Pac-12 Football At Its Finest

Here’s a play that typifies the Pac-12.
  • Here is Jerry Palm of CBS Sports’ prediction of how tomorrow’s College Football Playoff rankings will look:

23 thoughts on “Pac-12 Football At Its Finest

    1. It would be nice if just typing any old letter didn’t count as “Send”…..
      [maybe I typed too hard]….

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  1. Read a book from Jerry Kramer of the 1967 Green Bay Packers about 50 years ago. He said that offensive lineman do not wait for the quarterback’s voice to move on a play. They time the voice cadence so that their movement is simultaneous with the center hike or slightly before. This gives them an advantage over the D line. Nothing new here.

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    1. …cadence WAS SOMETING taught way back then.
      The QB’s at USC had to LEARN the USC cadence back in the 70’s/80’s.

      “Ready down…set…hut hut hut.”

      If the QB’s got it wrong, they were on the hook, not the OL.

      Nowadays, it’s all messed up with hand clap, etc.
      The players today are so vastly smarter, quicker, bigger, better managed with weightlifting/diet (fat linemen notwithstanding) etc.

      I read the same book by Kramer.
      Remember the picture of the huge piece of wood pulled out of his back when a axe shattered while he was wood chopping?

      “Run to Daylight.”

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  2. It’s bad officiating. Plain and simple. It’s a horrible conference. Mike Perreira tried to get them to change 15 years ago and they wouldn’t listen to him. Merton Hanks is never heard from. It’s his job to get these games to be on par with the rest of the country. No one uses the Pac 12 refs outside of the conference. Mountain West has better referees. It’s a crime how bad this conference is run.

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    1. I believe the Pac 12 refs worked the 2020 National Title game between LSU and Clemson.
      They also worked the Alabama vs Notre Dame BCS title game.
      I don’t know how they got those gigs with their reputation.


  3. Scooter,

    SC has been screwed out of a win and the last play in the first half which could have had ramifications. My question to you is, What can Bohn do to ensure that SC will be treated fairly on the field. Like McKay said at nd when the refs told him to get his team out there before nd and he told them that he will wait until nd gets on the field and the ref said that he would call the game and give the game to nd at a 2-0 score. Mckay said that would be the best deal he ever had at nd.

    I was thinking Riley should have just pulled the team in the second half and leave. That would have totally shown up the Pac 12 and their ineptness.

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  4. Ever notice how your thinking changes from early morning to evening time?–
    I think I am more rational in a.m. and tired in the evening leaving me more prone to over-sentimentality, a ‘softening-up the world’ in my mind.

    Is there value to sports?– I am not sure at the teen-age level where their time would be more judiciously spent with the school books. The idea of even a winning college team building life-time male bonds is a mirage, males don’t keep in touch much anyway. Girls are different, rational-beings that they are, they love sport friendship
    and know how to keep it. No wonder we men love them so

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  5. The running back could have gone motion BUT we can’t see the ball being snapped and the two “false starts” move at the same time. It’s more likely there wasn’t anything other than a slow-mo assumption. The refs miss a lot of holds especially when they are awed by a quarterback. Many of the miracle runs made by AZ’s quarterback were made possible by holds. If the player being held would just go down, the ref might see he’s being held. And the “gift roughing” given USC was text book roughing. The defender hit Caleb twice, once as he looked directly at the ref.

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    1. Ghost –even if our guys fell to the turf bleeding from the eyes like the victims in Bullet Train….the Pac 12 refs wouldn’t notice.


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