A Change With The USC Offensive Line?

When left tackle Bobby Haskins was hurt and left the game Saturday, he got replaced by Mason Murphy.

It was hard to tell at the time if it was because Courtland Ford was still overcoming some injury or there was another issue.

But Lincoln Riley said putting Murphy in felt like the “right decision.”

Ford didn’t even play Saturday. Riley hasn’t mentioned an injury. So not only is Haskins the full-time starter, which we expected before the season, Ford now appears to be No. 3 at left tackle.

29 thoughts on “A Change With The USC Offensive Line?

    1. That girl Courtney Ford still suffering from a sprained toe nail.

      She might be better suited for one of the dance squads, Cal76 hippie would really like to see her in a skirt I bet


      1. Talking about college kids like you do is sick, and just because these young adults play for a school you don’t like. The amount of time you spend here means they have won and you are nothing but a sick, demented loser.


      1. John —
        …and we might add “as evidenced by Caleb sitting on the bench with his head down during Oregon State game while Lincoln tried his best to cheerlead him…”


      1. Foreman is that guy. He will never be what the hype said he would. And yes, I know I said he would be great in the past, but that’s because I’m the #1 Trojans Ass Lick 👅 and I think everyone they sign will be a top draft pick

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    1. Ford is not #3, he is injured, and will return as #1 when well. If not #1 he will be #2. And I know this because I have coaching staff connections, and not to mention, I’m the #1 USC Fanboy Ass Lick 👅 👅👅👅


  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a change at LT. Before we get happy, let us see some video that the replacement can move his feet to stop the RE from being in Caleb grill every time he drops back. Henson do you have a stop watch to see if the lineman can hold their blocks past 3.5 seconds maybe so, because our line doesn’t penetrate the backfield so no wonder our preseason hype of OL was so overly hyped. Just win baby

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  2. None of these guys are any good.They can’t hold a block and back up so fast, that the pocket is self- collapsing.It’s no wonder that Caleb is running for his life.Any top high school kid couldn’t be any worse.This is what I believe will tip the scales against ucla.DTR has a good line and will shred our secondary – and that’s when he doesn’t feel like running.But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a solid football team. #PATIENCE IS PAINFUL

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    1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your right but this is fuckn USC. How can Sucla line be better than ours. HINT: Coaching, Henson you are on the spot now, your unit has been maligned all offseason n the season. Step it up my god our CFP Hope’s hinges on your unit. The way they are playing now we need a whole life raft for the OL, because if we don’t clean up blocking techniques on pass protections then we will be falling faster than the Titanic sank. Henson “like Tom Brady says “LET’S GO”.

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      1. I’ll say one thing, Eric — Henson has restored the will to win to our 0-Line [you can tell the difference in attitude between this year and last when our guys are interviewed post-game]….now he has to figure out how to translate that into results on the field….attitude is nice but technique is better…

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      2. Agree. Chip Kelly is a genius with the O run game–including a running QB and linemen who can run block. Everything else flows AFTER the run game. Stop the run game dead, and he has to beat you in the air and on D. If we look at Chip’s losses (and they are many), they all started with losing his run game.

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      1. Ha! [We all find ourselves trying to please Cal75. Frequently, when I’m writing, I hear Cal75’s voice —-praising or reprimanding].


    1. Helton referenced USC’s O-Line in his post practice interview today:

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  3. Well, I guess it’s all good if Lincoln Riley doesn’t have the players carving pumpkins this year. Plus the penalties are far fewer and that’s some fine upside.FIGHT ON my brothers.

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  4. Anyone who thinks USC can or belongs in the playoffs this year isn’t being realistic. The backup linemen on both sides of the ball are too unreliable. Like the old saying goes: you can put all the lipstick you want on that pig, it’s still a pig.

    Getting to the Rose Bowl is a realistic and commendable goal for this team.


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