USC-Utah Live Blog

Helluva game. What to say? It exceeded expectations. Game of the year.

Cameron Rising wih the TD run on fourth down and he scores on 2-point conversion.

It’s 35-35 as Utah marches down the field with too many penalties to mention here.

Eric Gentry with the big forced fumble down by the goal line.

Utah’s defense is worse. Josh Falo has 2 catches this season. And 2 TDs.

The Trojans defense picks up right where it left off and gives up a TD in less than 3 minutes. USC 28, Utah 28.

USC leads at the half, 28-21. It should win this game but the defense is starting to show cracks.

Alex Grinch won’t like that possession as Utah needs only 45 seconds to score a TD. It’s 28-21, USC.

USC has a great drive and Josh Falo gets his first catch of the season. And it’s a TD.

Terrell Bynum has more catches tonight (2) than all season.

I’m having a hard time watching this game with the towel waivers.

The defense can’t figure out what to do and Rising gets a TD. USC 21-14.

Calen Bullock beaten deep? That’s rare.

Caleb Williams is doing it all tonight. USC leads 21-7.

Caleb Williams’ 55-yard run sets up the Trojans’ first TD. It’s 7-0.

And Utah misses a field goal. Still 7-0.

71 thoughts on “USC-Utah Live Blog

    1. Utah 2 point conversion for the win. Grinch has 4 DL’s, no goal line D alignment. Gee, where do they go. This guy is crap. Always has been crap. No pressure packages. Just nothing. It’s another version of Clancy with a better offense for bailout. Hope LR isn’t another Chip and hangs onto his D coordinator “buddy” out of loyalty.

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  1. If USC gets ahead by 3 TDs, then they will go to pounding the ball with the running game and then try to mix in some explosive scores here and there.

    If we get ahead by 4 scores, they will hold stuff back for the UCLA game. Riley is playing the long game for a CFP bid, not trying to put it all out there for future opponents to see.

    So the question is now whether our defense can keep Utah from scoring. Nice pass rush happening here.

    Ceyair Wright is the weak link in that secondary. How about Domani getting some playing time?

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  2. Did I tell you the Pac-12 refs are trying to screw USC? Notice that they will throw penalties on crucial plays to try to throw the game. They wont over-penalize the Trojans because that is too obvious. They will make calls against USC only on crucial plays. They did it on the fumble recovery last week. This is 100% intentional. It is the dirty Pac-12.

    And if USC gets way ahead in a game, they will stop penalizing USC. Because it is specifically trying to make calls that throw a game to a Pac-12 team that is staying in the league.

    So glad we are getting out of this crappy league. FUCK you George K!!! I want to see UCLA and USC in the Pac-12 championship game for the next 2 years as a parting middle finger to the dirty Pac12

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    1. Gametv — it got much WORSE after you sent this reply — all time corrupt officiating —Whittingham even gave thumbs up to refs after an interference call that wasn’t close to interference …. it takes the fun out of watching a sport when the officiating is so obviously completely fucked up the ass…..


  3. The refs didn’t even wait until the 2nd half to hose USC with weak ass penalties. They need to be investigated for some of their suspect calls.

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  4. USC is letting Utah stay in this game with the soft coverage where they allow Utah to roll down the field with a minute left. Why? I HATE it when defenses do that shit. It is pure stupidity. They just allowed Utah to get back in the game.

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    1. Yep That was Utah’s Gameplan…..let the refs get ya past the rough spots….


  5. Riley has poor game management, great schematics but poor game management. you cant let utah burn up the clock like that. Just let them score and get your offense on the field with 2 minutes left.


    1. I agree gametv. We shouldn’t have been in that soft ass cover 2. Blackmon if your running with receiver on the sideline let that be your defense with no holding u did it once keep doing it. D. Jackson must not be right didn’t see him in game? Please find out if Davis speed at LB can cover running backs and TE’s in the flat. Hopefully Gentry will be back by Oct 29 or we will be screwed. Shane Lee is too slow and can’t cover where is the Madden kid. Our bye week coming up let’s get some fresh guys to replace guys who are making it


  6. This is all on Grinch. It was a matter of time this defense was going to lose the game. Hopefully a defensive coordinator change can be made for next year. Anyone think this is a reach after one loss is nuts. He was horrible at OU as well. Don’t kid yourself.


    1. Dude……slow your roll….. You can be the best DC on the planet, but if the players are not making the plays, that’s not Grinch’s fault……why would you blame the DC?

      Accountability goes beyond just the coach

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      1. Correct, Gabby. Add to that Grinch is stuck with Helton’s players [who, to be fair, are 100% improved, btw]…..
        Still, how can the defense play rugged football in the second half after getting flagged every time they touched a receiver or the QB in the first half?

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  7. I blame the refs for this loss. Can’t wait for USC to leave the PAC 12. The refs are fucin pathetic This is football. The refs are looking to call late hits and unnecessary roughing calls.

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    1. The officiating made me nauseous. Brock Huard was spot-on with his officiating comments….. The NFL is going through the same problem with phantom roughing the passer penalties……change must happen

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      1. I hope Brock isn’t removed from the booth for being so brutally honest about the crap officiating….


  8. I hope they recruit better linemen next season. Kudos to Willingham on saving the season for Utah. The Trojans relaxed just like in Stanford. Need more talent. 6-1 is still better than expected.


  9. Refs spotted at least 7 points for the Utes! Our Defense reverted to the Helton days on the wrong night. The Offense played as good as could be expected, but with the Pac-12 refs, we’re always getting fucked!
    Can’t wait to leave this shitty Pac-12 conference! Fight on ✌🏻

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  10. I’m not one to blame officials, but that was the worst officiated USC game since the 2017 Rose Bowl, where an ACC officiating crew literally did everything they could to ensure a Penn State win. Utah had 14 points gifted to them on bullshit penalties. Utah had better hope that they don’t make it to Vegas because that will be an ass whoppin.

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  11. Well, we’re good not great. Felt like we were getting some fortunate bounces, timely dropped passes by competition, etc.
    Refs were bad, but no way we were make or even make a difference b college playoffs so let’s get to double-digit wins and make next year, the year we might actually be for real.

    Let’s get Dodgers the win tonight !


  12. Lol.

    Very lucky it was this close. You can tell
    Ucla softened Utah up for southern cal.

    #3 on offense is a little b1tch. Soft af.

    Southern cal is soft.


  13. FIRE ALEX GRINCH—–TOO CONSERVATIVE ….NO PRESSURE ON QB all night, players out of position time and time again.

    Our team played hard tonight …….deserved to win. Bad officiating yes, but Grinch must go . Absolutely no blitz packages no adjustments at half time. 1 Utah tight end was open all night what the hell is going on with our defensive coaches?

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    1. Gabby —
      Lets start with —There was No roughing the passer. USC intercepted the ball. Refs gave Utah 7 points. Lets end with —there was No illegal block on the final kickoff —USC should have started the drive on the 50 —not the 20.

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      1. MG……the most egregious call and the one that continues to swirl in my head was the first one you mentioned- the interception in the endzone thrown by the Utah QB

        Fuck it!!!!….. let’s just change the rule to where once a defensive player touches the QB behind the LOS he’s down and the play is dead. That would be more than adequate protection for the QB

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      2. Great idea. Seriously. It makes the game less interesting —but we’re headed in that direction anyway.

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  15. Great game that exceeded my expectations.
    Tough loss, 2 shitty roughing passer penalties and NO defensive adjustments.
    Very disappointed Raleek’s kick return judgement. It cost us valuable field position.

    Time to move on and cream AZ, CAL and COL and then very likely to be 9 and 1 for UCLA game at Rose Bowl.

    Do we root for Ducks next week or Ruins? I say Ruins.

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    1. We could be 9-1….and without Addison. Anybody know what’s up with his ankle?
      It’s not fair for players to give their all in an environment as insane as Salt Lake, get physically beat up and keep fighting…. only to get jobbed by dishonest officiating.
      And, yes, Raleek is an all star idiot for trying to run outta the endzone in that situation. Beyond stupid. Unfair to the entire offense to force them to take the ball on the 10 —precious time lost.

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      1. MG….don’t forget the blitz he failed to pick up…. we were lucky Caleb didn’t fumble the ball from the hit he took.

        Brown shouldn’t be in the game if he needs to pass-protect.

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    2. Regarding who to root for, I’m not sure about that, good question. We would have to do the math and project some scenarios that would position us into the PAC12 title game……I will say, it pains me to root for the ruins!

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  16. Lincoln Riley just said the words coaches are NOT supposed to say: “THE OFFICIATING WAS REALLY POOR.” Will he be fined by the Pac 12 for telling the truth? Will our dumb bitch president ask him to apologize for telling the truth? Will cowardly Bohn ask him to retract a truthful statement?

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  17. We were ripped off by the referees no doubt about it. We are still in the picture for the PAC 12 title. Utah will lose at Oregon and therefore will get eliminated UCLA will lose at Oregon then lose to USC and get eliminated. That would leave Oregon with one loss or no losses in the Pac 12 and then play USC for the Pac 12 title.

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  18. Perhaps this game will finally show Lincoln Riley you need to play defense in football to win a championship. I saw absolutely zero defensive adjustments during this game, and no pressure on the QB. How can the Utah tight end beat USC all by himself?????

    USC is an excellent offensive team, and terrible defensive team which makes them an average team.

    SPEAKING OF FIRING- THE DODGERS SHOULD GET RID OF DAVE ROBERTS- MR. BULLPEN……..HIMSELF. Why do you pull your starting pitcher after throwing 5 shutout innings—–starting pitching wins games in the playoffs it’s a different game than during the season. ROBERTS, NEEDS TO GO!!

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