USC-Utah Game Will Be On Fox

The big USC-Utah game on Oct. 15 will kick off at 5 p.m. PT and be on the Fox Network. No worries about the Pac-12 Network here.

But this game was always going to be on one of the big networks.

Here is the full Pac-12 schedule for that day:

21 thoughts on “USC-Utah Game Will Be On Fox

  1. Gabby/pudly won’t be running her mouth after that game, ‘Ol Mule Shoe and the Ladies of Troy are going to have their aases handed to them.


    1. The same way Pete Carroll didn’t like Norm Chow getting credit for USC’s success back in the day, you can tell that ‘Ol Mule Shoe will never focus on hiring a quality defensive staff to make the defensive better beyond a cretain point, ‘Ol Mule Shoe doesn’t want to share any of the spotlight by having a lights out defense…something USC will never have with Grinch, Nua and the other worthless idiot Donte Williams.


      1. In no way am I comparing ‘Ol Mule Shoe and this team to a Pete Carroll team.

        This years Trojans have played nobody, just a bunch of average and below teams.

        I’m just making an observation about ‘Ol Mule Shoe and how his ego is going to be a detriment to the team, a $110 million dollar detriment to the team.

        You can forget about ‘Ol Mule Shoe ever getting serious about establishing a good defense…ain’t going to happen, your stuck with Grinch and the other clowns working alongside him


    2. This should silence the Dumb Fucc USC fanboys like myself, because the Trojans have been getting national recognition off wins against Rice, Fresno State, Stanford, and a broken Arizona State😂. All weak opponents, that probably won’t qualify for any bowl games. And I’m looking forward to watching Caleb Williams pouting on the Bench after Utah makes things difficult for him. He may want to stick Lincoln Riley’s Junk in his mouth as a baby pacifier 🍼 😂


      1. Hurry, pull the finger, and wiggle it in my posterior so I can get the ultimate Boner… Yum 😋



      2. False Gabby is never far from typing “posterior”…. mentions it many times everyday…

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      1. Will you go away when USC wins? , so we won’t have to read your lame ass diatribes of nonsense on here seeking attention like a 12 year old. It’s getting fucin old already. Especially when you don’t make any fucin sense.


    1. They have a solid program with a predictable game plan.
      Last I checked, their TE’s cumulatively are their #1 passing target.
      Kyle always has a “bell-cow” RB who gains 1000 yards. They get
      so many reps in college that they wash out in the NFL.
      (Sound familiar?)

      I’m focused on beating Wazzu.
      I’ll bring some data after the FPI results are in, but we should beat Wazzu at the Coli.

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      1. I’ll be happy if we beat up on Washington State…. the key is to get thru their crap O-line and sack their QB 2 times a quarter…..


  2. I think USC will stomp Utah into the ground, and beat them by 60, because Lincoln Riley is the best coach in the history of college football 🏈. And I know this, because I’m the #1 Trojans Azz Lick 👅 Fanboy 😀. Fight On! ✌🏼

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  3. Utah lost their best receiver after the first week. They haven’t played another team with any athleticism and size like Florida since the Florida game plus they struggled against the Beavers with a backup qb and coach who mistakenly went for field goals instead of being aggressive like he was against USC. I’m not willing to put money on Utah against USC. Not worth the ten racks or a nickle bet right now.

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    1. Utah’s receiving corps was below average to begin with — not even a top 50 unit…..if our corners can’t stay with this bunch we’re in big trouble…


      1. I agree more the refs than anything USC has to be up by at least 3 TDs before any lead is safe with the sorry ass PAC 12 refs. Then they wonder why USC is leaving the conference in 2 years.


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