Oregon-UCLA An Audition For Arizona State Job?

Oregon offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham really wants the Arizona State job according to sources that know him.

Well, he’s offering a nice audition in the first half today as Oregon leads UCLA, 31-13 at halftime.

If UCLA doesn’t make a comeback, it will allow me to rail about their schedule. But it’s only halftime so let’s see.

UPDATED: Playing cupcakes at the Rose Bowl and a road game in Boulder didn’t prepare UCLA for Autzen Stadium? Shocking.

43 thoughts on “Oregon-UCLA An Audition For Arizona State Job?

  1. My whole UCLA family [in-laws] from California is here today watching the game — I have to keep pretending to feel bad for UCLA…. “awh… that’s too bad…. that’s…. that’s just too bad.”

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    1. I see MG, this explains your occasional jabs at “the in-laws” with the only thing suclas and SC fans having in common is that if legalized they would kill each other

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      1. hi John, I think ucla hav gd players n i know they going 2 beat Trojans when day play ech odder. missus Ed say she gonna eat my ass if Bruins win..so fight on bruins ✌🏼 And btw i want to play peenus swords with U n and Michael Guarino


    2. Of course MG, UCLA never lead 21 – 7 or snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and then blamed the loss on the game Ref’s.

      bozo FB never loses because they SUCC or deserve it; only because some jealous entity or officiating causes Clown U’s ugly defeat. You know like last year’s rivalry FB game – Ding, Ding

      If UCLA loses to Oregon there will, as usual, be no whiny-style, cry-baby, SUCC excuses, excuses, excuses BS.


      1. Owns, after digging deep into the “roughing the passer” rules I saw at least two obvious missed calls on DTR. So why do you suppose they weren’t called?
        And the Trojans are going to have Bobo to contend with, if they treat him like the last receivers we have seen I predict happiness for you and yours.

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    1. Charbenott had 3 straight impressive runs, then out of breath and took himself out of game. I’m John McKay … I’ll run it down your throat 20 straight times until you stop me and then I’ll throw it over the top of you ✌️

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    1. On the other hand, Cal coaches complained that it was 43 separate officiating mistakes that led to Washington’s State’s demolition of the bears…


      1. Cal coaches don’t speak to the media except on Tues on YouTube. Find it on youtube and link.

        Guarino your nose is growing. Please stand behind the village idiot and tell another lie.

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    2. Speaking of “the last 50 years”…..The last outright conference championship for Cal football was in 1958…..

      Might be an all-time national record, 64 years…… please research and get back to us!…… Thanks!

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      1. “Village idiot”- actually means, “I can’t find a good argument to counter yours, so I’ll just insult you.

        54-17 Washington….(ass whipping)

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  2. You know what’s weird? Hearing someone come on a USC board to complain about USC fans!? That is truly masochistic behavior. If you haven’t won a national championship, be respectful of those who know that feeling. I didn’t trust Chip Kelly, put money on Oregon (yuck) and surprise, surprise. Chip coached like he did in the NFL instead of letting his QB throw the ball down the field.

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  3. By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that the Oregon OC has a shot at that job at Arizona St. His agent told that lie to certain reporters to make it seem like he could leave Oregon. Tosh Lupoi would be more considered than that guy and if Ray Anderson hired Dillingham over Jay Novel or Deion Sanders . . . .

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      1. Even funnier So. Cal, St. Pat pays U-Dub a large premium to employ the lush Sark as SUCC’s HFBC. They still chuckle in Washington at what a rube St. Pat was considering UDub would have paid St. Pat to take Sark.

        BTW the way ding-a-ling, losing by 1 pt. or 50 pts is still a number in the loss column. Leave to a Clown U Rah-Rah to claim high ground after a 43-42, 1 pt. loss when they lead 21 – 7 in the first half.

        Remind me So. Cal, how Clownster’s touched the Utah QB on the winning 2 pt. conversion.

        Oregon was the superior team today and UCLA was never in the game after tying Oregon 10-10. The onside kick was killer.


      2. Hey BruinRob, wasn’t it at the 50-0 USC beat down of UCLA that you and your “kids” were verbally and physically harrassed?


  4. Fair and Balanced– UCLA defense looked pretty bad but Oregon O looked prime time. The on-side kick was brilliant. Put the pressure on DTR to win the game in the second half with his arm and he throws the INT in the RED ZONE for the loss. The recipe for victory Nov 19.
    UCLA offense is pretty strong, and they will put up a good fight on November 19. If both teams head into the Rivalry game healthy, it should be an instant classic.

    Next up, Oregon vs Utah in Eugene. One has to think that the Dux will win that one. Do the Huskies have it in them to beat Oregon? Nah.
    Looks like Oregon is punching it’s ticket to Vegas.

    For Trojan fans it is quite Easy. Run the table and WE go to Vegas. VEGAS BABY! VEGAS.

    If Utah beats Oregon, then likely the Sicilain gets his revenge game.

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    1. Thankfully I don’t drink or my sentences might resemble yours counselor. You sure the champagne wasn’t out a little earlier?
      Btw, how long are you going to punish the in-laws before they die? 90yrs old?


      1. How long are you gonna keep grading everybody’s on-the -fly-when-their-in-laws-aren’t-watching-sentence structure?


      2. Too bad Cal75 and MG will probably never meet
        because instead of kicking each other around a little bit on a blog
        they’d probably get a kick out of each other’s differences


  5. UCLA only cares about USC. You don’t see Trojan fans on Bruin boards, ever. They don’t go to games. USC still outdrew UCLA even during the Helton years. They should move to SoFi stadium. I know Kliavkoff wants to have games there in the future.


  6. Arizona St job probably will go to the team with the PAC12 best offensive coordinator who either goes to the PAC12 title game or who ever wants the job. It will go to maybe a SEC upcoming OC or DC with knowledge of the PAC 12 recruiting scene. I believe that we will be able to beat UCLA, there defense is not all that good, they gave up 45 points. Oregon used different formations to confuse UCLA, and worked along with the running game. Hopefully we will be able to control UCLA run game. We need to contain DTR he hurts all teams with his ability to keep plays extended. We need to have a spy especially for him like a speedy LB maybe we see R. Davis by then or someone else who was never given an opportunity.


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