You Don’t Have To Be A Five-Star For Success

Since we’ve been talking about Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid and to a lesser extent, five-star USC defensive end Korey Foreman, let’s examine Kincaid for a moment.

He was a two-star wide receiver at Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas. He played only one year of high school football and then played at the University of San Diego in 2018 and 2019.

He transferred to Utah in 2020. So you don’t have to be a five-star or four-star to be successful.

36 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be A Five-Star For Success

  1. Hey wolf!!!!….what the fuck are you talking about?….. For many months you were chastising Riley for offering 3* O-linemen.

    You’re just as senile as slo cal……pathetic

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    1. Kourtney Foreman is the biggest bust in USC Football History

      That girl needs to hang up her cleats and maybe take up finger nail painting


  2. There are no assurances or guarantees when grading high schoolers, but a 4-star or 5-star rating means there is less of a gamble of the kid working out in college than a 3-star or less kid.

    But it still is a gamble

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    1. I think we have a HC that can read a kid pretty well as to how he will turn out. After physical, mental, even spiritual evaluation he picks some pretty solid young men.

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  3. Some of USC’s 3-star commitments have been criticized. Most if not all high 3-stars and I’m thinking below-the-radar recruits that Riley and staff have identified.


  4. So we can give a sigh of relief. Wolf can no longer be critical of those 3 star guys, even though the ones Riley gets turn into 4 stars. Will he ever live this down?


  5. Dalton Kincaid didn’t catch a pass against Florida and was locked down by UCLA in the fourth quarter. He’s only starting because Yassim was hit with a cheap shot and Kuithe is out for the season. That guy won’t get drafted and if he makes it to the NFL it won’t be because he torched USC.


  6. True, you don’t have to be a 5 star or a 4 star to be successful. Sometimes you get lucky and get a sleeper 2 star. But lets be honest….you have to be a real great coach with a really great bunch of assistances to win big in power 5 football with 2 stars. Alabama hasn’t won any championships lately with 2 stars and either has anyone else.

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  7. Well, Parcel, there are what, about 100-colleges in America in the running for a National Championship with only about 10 having a realistic chance due to the
    Top-10 gobbling up most of the 4 to 5 star high schoolers


  8. Wolfe you decided to piggyback off my post on Riley pumping up Foreman. You are a genius for this post. Just read my reply talking about the success of a 5☆ v. 3☆. No need to repeat what I said other than I love hard working players who bring more to the table than athleticism. HARD WORKING PLAYERS ARE BETTER THAN OVERRATED HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS WHO JUST WANT EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER. Nice thread Wolfe.

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  9. Hey Wolf how dare you put me in moderation purgatory while allowing trolls to post obscene and demeaning posts daily? When I wrote to you directly your reply was: “I don’t moderate and I don’t know who you are.” Now every post I write is awaiting moderation . Show me what rule I broke. Identify the rules of this blog or stop this “awaiting moderation” on every post.

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      1. As it should, Gabby! If there’s any word that has to be moderated —it’s THAT word.. ….

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      2. I tried to call slo cal a “to o l ” and through the process of elimination, I discovered the word.

        Perhaps wolf’s ex-wife called him a “t o o l “…..seems reasonable


    1. Quit whining, that’s all you clowns do.

      If it’s not the refs, it’s the PAC 12, if it’s not them it’s Biden and the democrats…just shut the hell up already.

      You want to bitch, go bitch to ‘Ol Mule Shoe and tell him to get rid of those other clowns Grinch, Nua and Donte Williams. Those three imbeciles couldn’t stop a no star 3rd string Utah TE, those idiots should have been fired right after that game. Getting torched over and over and over again by a 3rd stringer…Goddamn!


      1. #BidenOnTheWayOut…..


  10. Good coaching staffs know more about how the kids will develop than the rating systems. And kids develop at different stages.

    Riley said there were a bunch of guys close to breaking out and mentioned Raleek, Raesjon, CJ, MJ3, Mason Murphy and a few others. Let’s hope we start to see them contributing in meaningful ways in the games.

    The more I consider where this team is at, and the holes they had to fill from last year, the better I feel we are doing. We lost that game in the second half, when we allowed the momentum to shift. I hope this game can teach the players to compete at the highest level for the entire game.


  11. Gametv good analysis . Some players do take time and they need more time to get ready for big boy football I want to Domani get some PT? Brown will need to breakout in all 3 games so he can do a Reggie Bush 2.0, Succla.


    1. Can Brown catch the football?…… Right now his value is receiving the ball in open space and making the first defender miss.

      Other than that, he’s getting slapped around like a rag doll. He should have taken a red-shirt year and worked on adding some muscle mass(weight gain) and run track to help with his flexibility…..IMO!


  12. Alabama has the top rated recruiting class or 2nd best class rating for the last 10 years. They’re still losing games. It takes more than stars to have a successful season. This need to ensure the coaches picks are always correct is insane. Ask Whittingham which roster he’d rather have for his coaches and he’ll take USC’s over Utah in a heartbeat. This anger over who’s not producing goes past counterproductive. I can’t be upset that one player doesn’t take over a game when others are kicking ass and getting the job done. This year looks to be fantastic and I hope and pray the Trojans play that team again in Las Vegas, wins that stupid trophy and Riley slaps the stupid smile off of Kliavkoff’s face when the Trojans win the title.

    An elbow nudge off the stage will do.

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