My USC-Washington State Pick

This is supposed to be a test. So is Utah, which laid an egg at the Rose Bowl today.

These are Pac-12 tests.

I can’t forget the way Washington State surrendered points in the fourth quarter against Oregon.

USC’s defense might give up a lot of yards today but I can’t see Caleb Williams losing. And he’s the king of the team.

So I’m taking USC, 45-28.

11 thoughts on “My USC-Washington State Pick

  1. I’ve been touting Kyle Whittingham for a couple of years now. Still a way better developer of talent than #CharminSoftClay 🖕


  2. The lack of athleticism on Utah on both sides of the ball is shocking. The yards after catch was huge in UCLA’s favor. I wonder who has the audacity to make fun of Chip now since he’s beaten Utah and USC hasn’t?


  3. UCLA with DTR, Zach and Bobo are a solid offense. Throw in an overachieving defense, and they are a legit P12 contender. USC will need to be better on defense to beat the Bruins. Truth..


    1. You have beaten no one on the road so stfu! Washington loses to ASU,
      what a joke. Almost lost to So. Alabama at your house of crap.


  4. greetings sports fans ,well addisons body language aaahhh not a good player just average thats when theres effort lacks effort benched !? rice actually blocks some on running plays !? Regards , E


  5. send josephs house of hospitality on pittsburghs north side a strong message !!!! river 412-471-0666 !!!!!!!!!!???????????????? evil


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