Morning Buzz: USC-Washington State Report Card


Everything is relative. Caleb Williams offered a fairly pedestrian performance. Would you trade him? Nope. Some of it is the shoddy pass protection. Some of it is an inability to handle that defensive formation Oregon State originated and Washington State copied. It’s up to the coaches to fix it.

Grade: C-


I’m high on Travis Dye. Actually, I’ve been a fan since he decided to transfer. Who else looks so hungry for yards after the initial contact? It’s better when Dye gets more carries at the expense of Austin Jones. I bet Jones regrets transferring but I addressed that months ago in the link too.

Grade: B+


I’m getting just a little tired of this group. All the hype and they put up a fairly dull performance. Is it them or the offense? I understand the offensive line has something to do with it but I thought Brenden Rice and some others would do more. Or get more opportunities.

Grade: C


Something seems amiss on pass protection. It just seemed like when Caleb Williams dropped back, he was running for his life after about 1.5 seconds. Before the season, it would not be a surprise to hear this. But then the media spin started taking over that the line was so improved. Except it wasn’t. Another week with a TD called back for a holding penalty. There were two holding penalties that didn’t show up in the stats because they were declined.

Grade: D+


Tuli Tuipulotu is earning that Mercedes from Fletcher Jones with three sacks and five tackles. Perfect example of the three-star recruit who outperforms all the higher-rated prospects. Give credit to the nucleus of Tuipulotu, Solomon Byrd, Nick Figueroa, Stanley Ta’ufo’ou and Tyrone Taleni. I wish I had a dollar for every time the fanboy media predicts a big game for Solomon Tuliaupupu or Korey Foreman. The duo combined for one tackle Saturday.

Grade: B


They started to look mortal the past couple weeks. But Ralen Goforth did a nice job with a team-high eight tackles. Eric Gentry missed a sure sack but had five tackles.

Grade: B-


There was some rough patches in the first half, including a couple poor plays from Anthony Beavers. I’m not sold on corneback Ceyair Wright yet but teams seem to always attack Mekhi Blackmon, who gets the opponents’ No. 1 receiver. How many drops did Washington State have?

Grade: C+


Give credit to punter Aadyn Sleep-Dalton. He just showed up from Australia and kicks consistently. He averaged 45 yards a punt and doesn’t seem fazed. The rest of the special teams was OK too.

Grade: B-


This was not a crisp coaching performance, to be honest. There weren’t a lot of adjustments offensively and you had two 12-men-on-the-field penalties. With all these skill players, USC should be scoring more points. And the defense just cannot stop giving up rushing yards. But overall Lincoln Riley loves being in the Pac-12 instead of dealing with Kansas State and Oklahoma State.

Grade: C-

36 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC-Washington State Report Card

    1. Not quite sure which team you are referring to, Ed, when saying that maybe they can win their “firsed” game except for the Dodgers playing their “first” game tonight.

      I won’t say Scottie is a tough grader, but if he had been my professor throughout my SC undergraduate stay I never would have gotten out of there.

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      1. Imagine Wolf praising a 3 star defensive lineman, Tuli. Of course he had to bad mouth Tuliaupupu, but then how could he get any tackles when the other guys were getting them all.

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    2. hi john,good reepored card,may be thay wil fine-ulley win thare firsed gaim this weak end and this agguh-knee of a seezin,smdh btw, im offering to giv all men anal chks , i have telescope on my peenus to give complete exam. I use same method for dental chk 2


      1. That girl Tuli Tuilupoopoo was getting manhandled, got tossed a few times into the QB and was being credited with sacks…what a load of horse shit!


      2. Inner Tebowobama: Good Gosh Golly Darn! I am soooooo dying to be a fanboy, but how can I blow my cover now! I know Scott will hate me if I become a fanboy, and I just could not take that. Oh, well, on with my act. Where did Granny put my schnapps–time for lunch!


    3. If that girl Tuli Tuilupoopoo gets one legit sack vs Utah I wil eat two shoes

      Getting blocked or tossed like a rag doll into the QB behind the line of scrimmage does not a sack make, those circumstances happen all the time to Tuilupoopoo and he’s being credited with sacks, total horse shit


  1. Make sure that Tebow knows the little girls on the D line are leading the nation in sacks and tied for first in tackles for a loss. So much for his stupid comments.

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    1. Make sure that Tebow knows the little girls on the D line are leading the nation in taking it up the Ass, and tied for first in Sucking Cocks, and swallowing.

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      1. How can anyone be so indocrinated. Talk is so cheap. Tebow you got nothin. I am sure it is by accident Tuli leads the nation. Nice try, but no cigar.

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      2. Mr. USC Hater we will get our 4-5 sacks 6-7 TFL and win the game. Who is ur team Tebowobama? The Ruins The Flippers The Fucks The Flangles WHO WHO WHO WHO JUST A USC HATER. Please tell us on this blog so I can roast your team. Never mind you won’t say because u r to embarrassed by your team performance. U do make some sense most of the time, when your hater meter has malfunctioned #StopBeingAUSCHaterJustBeACongratulator#NotStuckOnBloggerWhoHateForNoReason

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      3. Inner Tebowobama: I just don’t get it….I provide insightful takes on all matters near and far and nobody listens to me. What am I doing wrong? My arguments are all substantiated by the latest empirical results. What do they want out of me? Why do they torture me with their insults? Some day they will all recognize my genius, then they will be sorry…oh, yes, then they will be sorry.


    2. Great post Steveg49. Tebowobama is freaking sick of us being talked about CFP conversation that he wants to puke on Gabby ASS, don’t reply with gay ass posts u bi sexual retardo, I don’t like your posts because this is not a blog ran be the former Wheaties box pitchman aka Bruce Jenner hey Charles find the Wheaties box with BJ on it. I had temporary insanity giving props to Gabby sorry for insulting anyone else who loves that kinda retardo shit.

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    1. EVERYONE’S grades suck on Scott’s scale. Especially that Big Loser, Tom Brady.


  2. Scooter,

    Reminder, Caleb Williams is a sophmore. He will learn.

    Also, you did not mention anything about the drives late in the game that were on the ground and led by the oline by opening holes for Dye. Dye ran like AD or White use to. If you pass the ball around 40 times and you give up one sack and one holding penatly, that is 3 bad plays out of 40, that is a .925% percentage of being successful. Not bad. I would give the line a B, B+

    You did not rag on the attendance. Estimate attendance was 55K. The stadium holds 77K now. That is a 71% capacity. You are still thinking of the Colisuem holding 109k. Not anymore. BTW, ugly would love to have a 71% capacity. They are lucky ot get 10K or 10% because the rose bowl holds 100k.

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  3. OB -C -/ Caleb needs to throw ball away instead of scrambling n losing yardage. Work on your footwork and drive the ball, his performance left me dumbfounded. Hiesman winner IDTS. Rb- B- /Dye is solid he is the heart m soul of offensive unit . Releek Brown is ready to burst out in a big way. He needs to learn how to allow his OL to make a block before accelerating through hole, patience is a virtue young buck. WR- C-/ Addison needs to run better routes to get open. Too many dropped passes. Williams led team in receptions needs to concentrate better. Rice needs to pick up 1st downs not run route for 9 yards, come on Rice Sr. Coach ur boy up. TE INC/Don’t throw to them enough to give grade, if I did give grade it’s a D- for poor pass & run blocking not a factor in every game plan. OL-C-/ OL needs to use their leverage or lower base to keep DL off QB. Run blocking was very good. Overall units needs to improve fast our biggest and most physical games are ahead of us. DL- A/ Tuli is a monster 1st All American if SEC bias rears his ugly writers head. Taleni Tafaoo Bryd Figueroa making a difference now. Where is Courtney F. being slung around like Raggedy Anne Doll. LB- B+/ Gentry Gorfath had good games other than giving up there multiple run chunk plays I say 4ish. Can we just give up one 40 yard run instead of 4-5, that would make yards per carry go down and total yards. DB/S- B/Blackmon is a lockdown corner. Ceyair still needs to develop coverage techniques where he is not giving up first downs . Beavers did a solid job for Bullock. Shaw was alright. Where was Domani? Just redshirt him if he is not fully recovered. Coaching- C / LR doesn’t make offense adjustments in real time if we are going to be elite our coach must change OL QB attitude

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    1. Caleb does throw it way on some lost downs —-but, you’re right –why can’t he do that ALL the time? Taking 5 yard losses makes it 100% more difficult to get a first down —meaning we lose a possession every time he scrambles out of bounds behind the line.

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  4. Scooter,

    I went to the game on Saturday. If you don’t have to go, then don’t. SC has put the quash on tailgating. No fans having fun on the outside of the stadium. Everywhere you look there is fencing and construction.. It looks like a prison. But they allow vendors and others who paid to set up. Honda kept whoring themselves by peddling people around and trying to sell cars. Trust me, you don’t want a Honda. I had two of them and I went through 5 transmissions. yes, I had the transmission oil changed in all of them regulary. Honda sucks.

    You go in about an hour early and you think you are at DJ Mokeski’s club. He is playing crappy music and it is so loud you can’t even here yourself think. SC has to get rid of that guy. Just keep him for basketball. If i were to get my season seats back, I would probably go high up in the stadium. I sat on the first row of the main walk way where people stood around thinking it was a block party. He the ushers just stood around and did not enforce anyone to move. All during the game I had to tell people to move so that we could see. They don’t need half the ushers since i saw a bunches just standing around. They could reduce the staff by 50%.

    Defense looked good except for the long runs. #7 should have never been flagged for targeting. Bad call.

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  5. Not a very professional comment section you are running there. Trash talking is one thing, but since when do filthy comments have any place in a serious sports blog. Time to clean house Wolf.


    1. No one pays any attention to the trash talkers…. and Scott knows it. It’s easier for all of us to just glide by their comments than for Scott to institute new policies….


  6. I disagree with Scott Wolf on his grades. I believe Caleb Williams will be better served listening to his QB handler. He has plenty of times to plant his feet or step up and throw. His lack of comfort throwing into tight windows (especially with receivers other than Mario and Addison) is apparent. I expect more screens for the QB. Brandon Pili is making life miserable for teams and his playtime has increased dramatically. The comment on the head coach being happier at USC instead of the Big 12 is stupid and reminds me of TJ Simers who had to be toxic for the sake of being toxic.


  7. Biden and Pelosi need to tell the Libs in the polls to stop keeping us down, USC is the No 1 team in the country and the eventual National Champion, Owing the Libs in Washington and on the football field.


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