1. Lifetime Buff “fan” here…

    I remember as a kid watching the Bison run the field back in the 1970’s. I thought it was so cool. Still, they were chronic losers in FB and I was destined to be a Trojan after watching that 1969 USC UCLA FB game.

    When Nebraska left the Big 12 for the Big 10+, I saw CU going to the Mountain West, where they would win 9-10 per year and go to a bowl game every year. I had season tickets with the Buffs for a few years right before the Pac 12, and the Buffs could compete pretty well in the Big 12, with a chance for winning seasons and attending bowl games.
    Dan Hawkins seemed like a good hire, but he turned out to be a 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 kinda coach.

    The Pac 12 was a bad experiment for CU and poor Karl Dorrell was just the flotsam and jetsam of a mediocre and poorly supported athletic program. USC has done the Buffs a favor. Hopefully the Pac 12 dissolves and CU can step down to the Group of 5 and become “winners.”

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  2. I thought Scott Wolf was going to mention former USC DL coach Chris Wilson also being fired. CU (along with the other 3 rumored schools) should go back to the Big12.

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  3. Bourbon is 100% right about the CU not providing enough support for the Colorado football program. Prayers up for anybody who takes that ship over.

    I interacted a bit with Karl Dorrell years ago, he is a super nice fellow; honest, principled, intelligent, disciplined, and a guy anybody would be happy to have for a friend.

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  4. Maybe Mel Tucker and Karl Dorrell were the most qualified candidates at the time, but I suspect Colorado is allowing DEI to influence its hiring strategy. I hope they continue this and go after Eric Bienemy who Bohn fired at CU as part of the Jon Embree staff.


    1. Mel Tucker was a great hire for CU. Remains to be seen if Tucker is “the guy”–with what’s going on at Sparty lately.

      Bienemy is too smart to take a CU job.
      The money is not there for the OC, DC, assistants.

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      1. Apparently the money for DC and OC assistants isn’t at USC either because ‘Ol Mule Shoe has had to settle for shit in those two departments


      2. Inner Tebowobama: Speaking of Ol Mule Shoe (nickname for my great grandad Old Lukey), I will never forget the time he caught me in the attic doing…. ooh, never mind.
        Now where did I put my pink bunny slippers.


  5. Riley will need to continue to hit the transfer portal next off-season. Fewer holes to fill, but can’t go into next season without additional experienced players.

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