USC-Washington State Live Blog

Travis Dye is making a difference. Good thing for USC someone is.

USC’s defense looks shoddy tonight. Imagine if USC played a good team.

USC gets a fourth-down stop. Maybe that will give USC momentum.

Quite a half. USC started out on fire. Then the defense wilted. The Trojans regrouped to take a 17-14 lead but it wasn’t a pretty first two quarters.

USC fortunate Washington State lines up offsides on third down and 19 at the 21-yard line. It leads to a Travis Dye TD.

USC lucks out on the flip pass just hitting the ground.

Remember I pointed out before the Pac-12 officials had some questionable judgment on pass interference. USC fans aren’t happy on that series.

Anthony Beavers again on the TD pass coverage.

Anthony Beavers with shoddy coverage on the deep ball.

Calen Bullock ejected for targeting.

It looked like the Trojans were on way to a blow out, then the defense took the field. It couldn’t stop the run and it let Cam Ward regroup. USC 10, Washington State 7.

USC has to settle for a field goal, which is hard to believe the way it moved the ball. Trojans lead 10-0.

Cam Ward making awful decisions on second series.

Caleb Williams is 4-5 for 61 yards and TD on first drive.

Caleb Williams is just too hard to stop most of the time and he does it again on a 38-yard TD pass on third-and-16!

Mekhi Blackmon has three tackles on first series because Washington State threw at him three times.

Linebacker Shane Lee is out with a wrist injury. Offensive guard Justin Dedich is back.

39 thoughts on “USC-Washington State Live Blog

    1. Somebody please tell those towel wavers that I keep getting a boner, because my eyes are focused on their balls as they jump up and down… Yum 😋 😋😋😋


  1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe tried t get cute and Addison dropped for big loss

    Kourtney Foreman getting tossed all over the field like a rag doll


  2. I have decided that Pac-12 refs are going to be throwing alot of games to USC opponents with pass interference calls. Jordan Addison clearly got mugged on a pass and no pass interference call. They didnt show a replay on the next play that looked like alot of contact again.

    Calen Bullock was definitely targeting, that is going to hurt. Beavers is not good.


    1. What are you talking about WAZZU has been penalized twice as much as USC and the Trojans got bailed out a few times on their last possession


  3. Those USC towel wavers are definitely looking for some Balls to be put into their mouths. Trust me, I know their kind 😘😘


  4. Are these Pac-12 crews covering the game? I am so tired of the complete incompetence of this crew. You can tell that they are trying to cover up for the referees. They didnt show a replay of that shovel pass that was clearly something that should have been reviewed. Just cover up the poor refereeing by not showing any possible calls that would go for USC.

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  5. What are you talking about WAZZU has been penalized twice as much as USC and the Trojans got bailed out a few times on their last possession


  6. Turns out Williams is not good at throwing the football. His insistence at throwing as hard as he can every time is starting to be funny.


    1. Yeah, Williams’ accuracy can use some fine tuning. Missing Epps in endzone and could have been little more on the money with some of Mario’s targets.

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  7. ‘ol peenus breth gettin happee rootin aginst his teem. Musta inhald to much agent pink wen he wuz in veitnam. he’d bee betur off findin hisslef a missus then watchin games he dusnt unerstand. smdh

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  8. We have many things to clear up on the offense and defense n stopping the run. We need to go to a more play action pass, to get the passing game going. We are not playing a complete game yet. I don’t know how we are going to fix the blocking for pass protection. Caleb doesn’t know when to put touch on a Pass n when do zip it. I am really getting tired of him overthrowing receivers n not using proper mechanics.

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    1. Our receivers are generally better than their QB [although Mario did blow two good throws]….
      We are a good but not great team —oh, fuck-a-doodle —I’m quoting Clay Helton….

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  9. Are we improving yes and no. Our defensive line is applying more pressure so we can rely on that going forward. Run game is very solid with Dye. Negatives Caleb Williams needs to step up and be a better leader. Looks like he is overwhelmed by certain defensive looks still. LR make him study film instead of doing commercials just my opinion. Pass blocking not worth a dam. Our achilles hill is our lack of understanding on how to consistently stop doing the same thing over and over hoping to stop the run. Just complete insanity, can we stop taking bad angles. Grinch please teach READ AND REACT instead of having players run fast to to make a play. Please don’t wait to make adjustments make them when are getting gashed. I need to go pray for the OL QB , they need it real bad for our upcoming game. If we play like this in Utah we will get our asses kicked.


  10. Dye 28 for 149, Caleb W 15 of 29, Addison 3 for 37 with 6 targets, O 40 runs and 29 passes, D 5 sacks and 0 takeaways


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