We Need Someone At USC To Offer An Etiquette Class

Here’s one of the strength coaches embracing his role as a “towel guy.”

Since some of these guys are from Oklahoma, they don’t realize how much USC fans dislike towel waving, which was the trademark of former UCLA assistant coach Ed Kezirian.

But someone at USC should probably educate them on this point. Granted, there aren’t a lot of people left in the athletic dept. who could do it, but someone needs to. It’s annoying and makes the program look juvenile. This isn’t high school.


18 thoughts on “We Need Someone At USC To Offer An Etiquette Class

    1. Critique ‘Ol Mule Shoe in a blog and Mr. Wolf loses his hard on and has to start another blog topic as quick as he can.

      Never thoughr I would see the day Mr. Wolf would be so worked up, infatuated and have such a hard on for a coach the way he does with ‘Ol Mule Shoe


  1. The towel waving is kind of juvenile but LR is trying to get everyone engaged maybe they need to pass out cardinal n gold towels to all fans. We need more energy from the crowd. Our crowd is to laid back. You could hear a pin drop. Players talked about energy level being low in the first half, due to no loud crowd noise. That is unacceptable for an undefeated team. USC go to So Fi n see how you create fan engagement not with an DJ because some fans are not into hip hop music. We have a long way to go to get fans excited about making there presence felt by the other team. I don’t understand LA fans.

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    1. Some it is on USC. When you do everything you can to discourage tailgating on campus, you’re going to get a snootier crowd that isn’t as likely to whoop it up on 3rd downs. They’re far too refined for that. 😉

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    2. I love Eric’s idea about towels for the fans —but I can see snowflake lawsuits –“the person next to me almost put out my eye— I don’t have photos or witnesses….but it was pretty bad…. I can’t sleep or eat.”


    3. Eric,

      I think the fans are still on their hangover from Helton who destroyed SC football in one year. They had hell to pay for. I also think that there still is a thinking and waiting to see if the wheels will fall off with Riley. If SC goes undefeated or goes 11-1 and beating ugly and nuter dum, then the fans will be back. It is hard to capture what Carroll did. It took him three years to get the crowd to believe. We will see.


  2. Do they really hate towel waving or is it just the Wolfie who hates it. I could be wrong. Maybe they do hate towel waving. I’m just asking a question.

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    1. As Carra has suggested, the band should be on the 40. Before the PC days, Art was the biggest cheerleader in the Coliseum. He was calling the shots for both the band and the Song Girls, who both played a part in getting the crowd into it. But in shipping them off to the Sun Deck, we lost that.

      During the PC days, the ticket office was more concerned in getting top dollar for those seats and the crowd energy was pumped up enough as a result of the product on the field. We’ve never gotten that back since PC left.

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  3. Scooter,

    I AM SHOCKED that you did not mention anything about the ASU dude on the sideline taking a bottle of water and squirting it at a SC player. The refs missed that as well. That should have been a personal foul on ASU.

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  4. The lack of enthusiasm may be that students just aren’t as interested in football as they were 20 or 30 years ago. The student body is a different demographic than past years. No more legacy admissions or even admissions for very good 3.5 students who are well rounded and enjoy sports as well as the occasional fraternity party. SC wants to compete with Stanford academically and their enrollment criteria shows it. A bunch of joyless kids who spend the entirety of their weekends at the library instead of enjoying the ballgame or other social event. Glad I went to college in the seventies.

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    1. Decades ago I stopped flashing a V sign to Asian drivers with a USC license plate frame. They would look at me as if I had 3 heads.

      Anyone else? They’re getting it and giving it in return.

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  5. UCLA has guys wearing long gold stockings too, dump the towel waving and the panty hose.

    What’s kosher elsewhere isn’t at USC.
    No names on jerseys.
    No white cleats.
    Simple, iconic uniform.
    No towel waving.
    Act like you’ve been there (many times) before.
    Because we have.

    A long punt return, a pic-6, a well-timed throw & catch for a TD. We’ve seen many of them. They’re not to be taken for granted and not unprecedented either.

    Use the towel for something else.


  6. Some great points here. I am a third generation Trojan who was a student during McKay/Robinson time, worked at the University 17 years, including 10 years in Athletics during Pete Carroll time. I was in Athletics when we “banished” the band to the Sun Deck. It was done to make room for donors as we were selling memberships and tickets hand over fist and didn’t have room for anyone. I thought it was awful at the time, but it was discussed with Art…I think Mike Garrett agreed to include the band in certain budget line items that the SOT didn’t have to continue to fundraise for. I am just an old cranky alum now and I will say this: We should NEVER put names on jerseys nor mess with the uniforms. Period. Ditch the DJ and brink back yell leaders who actually lead the student body in cheers. Jeez, we have like 24 song girls down there it used to be 6. Where it really meant something to make the squad. Every coach has their own ways as far as team behaviors and what they allow. I SO agree: The towel guys are a bit embarrassing, and VERY UCLA ish, but if it helped get us to 11-2, wave away….


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