USC Notes: Don’t Ask Lincoln Riley About CFP Rankings

USC coach Lincoln Riley said all the injured players (Jordan Addison, Mario Williams, Andrew Vorhees, Eric Gentry) participated in Tuesday morning’s practice but some did not go the entire practice.

“My gut feel is that we’ll get a few back,” Riley said.

Look, it’s Cal this week. Should anyone be too stressed if everyone plays? Especially with Colorado the following week.

  • The College Football Playoff rankings are released at 4 p.m. PT.

“Ask all my friends back in Oklahoma, I don’t care,” Riley said. “Most of the time I don’t even know what it is because it doesn’t matter right now. … I could not care less.”

  • Some Cal bashing from me:

Cal coach Justin Wilcox just went 0 for October (0-4).

  • Colorado has allowed every opponent at least 38 points. Cal scored 13 vs. the Buffaloes.
  • Next Coach Fired per BetOnline:

Jimbo Fisher (Texas A&M) 3/1

Jeff Scott (South Florida) 7/2

David Shaw (Stanford) 5/1

Justin Wilcox (California) 11/2

Neal Brown (West Virginia) 11/2

Steve Sarkisian (Texas) 7/1

Jedd Fisch (Arizona) 8/1

Jeff Haley (Boston College) 9/1

Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) 12/1

Ken Niumatalolo (Navy) 16/1

Mel Tucker (Michigan State) 25/1

Mario Cristobal (Miami Fla) 33/1

Brent Venables (Oklahoma) 50/1

35 thoughts on “USC Notes: Don’t Ask Lincoln Riley About CFP Rankings

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong, Michael.

        “We threw that game away!”
        “We gave it to them!”
        “We’ve thrown4 interceptions for touchdowns this year!”

        Nowhere did Mora blame anyone & everyone else for their mistakes.

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      2. I was referencing the “we suck” language —–but, yeah, gotta hand it to Mora: way more honest and upfront than Joe [who faked the southern accent again today —what an insufferable clown]…..


    1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe better hope that by some miracle USC makes the CFP because his Ladies of Troy will get absolutely destroyed vs a current Top 10 team.

      The shit defensive coordinator and his crap staff will embarrass USC to no end with the crap defense USC has become known for under Grinch, Nua and Donte Williams


  1. Me ‘n Ed are stil selebratin the ladee bufalo’s 2022 xross countree champeenship that we lurned about 28 tymes durin the pac12 brudcast. The ladee buffs wur so happee gettin 2 duzin lung steem red rosus ed ‘n me sent on behaf of insyde usc wit john wolfe that they r sendin a ladee buffs xcross countree jersee to john. john, no nead to thank me ‘n ed, just havin’ yur blog is thanx enuf.

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  2. There are no “Gimmies” with the Trojans, in my opinion.Every team wants to look good against USC.Why? Because it’s USC. Teams measure themselves against USC because they know EVERYONE is watching. Few programs carry a legacy like that of the Trojans – yes there are some – but the remaining schools are on the outside looking in with their nose pressed up against the glass.Are you getting this ucla? And please – don’t bring up your collective titles in other sports.That’s just moving the goalpost.

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    1. …fortunately….given the diminutive size of their practice field…. they don’t have to go very far to move the goalposts…..

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      1. HaHa! Truth bomb, MG. I can recall during Pete Carroll’s run, if SC played the early game and won, the Bruins played later in the day with an added pressure to keep pace with the Trojans.You may as well have given ucla’s opponent +7. The gutties are having a pretty good year but they have a lot of historic ground to make up AND THEY KNOW IT. #SLIPPERYSLOPE

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      2. The pressure on UCLA over November 19th is building — several bruin players have admitted on UCLA sports sites they’ve been having to change their lavender Victoria’s Secret panties two and three times a day …due to “accidents”…..

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    2. UCLA 62 – Clown U 33

      #Ding, ding

      FYI 9000, it’s only the bozo women that are winning NC’s; you know like beach bingo volleyball.

      And as you well know 9000, the greatest ex-bozo BB player is Reggie Miller’s sister Cheryl.

      SUCC FB legacy is akin to an abandoned car on blocks, on a street bordering the Clown U campus.


      1. USC (Just Owns) me loves to bring up ucla roundball.How about USC baseball and those 12 national titles, eh? The “Rent” is too damn high, to borrow a quote from an old Democrat that ran for President. What’s “Just Rent” been smokin’? #REHAB


  3. Yes, SC will get everybody’s best effort including Colorado’s because it once again means something to beat the Trojans unlike the previous decade or so.

    Like Wiley I’ll wait until after the sucla game to give a hoot about college football rankings

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    1. Glad USC didn’t hire Venables or Cristobal or Fisher. And Aranda at Baylor isn’t looking like the savior that some thought he was, particularly his defense.

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    1. We don’t want them “game cold” for UCLA —play everybody who’s starting against UCLA in the Colorado game…. even if it’s just for the first half….


  4. Tennessee #1 pffft! CFP will consist of 2 SEC teams, 1 Big Ten, and Clemson. USC may win out, but they’re not going to generate enough style points to get in the conversation. The D and the team as a whole needs to step up and punch UCLA, Notre Dame, and Oregon in the mouth on National TV.

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  5. USC doesn’t belong in the playoffs this year. They lack the depth of talent to go against an Ohio St. or Georgia. Tennessee is in trouble due to their depth (especially in the defensive backfield) getting very thin. I can’t see them winning out and going undefeated. Things break right the Trojans can see old Jim Harbaugh in the Rose Bowl…maybe start a real fight in the tunnel with everyone matching up on each one. God I miss those fights.


  6. The conspiracy continues wow first ranking 11 WOW!!! They got Oregon SUCLA Ole Miss TCU ahead of us because of our defense n we’re not blowing people out. If we want to be considered. We must hope for these things to happen 1) Oregon must defeat Utah and we must win out with style points. 2) Georgia must beat Vols, and Alabama must lose another game as well Ole Miss. 3) TCU must lose in Big 12 CG. 4) Clemson must lose a game . That’s a lot of what ifs but we can only improve our worthiness by wanting to play our best on Nat TV against ND SUCLA Oregon period. LR don’t tell people you don’t care about CFP ranking if you strive to be a champion you must shock the world with better coaching


    1. My bad read the projected ranking article smoking to many afternoon blunts. This is where I projected us to be. If we score style points and win out. We are in a great position because of SUCLA and Oregon n ND. Hopefully all the above scenarios in my previous thread happens. Actually we need Bama Tennesee with 2 losses, so that would leave the SEC with one team, then the debate would be who is the best 1 loss team is it a conference champion or the runner up who was undefeated n losses in the CG.? Conspiracy goes to SEC which would kill any other scenario. I don’t think Clemson will lose 2 games only if ND upsets them and they lose CG. TCU only gets bid consideration with undefeated season, then the CFP will consider strength of schedule a and is it stronger than the glorified SEC. Michigan will lose to Ohio St gone. Can anyone send this to all CFP members because if certain teams don’t have a strong strength of schedule IDC, then they won’t even be considered IMO. Evening Lala got me dreaming of how this needs to play out for USC to sneak into playoff consideration and actually be the last team in like Jerry Palm. #LaLaMakesMeCreateRiskManagementPredictionPlanBasedOnCertainSosRiskProbalityPercentageFactorsAndMitigationIfAllScenarosHappen


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