Have You Noticed The Coliseum Injury Hazard?

Have you noticed that yellow floor mat that is next to the USC sideline?

Every time a USC player steps on it while running off the field, he slips and falls. Is it worth having it to risk an injury?

The mat is kind of one of those solutions in search of a problem.

  • Linebacker Chris Thompson, the transfer from Auburn, played last night. He was injured in August and hasn’t really done much. Linebacker Julien Simon did not play. Neither did wide receiver John Jackson. Korey Foreman played and had one tackle.
  • USC defensive tackle Tuli Tuipulotu has a nation-leading seven sacks.
  • Former USC assistant Johnny Nansen is the defensive coordinator at Arizona. The Wildcats gave up 599 yards to Cal and 580 yards to Oregon.
  • A reader passed along this photo of some of the towel wavers.

27 thoughts on “Have You Noticed The Coliseum Injury Hazard?

  1. That yellow strip needs to be removed due to injury I saw few players slip over all home games. Tuli is playing his way into the bottom of the 1st round he is getting better at creating havoc on a consistent maybe Nua is really good he did for Hutchison and made him a top 3 pick. He will not even hardly go that high unless we make the CFP and has a great game, but he will definitely be bottom round first round. Chris Thompson he was supposed to be so good, Alford too, not existent. Hopefully we get can develop these players where they are redshirt jr. sr. n really make an impact next year. Really looking at next year safety competition with Branch Gordon n the incoming freshman.

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    1. Tuli was a steal. His brother(Marlon) was the one everyone was chasing after. He was one of the best players in the country. I’m pretty sure he was a 5 star. He was the state wrestling champ in Oregon. Tuli was a 3 star(as I remember) who went to high school locally(I think it was Leuzinger High School) and I don’t remember the big schools breaking down the doors to recruit him.

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  2. Actually the towel wavers are the safety problem. On about 5-6 plays I saw multiple towel wavers running down the side lines along with the player during a big play. Someone (a player on the sideline, or a player on the field, or the towel waver) is going to get creamed and hurt.

    Korey Foreman is done. I hope I am wrong and he turns it around, but I think his issues are NOT physical. On one 3rd and long he rushes, the WSU QB scrambles towards him. Korey tries to tackle and misses. QB runs for 10 more yards, First Down WSU. He got yanked. 2 drives later he half heartedly rushes on a pass play and then gets yanked again. I think he learned some bad habits during the old regime. I hope he turns it around, but this coaching staff demands maximum effort.

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  3. Hey, wolfman…… get off the couch, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, and investigate the great mystery surrounding the “yellow mat”.

    It’s extremely urgent that we get an answer ASAP surrounding this dangerous mat.

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  4. To MG’s inquiries to the ‘Lights-out’ Utah game, it seems the at-home Utes should win
    But it will be close so who knows– except the oddsmakers who get Your money in advance.
    — Utes have owned SC in recent years so will probably be reaming with confidence
    Except for the ‘what just happened?’ game with sucla–
    How do the Utes teenagers and the 30-year-olds returning from Missions, respond–
    With a vengeance– the Utes are thinking ‘we lost 2 tough games, it stops with SC,
    we got home advantage with screaming-at-SC fans who will affect your team negatively, psychological-science has proven it so’

    As for the poor SC boys, that’ laid-back sunny L.A. intoxication won’t get it done

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    1. I’ll weigh in later this week, but with a better offensive scheme the Trojans can beat Utah. Per the FPI computer, Utah is on par with Wazzu defensively. Home field advantage for the Utes will cost USC 3 pts. I’m thinking USC can put up 27 on the Utes.
      Both Utah and Wazzu played a pretty good out of conference opponent: Utah vs Florida, Wazzu vs Wisky. So the FPI data can be interpreted fairly accurately.

      I’ll look at the Utah O vs the USC D later this week, but a Trojan win in Utah is highly possible. The USC Special Teams are a tad better than the Utes. ST will make a difference on Saturday. The weather at 9PM in SLC will make a difference.

      I like our coach better.

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      1. The Washington State game was great prep for Utah. Yeah, Utah’s offensive line is a step up from Washington State’s….but there defensive line is only marginally better.
        I’m with you, Bourbon, when it comes to who has the coaching edge. Riley is a great coach in a way Kyle isn’t —he’s trying to teach more than football. When you listen to Lincoln you hear lots of talk about mastering situations, not allowing yourself to get distracted, understanding everything worth having is not for the asking, but the taking. Whittingham is all x’s and o’s….with a a few words about “toughness” sprinkled in. You can tell the players love & respect Riley — Whittingham’s players respect him…. but that’s it.

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    2. John —I’m 100% positive there won’t be anything laid back about the way our guys play on Saturday. [And after the way they let Oregon State’s fans get to them I think USC will make it a matter of pride to tune out the screaming and yelling coming from the stands]. I only hope they can rise above the inevitable rash of bad calls.

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  5. I love the towel wavers! They make us Bruins feel right at home…we at ucla made that such a visible scene on our sidelines! Keep it up boys!

    BTW – we love how the Trojans are also imitating us with an unbeaten record!

    Go Bruins!

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  6. What is wrong with you guys? Who’s more athletic? Florida or UCLA or USC? Who’s the better quarterback? Richardson or Robinson or Williams? Anybody like Addison or Mario Williams on Florida or UCLA? Both USC and UCLA lost their starting strong safety and won! Utah is big but stiff and the qb looks at two receivers only. Cried the line of scrimmage, don’t play zone or blitz. Attack Utah defense with flood routes or cross routes. Take the crowd out of the game. Go home undefeated.

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