Thursday With Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley said an important aspect of his job is to coach the coaching staff and make leaders within the program.

“There better be consistency in the messages or people are going to be splintering off in different directions,” Riley said.

  • On linebacker Shane Lee: “He got banged up in the game last week. We expect him to be fully available.”
  • Riley said wide receiver Terrell Bynum (shoulder) and offensive guard Justin Dedich (ankle) are game-time decisions. Riley said tight end Lake McRee should play.

17 thoughts on “Thursday With Lincoln Riley

  1. If Riley lets Justin Dedich sit this one out it’s a signal the game he’s REALLY getting ready for is….Utah….not Washington State.

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    1. I’ll get some data on Grinch’s D’s and present in a week or so.
      For now, let’s enjoy some pretty good Trojan Football.
      Personally, I’d like to see Utah win vs Bruins.
      I really don’t want the Trojans going to Utah vs an “angry” Ute team.

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    2. Nobody has seen the product of what he can produce. He can’t do it overnight like some would like, so I say stay the course and let Grinch cut his own throat if he can’t produce. So far I agree, he is getting a lot out of not so much.

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    1. Yep. He’s working with players who were almost exclusively rated below top 50 at their position coming out of high school…. and they regressed under Helton to the point they gave up more than 60 against UCLA…..


  2. Black female students, as well as other female students of color, want to participate in the success of the school. I’ll admit that it’s awkward but let them try. We have seen instances at USC that all female students have been abused by faculty, disenfranchised by the school in terms of support for public safety at the off campus fraternities plus discouraged by the fact that they will make less than their male peers when they graduate, which will make them stay in school to earn more degrees just to catch up.


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