USC Friday Column Supplement

I like this program cover from the USC-Wisconsin game in 1965.

USC defeated the Badgers, 26-6, at Camp Randall Stadium before 52,706. I’m guessing there will be a lot more fans there when USC joins the Big Ten.

  • Former USC tailback Markese Stepp has been added to Western Kentucky’s roster. He is eligible to play immediately.
  • A Los Angeles jury heard opening statements Friday in the case of the widow of former USC linebacker Matt Gee suing the NCAA for failing to protect her husband from repetitive head trauma

Gee died at age 49 in 2018 from permanent brain damage caused by countless blows to the head he took while playing linebacker at USC, according to the wrongful death suit filed by Alana Gee.

34 thoughts on “USC Friday Column Supplement

  1. Perhaps Alana contributed to some of his head trauma…..according to a source she had a mean left hook…..

    We all know the shar Pei sued USC over the head trauma slo cal suffered back in the 1950s from the tuba constantly slapping him in the head. She was awarded $1 in damages. While slo cal was reduced to a fruitcake


    1. Oh…I so dearly, deeply hope the picked up my know part about someone dying from head trauma…my joke about Alana. Pure comedic genius. Meanwhile, back to my stalker activies…oooh weee, it sends shivers down my spine just like when I voted for Biden.


      1. Yeah, have to be pretty messed up to joke about Gee and his likely cause of death.

        The breast milk of a 74 year must have soured, turning into poison, rendering him as dimwitted as Dementia Joe. He doesn’t know any better.


      2. Yeah, have to be pretty messed up to joke about breastmilk from a 74-year-old
        woman, who would twist you into a fucking pretzel. You must be jealous since the shar Pei dried up years ago….Don’t ask, I’m not sharing any!

        I find it beyond comical to pin head trauma on USC for something related to his total willingness to partake in the violent game of football decades ago.

        I wouldn’t expect a dunce like you to understand how desperate she looks in trying cash in on a payday. You still sound butt-hurt over the $1 award for your damages….. it was .99 cents too much….



      3. $1? Is that how much your mom gets turning tricks on the strip? Is that the real reason she got her knees replaced? Go to work man! Support yourself!


      4. My mom kept asking you, “is it in yet”…….ouch!

        I see why you had to buy the shar pei the cucumber-looking toy!


  2. Great cover. If the game has been played at the Coli, I am guessing the program cover would have shown the “I” formation instead of the modern “T” formation.

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  3. Markeese Steep what happened to you? Transferred from USC had a quick coffee stop at a BIG school now at WK is Gomer’s brother uncle or cousin is still coaching at WK. You cannot get rid of the Helton coaching tree or another player development project that has went south after being coached by Gomer. Good luck can we ship Foreman to Georgia Southern or WK. He will be able to produce on a lower level college setting. Too much for him to do out here. Put him a small town atmosphere and then it has that HS feel . Hey Wolfe does Foreman still where his HS Letterman jacket or HS All-American Jersey. Can someone wake up Foreman and tell him he is not Corona Cent.


  4. Aaahah, that is how American football could come to an end via the mass lawsuit route and I am surprised there have not been hundreds of such ‘suits especially at the NFL level.

    Problem for the football schools and NFL owners is that no helmet will protect the user from head injuries, it is the nature of the beast that constant head-butting another helmeted player will cause damage to the brain from mild to severe.

    There are sound reasons other than exorbitant team costs as to why the game is not played outside of North America, and it starts with the unacceptable brain damage suffered by its participants.

    Of course the non-participant fans don’t much care about curbing the inherent violence of football, it’s not their brain on the line, and in fact they rebel at calls of spearing and roughing the passer designed to protect players. The football public has developed a taste for the mayhem built into the game and does not wish to have their addiction tampered with, but such adamant posturing could eventually prove the demise of football as we know it, turning the game into something closer to flag football which is still entertaining

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    1. The world plays rugby. Australia has Australian Rules Football. Super popular down there. Why don’t you see head trauma in those sports? The scrimmage is a controlled engagement and certain types of his are outlawed. John Madden once said “eliminate (his exact word) the 3-point stance in football.” Some folks have suggested to only allow three points stances if the ball is 2 yards or less from the goaline.


      1. Eliminate the 3-point stance, I love it. I never saw head-butting in rugby although I am sure it inadvertently occurs, and prior to the hard helmets of today players wore flimsy leather helmets that provided little head protection and hence footballers did not engage in head-butting


  5. It would seem that when SC goes B1G and teams like Wisconsin come west they could bring a great crowd with them, just to get out of the cold for few days. You throw in Michigan, Ohio St, Penn St and the coliseum could be filled when SC is home But then we get to play ucla every other year in front of a half filled. I see no problem with our guys going east in the winter, it is for one game, with heaters on the sidelines.

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    1. …yeah, at the B1G champ game.

      I think the quality of competition will improve with the move to the B1G. I don’t think an annual Penn State, MI, OSU game is necessary.
      UCLA and ND every year will be tough. Iowa will be tough. Wisky will be tough. A game at Lincoln NB will be tough…

      But, hey, an annual with UM and/or OSU would be entertaining.

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  6. Ryno: Got my COVID booster and flu shot at the same time yesterday afternoon — and feeling absolutely wrecked today. Anyone else attempt the 2-for-1?


      1. JJ vax messed me up. Have purposely lost 35 pounds since May and trying lose 10 more. Better now. Love it when LAT CFB sportswriters signal their vax virtue✌️

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      2. Anybody that would champion this at USC (most) is just BS.


  7. No carries for Stepp tonight for WKU. Is Neil Callahan the OL coach there!? And old Nelly there is a UAB guy too.


  8. Did someone just mention drugs invented to fight-off The-Pandemic-

    Well here are the facts ma’am:
    The U.S. has had twice as many deaths (1-million) and number of COVID cases than India, a country 4-times larger than America, with the Yanks suffering 87-million cases, a startling 1/4 of the entire country’s population.

    It figured America would suffer worse and longer than practically everybody else,
    they’re possibly the most un-united country the world has ever experienced
    and couple that with a headstrong attitude molded after John Wayne
    and Annie Oakley they can say hello to the Virus each morning for a 1000 more days
    (and beyond?)

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    1. The US has 4% of the total world population and 25% of all covid deaths worldwide during trump’s watch. Mind you, we have the best scientist and medical doctors in the wide.

      Trump should be indicted for negligent homicide due to his total incompetence in dealing with the pandemic. The proof is in the numbers!

      Abbott and Desantis should also be held criminally liable for their part in the worst debacle in US history.


    2. The old Surgeon hates to chime in, LJ, but the USA is also the fattest, most diabetic, most hypertensive country on the planet. So, Covid had easy pickings vs this very unhealthy Country.

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      1. Amazingly, Bourbon, most Americans more than 50% up to 60% are fat, which as you know leads to diabetes and hypertension and other problems. I partially blame it on the fast food craze where people are in a hurry or too lazy to fix a home meal and so chomp down on “food” that is tasty due to over-sized portions of salt, sugar and substance.

        When I once in a while eat at a fast food joint I have noticed that by eating a pound of their food I gain 2-pounds, strange but true


  9. Matt was a teammate of mine. I was the first guy who welcomed him onto the track team since I was probably the only one who knew he was a 2 sport athlete other than the coaches. He was Arkansas state champ in the javelin. He was a good old country boy. Always a big smile, friendly hello. Never looked down on anyone. Didn’t matter the event. Just nice to every one whether it was track season or football season. Just a real sweet guy. Still on the Javelin top 10 list at the school. I fear that most his hits and blows came from playing special teams all 4 years. Substantial linebacking reps for 3 years but violent special teams reps all 4 years. Kick and kick coverage starter for whole career.

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  10. India under reported the number of COVID-19 deaths in rural areas and in the non-Hindu communities. You can read about the number of ways the PM’s people were trying to avoid having those deaths being attributed to COVID-19 infections. Remember, it’s not the virus that kills you but the degradation of your immune system to fight all infections, especially the ones already within your body. Modri also had to deal with farmer revolts in the middle of the pandemic and horrible losses by his party in national elections. It was a miracle that China’s decision to invade India in the Kashmir region probably saved him his job. Oh, the vaccine they developed to fight against the novel coronavirus? It’s based on old technology and failed in its efficacy to reach the same levels of protection that Moderna and Pfizer have reached.

    The rate of deaths between non-vaccinated Americans and vaccinated Americans is wide and cannot be disputed by anyone.

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