Let’s Talk Pac-12 Officiating

There’s been a lot of talk about the officiating Saturday. Nothing new, of course, for the Pac-12.

It might be nice for the conference to come out and discuss a few calls, such as the roughing the passer penalty and then the addition of five seconds at the end of the game because of an inadvertent whistle.

The Pac-12 has previously put out videos to explain some controversial decisions but nothing this season.

The scary part is with the Big Ten expanding, it will need more officials and might just raid the Pac-12 of whoever is considered the best referees because it might need some West Coast-based refs.

The irony is before the Utah game, USC was viewed within the conference as being the benefactor of poor officiating in the Oregon State game. I pointed it out at the time. Did you see it that way or did it only bother you when USC was the recipient of bad calls?

77 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Pac-12 Officiating

  1. PAC12 refs are there worst by 200% worst than any other conference. We just have to deal with these inept refs for at least 18 more games. I like that you are starting to let us give you topics that we like to speak about that is why politics is discussed along with inappropriate language regarding someone’s sexuality. So let’s us give topics,that are going to be takes and views. With that being said Wolfe u are controversial in your own way. Keep up what your doing even though I get annoyed by some if your USC hatred.

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    1. Eric —
      Regardless of the half dozen different names he uses there’s only ONE guy implying stuff about Caleb’s sex life….. and he’s not a Trojan.

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    2. You fanboys need to quit bitching about the refs, if you want to bitch…bitch about the shit coaching for the defense.

      Grinch, Nua and thar worthless Donte Williams have to go. Those three clowns couldn’t come up with any stops when the team needed them, not a one.

      That Ute TE made his 237 yards receiving or however many yards he had, look like a walk in the park and none of those USC coaches had an answer for him…embarrassing!

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe got exposed, he doesn’t give two shits about defense, obvious with the crap defensive staff he put together.


    3. Since you Mr. Turner responded in such a weird way to a God comment I made that had nothing to do with your ego, you have shaken my belief in you as a person to take seriously, and hence your assertion that the Pac-12 refs are the “worst by 200%..than any other conference” is accepted with the same respectability as Putin claiming he is the world’s savior.


      1. Like I said with that comment I was referring to reference about God you took my response the wrong way sir I really don’t care LJ you are someone that moves the needle on this site but every one has opinion .

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  2. The horrible Pac12 officiating is historic. It has sucked for decades. They have no organization that can give the refs experience in, no lesser leagues to raise up good refs in. They just think they can grow them, but for some reason they never get better. When we turn the game on it is always commented how are the refs going to screw this game up. Sometimes the officials act like we tune in or pay admission just to see them. If only they could let the teams play the game and get out of the way. I always liked the term “No harm, no foul.” But I cannot remember two worse calls, by the same ref, than the roughing the QB calls. I am sure there have been many though.

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  3. Hey Wolf, there are four glaring missed calls that have gone against USC that have led directly to touchdowns. The first was in the Arizona State game where USC had two PI calls late in the fourth quarter that led to an ASU TD. In both calls the DB for USC did everything correct in his coverage of the ASU receiver. Even the color commentator on the broadcast stated as much.
    The two RTP calls in the Utah game were even worse because not only were they horrendous calls, they led directly to 14 points and the difference in the game. The problem is that the PAC-12 has never put a premium on getting the best officials because it’s always been the “Old Boys Network” and who you’re related to that gets these gigs.

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  4. Hang the ‘bad calls’ rhetoric, it makes SC fans look like whining poor sports, and besides those were all judgment calls with refs predisposed to rule in favor of a quarterback who has been struck, however lightly, by a defensive opponent.

    That game was still winnable except for Wiley flubbing the time management at the end. Because he chose not to use his timeouts, Why coach!, Troy had less than 40 seconds to try to counter instead of anywhere between 1:20 to 1:50 remaining if he had used his 2 timeouts.

    Wiles apparently was preparing for overtime and was shocked like many of us when Utah decided to end the game in regulation with its surprising 2-point decision. But Wiles, even if you are expecting to move into Overtime, why allow precious clock-time to run off when SC could have had about a minute and a half in regulation to win the game?–

    You seem like a nice guy, Wiles, but your decision to allow the time to run off as Utah marched toward a seemingly inevitable tying touchdown at least, is, was and will be deemed Unpardonable, sir, sorry, and such negligence possibly cost SC a year’s $11-million salary you make in lost high-caliber bowls’ monies

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    1. So LJ, we are to say nothing when calls like that happen in a very tight and important game? I think not sir. Bohn won’t say anything, but the rest of us will. Sorry about that.

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      1. Can you imagine Mike Garrett coming to work on the Monday morning after his hardworking football team got fucked by dishonest officiating and putting his feet on the desk and eating a baloney sandwich while he watched ESPN —- well that’s what Bohn is doing right now….

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      2. This is what a jackass looks like complaining about calls on the field after the game and after the fact, it doesn’t do a damn bit of good…


    2. I’m with you, John. Play well enough that the refs CAN’T be the difference in the game.

      Most of us expected to lose one or two. If this is the only one, this loss probably won’t matter at the end of the season. Use it as motivation to build and improve.


      1. It’s just you and me So Cal, bunkered up in our personal Alamo cocoons
        while warding off Santa Anna-like belligerents bent on putting us in our place (they think)


      2. Dude, you’re clueless. When you see egregious calls going against the team it should fucking piss you off….. or you just don’t have the mental capacity to understand how it swings momentum and mentality debilitates the defense.

        Just another instance of your low football IQ

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      3. That last line of hers is hilarious, considering the fool refuses to apply the same to this horrible administration. The stakes are so much higher than a mere football game. Clueless.


      4. you senile troll…… there is accountability- it takes place at the ballot box. Why do you think twice impeached lost by over 8 million votes(new record)……It was called accountability!

        get educated, I can’t do it for you!


      5. Meant to be in reply to: “When there’s an environment of no punishment for mistakes all accountability is lost.”


      6. You clowns have been complaining about the refs and how they’re out to get USC for years now and where has all the whining gotten you?

        Crying and whining every year and no one gives a shit, least of all the PAC 12 and it’s officiating crew.

        Give it up already, bunch of crybabies

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    3. I get your point, LJ.
      Really doesn’t matter at this juncture, as the records shows an “L”.
      A great coach and team can only overcome so much….a strong opponent, elevation at 5000 ft (18% less oxygen at that altitude, and players who live at that altitude have more red blood cells so they don’t feel the lack of oxygen), an a raucous crowd. When two strong teams meet, you want the zebras to call it fair so the best team wins. The best team did not win. Their defense sucks and their offense is “OK.”

      I’m pissed because the better players who put their heart and soul into a W were robbed. That’s why I’m pissed.

      Me? I had a nice shot of Bourbon–Woodford’s–Sunday night (not after the game as I do after a W) and got laid. Really didn’t suffer at all after this loss.

      I comes down to…”it’s OK to screw the Trojans cuz they’re privileged already.” Welcome to being a minority, LJ.

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      1. Call me what you want, Bourbon, but at bottom I am a realistic pragmatist, and I will go to my grave chastising SC “fans” for their crude, rude assessment of the SC-Utah
        controversial quarterback roughing-calls as determining the outcome of that remarkable game, which unfairly diminishes the importance of the 2022 SC-Utah contest


      2. LJ,
        You misconstrued my statement when I said, “it’s OK to screw the Trojans…. “Welcome to being a minority…” (as above)

        As I have outlined previously, Trojan graduates (ESPECIALLY when outside of So Cal) are a minority and are generally disliked by the media, coworkers, and most sports folk. A few, learned people understand the academic and athletic achievements of the University and respect it. As a humble Surgeon from USC undergrad and Med School I’ve taken plenty of crap from lesser people in Medicine. As a humble former USC walk-on FB player in 1982 and 1983, I’ve taken loads of crap from lesser athletes along the way.

        Welcome to being a minority. Real Trojans need to stick together, as we understand this.

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    4. I agree with the clock management 100%. But the “whining poor sports” comment is thoughtless and disrespectful.

      Basically, you’re saying, that poor judgment by the referees should not be called into question, therefore, the quality of officiating is a moot point, right?

      When there’s an environment of no punishment for mistakes all accountability is lost.

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      1. I’m hoping what John meant is that we open ourselves up to the criticism if being bad sports …not that we ARE bad sports.
        [But] I agree with you, Gabby, we can’t let this crap go…..or we’re gonna get more of it….cuz they’ll think either we (1) don’t notice or (2) like it.

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      2. MG…..you got me, not on purpose though!
        I saw that you had replied to my comment, perfect! I click on the email and noticed a correction “of” not “if”…..OK. I figured a made a grammar mistake. So, I pulled up the comment and proofread it numerous times but nothing seemed incorrect.

        I scroll down a little and realize you made a correction to your reply to me. I guess what we need is a few t00ls(moderation will not allow the actual word) to work with inside the text box, for one, an edit tab

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      3. Really and truly, Gabby, you take offense at my observation that SC fans exhibited a “whining poor-sports” reaction to the Utah game– think ”outside the box’ and imagine how rabid Utes’ fans are processing all this SC immature bitching as Troy cherry-pick plays that could have changed the outcome–

        The Utes are getting in the proverbial “last laugh” as they say to themselves ‘Come on L.A., get over yourselves, you are not that great. ‘


      4. Come on Gabby, as much as you live in the rarified air of believing what you want to believe in defiance of the truth, Utah is once again beside themselves as they are getting in the ‘last laugh’ at loser SC’s expense.

        Utes are crowingly exclaiming, “Poor, poor little ol’ SC with its male fans screaming in their baby-diapers, “It was the refs’ fault for allowing borderline ‘roughing the passer’ decisions that derailed SC’s chances at greatness,” while all the while Utes peacefully contemplate and know for a fact that they are superior to the SC ‘White-Man’


      5. LJ:

        Love Utah, LJ. I recreate there a bunch. Zion. Bryce. Moab. Capitol Reef. La Sal Mountains. Don’t need to ski there, as we do “just fine” here in CO. Don’t need to mountain bike there anymore, as we do “just fine” here in CO. Don’t need to climb their mountains–ours are 2,000 to 3,000 feet higher, and I only climb the highest ones (I only climb our 14,000 foot peaks here in CO). They do make a pretty good beer at the Uintah brewery, but I prefer the CO breweries. The really do obesity quite well in Utah–far better than here in CO.

        So if 50,000 utes are enjoying the last laugh, I really don’t care. Winning at home in a place most of you won’t ever visit or recreate (in depth as I have) is a bit of a pyrrhic victory. The minute Kyle takes his team on the road against a quality team, they will lose. Heck, even the former USC head coach–who was no rocket scientist–beat Kyle in LA in 2019. I rooted for them in their first and last Rose Bowl–unwisely rooted for them–and puked as I watched Kyle and Scalley tank.

        Their DC–Scalley–was taken viral for racist texts (using the N word fer cripesake with players) a few years back. It’s Utah. Now, at the #133 ranked University in America (per WSJ) out of 790, I’ll give them some props. Still, I like USC’s #19 ranking and superior athletics and superior history.

        It’s a small group, we successful Trojans. I like “us.”
        We fight on. It’s how I roll.


  5. Mike Pereira ran away from this conference and let the world know how inept they were. They have non officials running the replay booths. That alone tells you everything you need to know about this conference. But wait, there’s more! What is the Pac 12 program to becoming a referee? Prior experience? NOPE! Don’t need any! bit.ly/1zxXjJY Just pass the background, show a level of sports knowledge and Voila! They even list officials openings on indeed.com. Why? Because the rat bastards are too freaking cheap to pay for experienced officials who cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop talking about the refs, Wolf, if your too lazy to do some basic research.

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    1. Wolf has a travel radius of about 10 feet from beyond his couch. His laziness goes hand-in-hand with being a third-rate blogger.

      Wolf keeps blaming the O-line for some of Caleb’s self-inflicted miscues( low football IQ )


      1. I’d say inexperience on Caleb’s part. Compared to Rising and the UCLA qb, Riley is asking Caleb to be John Elway right now. Only a true sophomore, though.

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  6. I know it’s nothing new the PAC 12 has had more Monday morning mea culpas than any other conference. Ironically I found my Facebook memories 7 years ago where about a USC Notre Dame game. Where just like Saturday the refs changed the outcome. USC was well ahead until the refs got involved. My final comment was “ bless me father for I cheated for our team.” “That’s okay my son say two Our fathers and throw a Hail Mary, met me in an hour for a drink.”

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  7. Poor officiating in this conference is an age old problem. Pete Carroll used to complain about a bias against USC and he even came out with stats to prove it.

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    1. ..and do you remember what his stats showed? Lots of holding calls against USC in the 4th quarter —way more [like 70% more] than other teams were getting…

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  8. Scooter,

    Two bad calls. The radio people said so and I go with them. First, the pass that was intercepted was a flea flicker. When that happened, the qb does not have the protection status as a qb, he becomes a running back and can be hit. Second, the hit on the qb in the thrid qrter was for the birds. In the sEc, acc, big 10, they would allow that.

    Two td’s would not have been scored.

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  9. Your $10 million a year coach doesn’t know how to manage a clock.

    He is the soft one. He’s an air raid guy. You can change the defensive coordinator all you want, you’ll still have a pillow bitingly soft team.

    November 19 is going to break southern cal fans.


      1. Gabby,

        i will fight with you on a certain topic. But if you call out Miguletio, then I back u up.

        Littyle Michael, were you named like michael because of lack of physical stature, appenadage shortage, or just short sighted? Let us know.

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  10. Scooter,

    My report card,

    Oline: B+: Caleb had 7 seconds to throw the ball and couldn’t decide what to do with the ball. Utah decided to put a heavy rush on Caleb. Not enough men to block. I blame the offensive cordinator on this. If you have a bull rush, then you roll the qb out, release the te for 5 yards, swing passes. Play calls did not stifle the pass rush.

    Sepcial teams; C-, Most of the time on kickoffs, sc fielded the ball. That got them usually to the 10-15 yard line. You have many 80+ drives. Tough on a offense. Sc should have let the ball go in the end zone and start att eh 25.

    Caleb: C: He thinks he has to win the game by himself. he seemed like he was confused and started to run early and often. the calls have to help him not hinder him. Once again the coaches should have called screens, roll out, te passes. Quick and precise or run the ball with two fullbacks and a tailback.

    Coaching: F———–. Grinch has done a pretty good job with the defense this year, and I thought he would make adjustments to stop Kincade. Either the lbers are not good enough or blown coverage. But it was never fixed.

    Question: You could tell the refs were on utah’s side when you see Kincade pushing the dbs to clear him. Not one call on him.

    Refs should be shot. They got flag happy. What pissed me off was the targeting reviews. Not needed. If the refs were watching the game they would see that they were tackling with their shoulders. They wanted utah to win.

    Hoping Riley calls the officating office and go off on them, with all impunity, hate, and disrespect for them since they disrepected SC on the field.

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    1. It’s not up to Coach Riley, P. T.
      It’s up to Bohn — but he’s doing what he does best today: sleeping in the dark in his office with the door locked….


      1. Actually, I’d like it if we sued the Pac 12 for illegal business practices…and asked for all their phone records, texts and emails from Monday to Saturday of game week….

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  11. It’s a free country Steveg49, do whatever pleases you, but I follow the axiom that if I cannot change something (the outcome of the Utah game) then I shut my mouth and take the loss like a man instead of
    posturing as if we are incessant carping magpies, nothing personal mind you–

    I always end up under attack whenever I take-up a minority viewpoint that goes against the majority opinion here on a blog, and since I don’t have to face any of you eyeball-to-eyeball the cowardly yellow streak running through my spine won’t come into play when dealing with veto hecklers.

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      1. Speaking of Helton….. The guy scored with 1:18 left in the game, 48-37 ….to upset the #25 team in the country, James Madison, to pull his record to 4-3.

        Clay is a good person…..I’ll leave it at that!

        PS….. Hey LJ, you’re still on my Christmas card list!

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    1. John, you can bend over and take it if you want. I will voice how the fuck I feel, and as usual it is opposite your elite viewpoint.


      1. Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank-you’s out to my Steve49 imposter who I appreciate as a contrary voice from the cynical world of sports’ make-believe

        If you can find any meaning in that last sentence please advise me as to its worth so I can re-work it if necessary


    2. I’m not attacking you, LJ. Others here may have a issue with you.
      I don’t.

      The Zebras should never declare the outcome of a game.
      The calls noted were egregious and were game-changers, and we all know it.*

      On September 1, 2022…
      I never had USC going to the CFP this year.
      I never had Caleb getting the Heisman this year.
      I had us probably losing in Utah this year.
      I failed to recognize how tough and motivated are our guys, and they deserved a tough W last week. I AM happy that WE were the more physical team on Saturday. I like where these guys are going, and
      I cannot wait to watch the last 5-7 games.

      *…and the Bush Push was a game changer.
      …and the Afftholter catch/no catch was a game changer.
      …and the fumble/no fumble at the goal line on a 21 ice call in the Rose Bowl was a game changer.


    1. Scott really didn’t want to actually say USC got jobbed —but he acknowledged it indirectly when he said, “do you only object when USC gets the BAD calls?” Get it? He admitted our Saturday in Salt Lake was filled with BAD calls.


    2. That is not quite what I am saying, uofsc93, but Wiley did blow the game by not judiciously preserving enough time for Celeb to counter-attack,
      however I am happy Wiley is the SC coach, at least moving Forward and not looking backward–


  12. There are 4 main reasons why Pac12 has become a ‘laughing stock’ conference: 1) USC probation, 2) ESPN, 3) Officiating, 4) Chip Kelly.
    For #3, I did an in-depth study in 2017-18, between Pac12 Officiating and SEC Officiating. I took the penalty stats from every team in each conference (# of penalties, penalty yards) and found that the Pac12 officiating called 2 additional penalties PER GAME, which correlated to an additional 22 yards PER GAME, more than the SEC. That’s 2 additional MAJOR penalties (drive killers, clock stoppage, game changers) that forced score differentials.
    Saturday’s calls were horrendous. (2 roughing the passer, 1 personal foul for hitting a running back and 1 pass interference for ‘footsie’.) They gave Utah 1-2 additional scores, 100-150 additional yards. And less opportunities for the SC offense (time of possession).
    This was just one game, move on and win the rest. But for the Pac12, this constant ‘protective’ officiating is pure disintegration for Pac12 championship contenders.
    The more penalties called, the less aggressive play. The more penalties, the less caliber of play. The more penalties, the less competition against non-conference opponents. Oh, btw, how’s the Pac12’s records in bowl games and non-conference games in the past few years? Yeah, as good as the Pac12 officiating.

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    1. Careful!!! I don’t know if LJ and slo cal can take another crotch kick….(ouch!)

      PS…. great comment!…. It really sheds some light on how easily a few ill-called penalties can impact various aspects of the game, which should never ever be the force why one particular team won

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      1. A chickenshit illegal block call on a great kickoff return, a crap holding penalty on a TD, a roughing the passer on a 3rd down stop —these are killers. And when you get all three in the same game —- well it’s best to say a little something, yes? …..

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    2. Awesome research, John.
      Sorry for the late reply, but I was watching the Broncos fail last night.

      Way to bring the solid data!


    1. That’s blatant fucin cheating MG, like what basically happened on Saturday night against Utah. The PAC 12 isn’t fooling anyone. They’re about to be irrelevant soon and have no body to blame but Larry Scott and themselves period. So happy USC is leaving the wac 12. Fuc that wack ass conference.


  13. The length of time for games are underarms as well. Pac 12 games are guaranteed to go past 3 hours and 30 minutes because of the excessive replays, ball placements and constant talking to coaches. It used to be worse, belive it or not. Try asking yourself why Pac 12 refs are always talking to the players AFTER EVERY PLAY?!?!!!

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