My USC-Utah Pick

OK, where do I begin?

My main issue is trusting Utah. The Utes flatter to deceive. As much as I like Cameron Rising, two plays I can’t forget are interceptions against Florida and UCLA.

The Utes tend to fold with the pressure on them. But then again, there’s a lot less pressure with two losses.

On the other hand, do I trust USC? The offense could barely handle the noise of 26,000 at Oregon State. Tonight will be another level. And the defense is going to have to stop the run. Will USC’s turnover magic continue? The Trojans haven’t lost a fumble all season.

Decisions, decisions.

Here’s my pick: Utah 27, USC 24.

23 thoughts on “My USC-Utah Pick

  1. Tennessee has the offense that USC needs. Better pass blocking and Hendon Hooker is the version of Caleb that Caleb needs to be. HH nails his passes over the top of the defense, whereas Caleb has been underthrowing the long ball all season, so defenses dont have to worry about Caleb taking the top off.

    If you dont have the ability to take the top off with Jordan Addison, something is wrong. USC also needs better tight ends.

    I still like USC in this game. Today USC tells us who they really are, for better or worse.

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    1. If only we had one of those “Back to the Future” 2024 sports almanacs,
      Ed, I could then give you tomorrow’s score


  2. Two former USC Players beat Alabama today. – Bru McCoy, and Chase Mcgrath.
    Both got raw deals at SC………..Both will play in the NFL.

    Bru McCoy is as good as any USC wide receiver has except Addison. We miss you Bru you would have been the big, physical receiver we needed this year, and you are now proving how good a player you are in another program.


  3. Alabama will drop, not sure how far but Tenn should go into top 4. If FL St can beat Clemson USC could be knocking on the door after they demolish Utah.


  4. The line of scrimmage looks good so far. But why cant the receivers get open? Is Caleb just not confident? Brenden Rice needs to be a better receiver.


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