A Decommit For USC

Four-star outside linebacker Dylan Williams of Long Beach Poly has decommitted from USC.

Williams says he will still consider USC. He has offers from Georgia, Florida State and Miami among others.

Wide receiver Jordan Addison and linebacker Eric Gentry are day-to-day after suffering injuries vs. Utah.

“I don’t think it’s anything long-term with either one of them,” Lincoln Riley said.

30 thoughts on “A Decommit For USC

  1. Dylan Williams is checking out other offers on NIL probably? Hopefully he will stay with the Trojans after seeing that this is the best place to be. Good athlete should be a great college player. We need more players who can tackle and cover backs.

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    1. Dylan Williams watched Saturdays game against Utah, and realized that Lincoln Riley has a long history of not putting an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball. If he does his homework, then he’ll come to the conclusion that Georgia is a much better program for a defensive player of his caliber .


      1. “Being somewhere other than USC is always the best option.”
        I sincerely hope you’re getting paid by one of our rivals to be here…..

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      2. Let’s channel the ‘peckerhead’ you libtards at bel-air tech know him as the competitor for the 4th member of the Blessed Trinity ….his match up is ‘….the Vin-dawg’….never doubt the power of the ‘skull’….

        Who to adore? ‘Vin-dawg’ or ‘the Peckerhead’….opps ‘the Peckerhead’ needs ‘Nellie’…..


  2. Don’t you just love football coach-speak when a coach declares,
    “Yeah they’re a little banged-up but I don’t Think it’s long-term,”
    which translates to ‘If it were anybody else they’d be in the hospital for 3-months’


  3. That is a tough loss. The guy is a very good linebacker and has speed which USC needs desperately. Perhaps some more work by the recruiters is in order.

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    1. I think it’s pretty apparent at this point recruits don’t respect or respond to our defensive coaches…

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  4. The Trojan fanboys and girls are still trying to blame the refs for the loss, how about blaming the Three Stooges coaching the defense, none of those clowns had any clue about how to stop the Utes offense.

    No adjustment whatsoever, that was evident because the USC defensively didn’t do anything to stop or at least try and slow down the TE. USC basically said, “Well, there’s nothing we can do to the TE that’s going to make things harder for him, we don’t have a clue much less an answer for him so we’re basically fucked”.



    1. Riley said the plan was to stop the run and cancel out Utah’s wide receivers. So far so good. He expected the second string tight end to make catches ….. just not get so many yards after the catch. “The plan & emphasis GOING FORWARD is to wrap people up, not just hit them.”


    2. Inner Tebowobama: I wish I had fanboys. I feel like my talents are wasted on this blog. Notice the clever use of fanboys and girls—does not make sense when you think about it, but I like to use “fanboys” and “girls”. The use of the first ingratiates me with Scott–so someday the he will desiginate me his heir apparent, the second is an attack on the masculinity of all of the fanboys. I now regret my use of Three Stooges, because I so much admired Larry Fine. The way Moe would tear out his hair or poke him in the eyes or smack him with a wrench–but Larry kept on coming back. There was no quit in him, just like me. Plus, I look a lot like Larry. Even my first date in HS called me porcupine as the resemblance was so strong.


    3. teebuma,

      Maybe you were not watching the game, but I will tell, one reason taht Kincade was wide open was because of somthing called the push. He was pushing dbs around and no calls. But SC did not stop utah on defesne.

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  5. I watched a Cal true freshman 5* ALL AMERICAN FIRST TEAM be continuously recruited by Georgia through his Georgia family ties. Perfectly legal.
    He transferred to Georgia, redshirted, and was buried on the roster. Never to be heard from again. Demetrius Robertson.
    I would never trust any college recruiter.

    Oh, BTW since we’re headed down the rabbit hole, a kind reminder to the anon hairballs on this site ..

    Trump $2 gas and no wars
    Biden $6 gas, hyperinflation and ww3

    are there any questions F tards

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    1. They’re idiots and have convinced themselves all the same shit would have happened under DT. They apply the George Costanza principle: “It’s not a lie, if you believe it.”

      Russia has taken out about a third of Ukraine’s power & water suppliers. They can laugh at us preppers all they want. If we’re unlucky enough to survive the blast, we’ll be ready.


      1. Actually what he said was “Pandora’s box” as in electing Biden opened up a Pandora’s box to let out all of the evils of the demos. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are envious of Biden.

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    2. Cal football has failed to win an outright conference football championship going back 60 years….Wait wait!!!!!…..co-champ twice in 1975 & 2006

      “are there any questions F tard”


    3. You are a complete moron. Know the real facts before talking shit.
      Why did you go to Cal which who knows if it is true? A right winger
      that is no place for a conservative jerk like yourself. Leave the country if not to your satisfaction. This whole board is lame except for one or
      two. Can’t afford the cost of living here get out, simple enough.


      1. S,

        More importantly, why don’t you leave the country along with Rosie O’Donnel, Cher, and the ugly broad, Babs Streistand. they said that they wouel leave if Trump won. they haven’t yet. Country was built on God fearing, loving people that wanted a better life. Ol’ Dementia Biden has done nothing to keep that going. He is a destroyer, ordered by Soros.


    4. CAL75,

      Gas in CA was $4.15 a gallon. and no wars. Now $6 gas, Biden has give the oil reserves to the Chinks, tawian is under pressure, the little man from n korea is going crazy, the arabs are laughing at us, and you have a person in charge of the bigeest and badest miliatry in the world along with launch keys for nukes and you got a clown running the show.


  6. Didn’t get to see it, but SUCC’s 43 – 42 Utah loss was so delicious.

    And as usual, SUCC’s whinny Rah-Rah’s blamed it on the refs.

    Question SUCCster’s: How bozos touched the Utah QB as he waltzed to a top-point conversion and 1-point victory.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses! At least LR bellied up and said SUCC doesn’t make excuses……..LOL.

    How ’bout them 6-0 Bruins?

    BTW, I see Commie Lush has returned to the blog puking his old schtick.

    And here I though he was a Putain/Commie mercenary, delightfully slaughtering Ukrainian women and children for cheap liter bottles of vodka.

    #Cue: John Barlypotato
    Трахни свою мать


    1. Nope. It was Biden voters who didn’t care if Ukrainian women and children were slaughtered. It was bound to happen when they voted in a corrupt, frail, weak old man with dementia.


    2. I don’t care what happens, I am going to be a komissar. I was able to get some of Brezhnev’s medals on eBay at a great price.


      1. EAT SLEEP SHIT BIDEN……rinse and repeat 24/7

        wipe the drool and you’re all overdue for a diaper change. I’ll let the Shar Pei know !



    3. ‘If only ‘the peckerwood’ hadn’t died…you all know his ‘whitebread’ lit up faster than Lester Maddox at a ‘Angela Davis’ rally….but I digress….where was I? Oh yes!

      ” ‘Wooden’ aka ‘the Peckerwood’…. “You leave my Jonnie (feminine) alone!”


    4. Owns, I wasn’t home so I set a recording. I’d loan it to you, but unfortunately the refs stopped the game with so many penalties the recording stopped before the missed tackle. You still wouldn’t see it. The league report card has named Chip the best PAC 12coach. You gotta be happy now.


    5. Looks like slo cal’s boi Durham struck out AGAIN!……. 0 FOR 5(pathetic!)

      Wasting taxpayer’s coin……just like trump booking slo cal $1200 a night for secret services rooms. The blog dunce is all good with it, he voted for him again….. and he calls DEMS idiots……



      1. Rents is still high off the short-term relevance the gutties are getting from the media. They always cave-in at the end……well documented!


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