Lincoln Riley Sighting

Lincoln Riley is at tonight’s big St. John Bosco-Mater Dei game, where he can scout all the Division I prospects like QB Elijah Brown and DE Matayo Uiagalelei.

25 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Sighting

    1. “You HAVE to have the ESPN APP —it’s the LIFELINE for college football fans!!”


      1. The game is referred to as “The Collection of Future CFB Pineapple Pipeline Busts Bowl”…Sponsored by Charmin (toilet paper


  1. LR is locking down Matayo P Woodward D. Carter Baker Jordan maybe Mater Dei QB if M Moss decides to transfer which is possible or he stays to battle Nelson he needs all top recruits to get a pipeline with St. John Bosco too many recruits to get from our backyard. Most close with all major CIF Schools Poly Serra Servite not Corona Centintel that’s where Foreman

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      1. Oklahoma just lost 49-0 to Texas. Just goes to show you…..just because someone is a great position coach or a co-ordinator doesn’t mean he will be a great HC.


    1. Heard you have a nasty case of diaper rash…..OUCH!!!!

      I have told you numerous times, it’s criminal how poorly the shar pei takes care of you!



  2. Here is what you have to remember. The questions are 1) about important calls at important times. 2) they have practiced play sequences all week for those situations. 3) they have watched the play live and it was successful. 4) they have reviewed that game film 8-12 times the following week. Patterns start to stick in the head. Now I’m not saying some of these guys don’t have great memories. As a coach I can recall nearly every situation, sequence, result of all my kids back probably 8-15 years and up to 20 years with the bigger competitions like ncaas and world and Olympic championships. Being in the moment does that when you have to make split second decisions, strategically and while dealing with pit falls. I can remember far more accurately what my kids did than they do. Often times we debate what happened. When we go back to results and tape I’m right probably 97% of the time. I can remember pretty well what went down and how with my own meets too and I retried 18 years ago after competing for 23 years. I have coached well over a million jumps in practice and competition over the last 20 years but you start to filter out the less important practice stuff but the comp stuff stays with you from real time.

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  3. Bally Sports had the game live and it was a great quality picture. It’s fantastic that our kids have some incredible interest in their sports and that the games are carried on TV. Getting great future Trojans starts with developing great talents in high school. It’s wonderful to see so much enthusiasm for football. I try to get to see some of my high school games every year. I missed homecoming last weekend and that’s just part of getting old that you can’t get out to do as much anymore. Even so, I have never been to a high school game and not wished I could buckle up a chinstrap and get out there

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      1. you senile troll!!….. Just because the offense is “struggling” doesn’t mean the defense is “kicking ass”. There are numerous reasons why offensive drives might be stalling out, many could be self-inflicted…… You comprehend, doubt it!

        Another low football- IQ comment from the blog dunce



      2. The whiny bitch trying desperately to find anything about which to criticize me, because I point out what a fool he is for having voted for an 80 year old with dementia!

        What a child.


  4. It’s good to see a coach from the University of Southern California attend a high school football game. Whether or not he’s there for selfish reasons, many of these kids had to struggle to get on the field due to COVID-19 concerns as well as dealing with the normal pressures of high school which many of us didn’t have to face. Just the idea that some jackass can come with a rifle and shoot anyone at that game just because they aren’t happy shows what type of stupidity exists in our world. I also hope him relaxing and enjoying football allows him to remember his commitment to not just the athlete but the children who parents count on his staff and school fulfils the role that he’s charged with to propelling with into fine people who are productive. There’s too much extrapolation and indulgence in the polarization of our public discourse with a need to be the stars of the media politics game. It’s really not that serious. I like to watch this children’s game but as an adult, I’ve learned how to put this in it’s proper place.


  5. I love to see Oklahoma get torched! All those Okie fans can eat every word they said about Riley. Turns out that Venables is going to have a horrible year. 49 – 0 to Texas , that is being obliterated.

    Venables inherited a roster that is pretty good, so how could he possibly screw it up so bad?

    Riley arriving at the Mater Dei-Bosco game in a heli. Perfect.


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