How Much Is Lincoln Riley To Blame For Oklahoma’s Woes?

I’m generally uninterested in the way USC and especially Oklahoma fans troll each other.

But long-time columnist Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman newspaper has written a column about Oklahoma’s current woes.

Excerpts: “After Caleb Williams exited and five quality Sooner defenders were taken in the NFL Draft, Brent Venables was left with a roster void of difference-makers. This might be the least-talented OU roster since the 1990s, and heck, maybe long before then.

“OU administration was slow to commit to some of the financial concessions Riley sought in terms of increased personnel. The pandemic stressed even the Sooners’ budget. Of course, OU has blown way past Riley’s demands, with what it’s giving to Venables. Twenty-nine new positions and a pending $180 million football complex. 

“(Brent) Venables and staff have not been all that spiffy coaching up these ragged Sooners . . . The message for Venables the rest of this season is clear. Coach better. Figure out what these guys can do and get them to do it.”

32 thoughts on “How Much Is Lincoln Riley To Blame For Oklahoma’s Woes?

  1. Venables had no prior head coaching experience when Oklahoma hired him, very stupid move.

    Especially considering how Oklahoma will be entering the SEC conference.

    ‘Ol Mule Shoe doesn’t give two shits about establishing a good defense so Oklahoma’s shit defense was to be expected.

    As for their offense, they had 3 QB’s transfer out

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  2. They need to get over the Lincoln excuse. There’s no sympathy considering they still play with at least a Top 15 roster. They still couldn’t beat TCU and KSU without their roster? They panicked and hired a coach no blue blood really wanted. There was a reason Venables was a DC for so long–not many recommendations.

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  3. LR is not the reason Venables is losing it’s the coaching Oklahoma players are not what they stars say they are. Most programs have certain coaches who develop players like Alabama Georgia Ohio St, but that doesn’t translate to wins all the time, but you create a culture when players are disciplined smart and or selfless. It really takes a coach 2-3 years to get a program running up to NC level if the university has the resources to attract the top players. Give Oklahoma 3 years to be the best version of themselves. If we lose 1 game this season hopefully it’s in the PAC12 CG. We have to beat Utah UCLA must beat Oregon so it will be us and UCLA for the best records. Fight on

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    1. We will fight Utah all the way…and hopefully win …..but if we don’t it’s not the end of the world….we have to then bounce back and beat UCLA…and Notre Dame…

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      1. USC is a team that has really smart coaches and doesnt fold when things get tough. That is all we can ask at this point. If they beat Utah, this team will at least be 10-2 in regular season and who expected better at the start of the season?

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    1. No to mention what SW quoted: “Brent Venables was left with a roster void of difference-makers. This might be the least-talented OU roster since the 1990s, and heck, maybe long before then.” OU desperate for excuses.

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      1. Oklahoma still has better talent than TCU and Kansas.

        Since 2018 Oklahoma has never been ranked lower than #16 in the recruiting rankings. They’ve had classes ranked #5 and #8 since then.

        Kansas average rank in that time frame is around #50 and TCU mid 20’s to low 30’s

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  4. We really don’t give a damn about OU and their crybabies. They hired who they wanted, threw a ton of money at him, and this is what they get. Always excuses, Riley is very happy to be out of there I am sure.

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    1. We really don’t give a damn about OU and their crybabies. They hired who they wanted, threw a ton of money at him, and said I would suck his Balls, then allow him to penetrate me whenever he wanted to.


    1. You watch the public comment section of today’s LA City Council meeting? If not, pull it up. But not before getting a drink and some popcorn!! It was great entertainment!!

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  5. How soon (hence they’re called ‘Sooners’) the Oklahomans forget the 1930s’ impoverished Dust-Bowl immigrants, 300,000 strong with barely the shirts on their back, trekking to California in hopes of finding work, any work, in which they could start life anew despite the Depression-blues.

    And so in the 2020s California aka USC poaches 5 of Oklahoma’s finest (footballers)
    and the ‘Sooners’ act as if they’re painfully delivering a baby or something,
    while utilizing an angry drunken sailor’s most “colorful language”

    Typical of today’s crowd of ‘Me and nobody else matters’, the 1930s’ Oklahomans must be turning in their graves at the mention of the 2020s Okies’ disdain for California’s USC for a mere bias-perceived sports’ transgression, and how they forgot that good old 1930s Depression California charity extended to their forefathers

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    1. What wuz it that Will Rogers said during the Dustbowl Migration?

      “When the Okies left Oklahoma and moved to California, they raised the average intelligence level in both states.”

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  6. All legacy schools need to have a top skilled athletic director which makes the Irish’s Swarbrick glaringly lacking in skill. Swarbrick should have anticipated Kelly quitting. He should have been looking at Lincoln Riley or Scott Campbell, Luke Fickel etc. than stick with Kelly who quit two previous schools (Grand Valley and Cincinnati) just as he did to Notre Dame.

    OK sounds an awful lot like Notre Dame save top skilled players want to play at South Bend. Freeman’s had some recent luck and, save for Clemson and USC, the rest of the princesses’ schedule is very winnable…. Freeman, just like Venables, has never been a head coach anywhere but this is a damning indictment of OK’s ‘draw’…..OK’s AD Castiglione better bring in some help to raise the sinking ‘SS Sooner’ – it’s called a coach who doesn’t make self-pitying blaming others as Venable does.

    Bobby Stoops Jr. stated
    ‘There was a reason Venables was a DC for so long.’
    Venables is a weak envious ass queen

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    1. None of us ever saw Venables as a HC. We all wanted him for our DC.
      Some guys are meant to be President, CEO, etc. Some are meant to be VP.

      Sidebar. I originally wanted Aranda for the USC DC, and later HC. We will see how he does over 5 years at Baylor as HC. Maybe Aranda is like Venables? Jus sayin’

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  7. It was obvious that NIL was a paradigm shift in college football when California said college athletes can keep the money they make from their schools. Riley was paying attention and when USC opened up, he took advantage. Oklahoma couldn’t make up their minds, panicked and now they are screwed because JOSH HEUPEL WAS BEGGING FOR THAT JOB. It’s theory turn to suffer now.


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