Stop If You’ve Heard This Before

Lincoln Riley said defensive end Korey Foreman is “really close to making an impact.”

I prefer to see things happen in a game before taking the word of a coach, even a coach as good as Riley.

19 thoughts on “Stop If You’ve Heard This Before

    1. Kourtney Foreman is really close to making an impact? LOL!

      Yeah and ‘Ol Mule Shoe is really closeto realizing his defensive coaching staff sucks


  1. Foreman is a basket case!…. The kid is full of self-doubt and lacks any confidence. Everything has come easy for him up to a certain point in his life. Well, that point has been around for a while and it’s obvious he’s yet to meet the challenge.

    Why continue to squeeze the turnip when you know there is no juice in it!

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    1. Sicilian saying: “Always squeeze the turnip dry before you throw it away.”
      “I don’t know what that means but it’s true.”
      Primo in “The Big Night”

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  2. Time for these guys to get off the threshold.

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    1. If Raleek wants to have a fruitful college career, he needs to bulk up and learns how to pass protect. One of the most important skill sets demanded by an NFL running back is the ability to pass block….


  3. Wow when is he going to make an impact? With what skills has he shown you Grinch? All of sudden he has learned how to bend around the tackle or has he developed swim moves to get past the offensive line and actually get a sack. For a player with athleticism and speed it doesn’t translate to making a mark I really don’t like how they evaluate these high school players who are rated a 5☆ as a sophomore or even as a junior. They don’t work hard enough because the people in their circle are telling that you are the shit along with recruiting analyst who miss rating 3☆ who actually turn out to be better than 5☆ on the college level. Why because they want to show they was worthy of a 4/5 ☆ because of my heart toughness and nothing given to me until I actually earn the lofty high school praise.

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    1. Didn’t quite get all of that, but the short story of this important matter (relatively) is that ‘a motivated 3-star excels most unmotivated 4-stars,’
      with the few 5-stars in a class by themselves (but not always)

      How a novice evaluates high school talent beats me, yet their-kind probably is
      not much more-off than the “sports experts”


      1. LJ if you look at most of the past college championship teams they were littered with a combination of 4/5☆, but it was at least 3 3☆ on both sides of the ball with exception of Alabama, and last season with Georgia I don’t know why had a hard time getting what was I saying.


  4. Why do you folks care so much about Foreman? So the Ceyair Wright watch has been canceled? He’s not even 2nd string! I believe the term is Non Sequitur ad Absurdum?


  5. I still think that he has a lot of talent. He has great quickness to go around people. He needs some raw power to go through people. He’ll work harder under LR. Under CH he would probably be playing every play on defense(because of his High School accomplishments) even though he is not producing.

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    1. Warm, parcelman. He’s not working THAT much harder yet —-but obviously Riley thinks it’s worth trying to motivate him by handing him a compliment…


  6. Greetings sports fans, well what utah has some conference refs in there pocket! that target call near the half was terrble ! the clock had 2 seconds on it!?but after the shady refs were finished the clock had 30 seconds on it terrible just plain cheating!!!Regards , E


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