The Curse Of 0

Wearing the No. 0 is not having great success this season.

No one has ever worn the number at USC before last season. And now two players are wearing it.

Wide receiver Terrell Bynum has caught three passes all season after catching 26 at Washington last season. Remember, the Huskies had a pathetic offense last year with Dylan Morris at QB so 26 receptions was pretty good.

And then there is Korey Foreman, the other No. 0. Foreman, is listed as having played vs. Utah but did not register a tackle. He has not played at all in two games and registered eight tackles in the other six games.

32 thoughts on “The Curse Of 0

  1. Suggestion: If that “Zero” is really cursed can we send it in a
    no return envelope to the ref who screwed us twice in the Utah game?


    1. It is hard to figure Bynum. He is a good receiver but I don’t think he realized what he would be up against at USC. Lot of talent out there, like they say, the best WR room in the nation. I hope he gets some reps.

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      1. The most overrated player is Brandon Rice. He has continually failed to catch the ball, either because he complete his routes or is unable to go up and take the ball away in jump ball situations.

        I want to see more MJ3 and CJ Williams and Ware Hudson. Start to develop the receiver room for next year. Next year could be amazing with the addition of Branch, Lemon and Lane.

        There are some players committed to USC in 2023 that are way underrated. Ja’kobi Lane is going to be amazing at SC. His high point ability is going to be elite. And Kade Eldrige as an H-back or Tight End will be amazing as well.

        This team is on the right track, still lots of improvements to come, but it is moving in the right direction. A far cry from the days of Helton.

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      1. Thanks for posting that tebowobama I was thinking of that when I was reading Scotty’s blog. 0.0. Let’s just ban the number next year and bring in 00. Then zero point zero makes even, more sense.


  2. Foreman advertises his productivity by wearing that zero.He committed with great fanfare, even launching his own “K – FO” brand in anticipation of his impending fame.How presumptuous indeed.What did Clemson see in this guy? His seeming lack of desire isn’t closing the gap between his supposed talent and the will to improve.I saw his signing and he seems to enjoy the spotlight more than the game.He has hit reality like a bug on a windshield.Stick a fork in this guy….he’s done.

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    1. I have to agree Hal, I see him transferring out after this season, either by his own will or Riley’s. Sure seems he gets outplayed by everyone else they put in there.

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      1. Out of all the 5* players Helton actually “won” the recruiting battle. Handful of others I wish we could have won instead.
        And no ill will against this kid but something isn’t clicking.

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  3. Someone wearing zero caught a couple of passes in Utah, I assumed Bynum but I didn’t hear who it was. A comment posted on Facebook said Riley was hiding a secret weapon. Actually I believe Riley is going with the “hot hand” like most coaches. Just look at who got the most downs as tailback. The other two tailbacks didn’t do much. The fastest member of the trio whiffed a block which allowed a sack of Williams.

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  4. How about we have a straw vote for the most overrated mgr in the NL who should wear that ‘0’?

    Ready class… it:

    A. Dave Roberts


    B. ‘Buck’ Showalter

    What’s more comical – a overweight fat slob putting on a MLB uniform or not seeing a NFL coach attired ‘knickers’ and pads? Since the NFL realizes the idiocy of having a ‘player/coach’ I rule for the one change long overdue at all levels of baseball….the fat slob old man wearing a uniform….let’s put our hands together to see Don ‘zim baby’ Zimmer akin to ‘an elephant’!

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  5. Foreman definitely will transfer because is just not producing enough to be a 5 star recruit. He will probably transfer to Arizona where he will be able to play right away. He is missing the fire in his belly. He doesn’t even get any pressure on the offensive lineman he just get pushed around.


  6. Foreman has talent. LR won’t cut him any slack because of whatever he did in high school. He’ll either do what he needs to do to excell(needs a lot more strength and power from the weight room) or he will get discouraged and transfer out.


  7. Foreman should be wearing a number that befits his talent (at the high school level) and one that has never been worn before, ‘100.’ and then watch the kid take off.

    In other “news,” has the dust finally settled on the ‘Great Utah Heist’ so we can return to being our “regular” selves again, whatever that means.

    The back-and-forth differences of opinion (bickering?) once again affirms that a guy will never convince another guy to change his opinions on the Big-3 topics of religion, politics and sports even if bringing a metaphorical shotgun to a knife fight–
    “The guy just won’t listen, what got into him?”


    1. After traveling to Tucson for their next matchup, the Trojans also don’t have to leave Los Angeles for the rest of the regular season.


      1. Charles,

        I work with Hunter Echol’s mom. First off, the entire family is top notch. Very kind, polite, and nice. Hunter is the same. The mom this moring said to me that even Hunter is playing for the Cats, he will always be a Trojan for live. He got his degree from SC. He wants to be a principle later in life. He was interviewed earlier about the game against SC and his mom told him not to say anything about SC in a negative manner. the mother is 6’3″. She has a son that is 6’8″. Good family.

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      1. Pasadena,
        Echols dad, LC loves to troll Land of Troy group and comes off a little douchy. Definitely seems bitter & defensive.


  8. Trojanboogs,

    There is one player that wore “00”, the great center for the Raiders, Jim Otto. He had like 20 knee surgeries and other problems. That was a warrior and well respected.


  9. I’m curious, why is there so must interest in fringe players? Is there some delight into talking about players who don’t make you happy? I don’t see that on the Alabama, Georgia or Ohio St. boards. It’s odd and demented to focus on 2nd string and 3rd string players in order to feel superior. If you can’t play then respect those that the coaches have on the team, if they can’t contribute to the cause, they don’t deserve mentioning. Some of you act as if you truly miss Clay Helton because your constantly looking for mediocrity to feel empowered. I pity you.


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