Bill Walton Firmly Against Big Ten Move

Bill Walton is firmly against UCLA moving to the Big Ten in a statement he wrote to John Canzano.

Some highlights:

  • “This proposed move to the Big 10, is all about football, and money”
  • “I have spoken to no one, other than the highest-level directors of athletics at UCLA, who think that this proposed move to the Big 10 is a good idea”
  • “Every argument made by these senior AD’s and why they like it, is about money”
  • “These same proponents of moving to the Big 10, are the first people I have ever encountered in my life, who have claimed economic hardship and limitations in Los Angeles, and that the solution lies in the Midwest”

REACTION: I don’t really disagree with Walton’s points. Would a high-profile former USC athlete come out against the Trojans’ move to the Big Ten? Doubtful. That’s because USC (and its fans) care about football. And want to do whatever it takes to win.

But you know who would be against the Big Ten move if they were able to admit it? Lincoln Riley and Andy Enfield. Riley’s already had his hands full with Oregon State and Arizona. The Big Ten is not enticing. Enfield is going to have plenty of long nights in the Big Ten . . . plus long flights.

53 thoughts on “Bill Walton Firmly Against Big Ten Move

      1. Big Bill never lost a BB game to Clown U.

        Chances are he could care less what a SUCC dog licking his balls thinks or writes.


    1. It took Folt a couple of years of constantly getting blasted on Twitter to fire Clay Helton in order for her to get how important USC’s football tradition really is.

      No matter what Folt tweeted, 90% of the responses to her were about firing Clay Helton. Then the tweets started calling for her to resign. LOL!


    2. justsquats, u is so bitterr ‘n angry. Thats no way to go thru lyfe. U need to attend one of Ed’s motivayshunal wirkshops. He’ll git you posytive about lyfe again so maybe u can fynd yurself a missus squats. Ed givs discounts to those whu r down on there luck or livin on a fixd incom.

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  1. Bill Walton… mean the guy who has always applauded the Conference of Champions even when the only championships they were winning was the NCAA Bingo championship. He says “Every argument made by these senior AD’s and why they like it, is about money”. Of course it’s all about money. But money doesn’t mean a thing to socialists like Walton. That’s why we are going bankrupt with this current bunch of socialists who are running this country.

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      1. Just Rent,

        it is better to watch fox News than Communist News Netork (CNN). You talk about an agenda that they have. All they do is talk about Trump. If they were ever to report on how Biden was actually doing, it would kill the democrap Politcal Crapness and commie takeover agenda.


    1. Bankrupt?????? dude, what fuck are you talking about…….bring me your best argument so I can debunk it……make it good…..or STFU!


      1. The poor little parcel man wants to blame socialists for his lack of discretionary income…..pathetic!!!!…..instead of taking ownership of the low-paying blue-collar job he had for decades that led to an empty pot at the end of the rainbow……Typical cult member, pointing the finger due to their own stupidity……toooo fucking funnnny!


  2. Do you really believe that the Big Ten is a stronger Football Conference TOP TO BOTTOM, than the Pac 12? Big Ten is top-heavy, but the middle and bottom is pathetic. Nebraska loses to Clay Helton. Northwestern loses to FCS Southern Illinois, after they beat Nebraska. Iowa beats FCS South Dakota State 7-3 with no touchdowns. Illinois is in first place in the Big 10 West, beating Iowa 9-6. Washington hammered Michigan State. Washington State won at Wisconsin. Stop drinking the Koolaid. It’s Ohio State & Michigan and Nothing else.

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    1. It doesn’t matter what the quality of the conference is . . . they make more money and run a better operation. Why work in the ghetto when you can get paid in Beverly Hills for more cash? There’s a store called REI where you can get all the supplies you need to feel right at home in Happy Valley, Ann Arbor, Champagne, Evansville, Newark, College Park – you get what I’m selling?

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  3. “…economic…limitations in Los Angeles,” the Redhead asks in bewilderment, well not for most economic realities but the Pac-12 is not drawing fans at the games or on t.v. and that $30-million draw vs Big-10 money was needed to keep especially sucla afloat

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  4. Thank you, Snotty, er, Scotty, for divining the inner thoughts of Riley and Enfield regarding USC foot and basket ball teams competing in the Big 10 which they’d surely express “if they were able to admit it.” Sorry to hear they’re disabled.


  5. I have figured it out Clemson loses to Notre Dame their out Michigan loses to Ohio State they’re out, Alabama loses to LSU or to ole miss they’re out, TCU will lose at Baylor or at Texas they’re out. USC wins out that means they beat Oregon. We end at number 4. Tennessee number 1 Ohio state number 2 Georgia number 3 USC number 4.

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    1. The last time SUCC played a SEC team on a neutral field, Alabama clowned Clown U 52 – 6. The idea of SUCC in the CFP is just so farcical.

      SUCC in the CFP reminds me of the Mad Hatter and March Hare’s endless tea party.


      1. The Tea Party! …. with UCLA as the little drunk field mouse singing “twinkle, twinkle little star” …..right up till the Mad Hatter slams her with a mallet …

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  6. So Riley would prefer to stay in a financially hamstrung program in the Pac 12? And continue to lose elite west coast recruits who want to play in the bigger and better conferences? Not buying it.

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    1. Hey, Commie Lush is back. Yo, ho, ho and a qt. of cheap volka. Chug-a-Lug, makes you want to be an AH. Mission accomplished.

      Hey Corky, fix me another dlb. fireball, and step on it will ya.

      #трахни свою мать


  7. Where is the blog dunce?……must be nap time……He never misses the opportunity to voice his stupidity regarding anything related to Biden

    Perhaps he went to pay Paul a visit!


  8. Here’s the deal. I don’t care if the schools move or not. I don’t even care about the money. But what Bill doesn’t consider (because he is a pac 12 honk) is that this is by far and away the worst run conference in all of Div 1. Now I am a die in the wool pac 12 guy. I grew up in the pac 12, competed in the pac 12, coached in the pac 12 (actually grew up and competed in the pac 10 but…) Since the regents and presidents fell asleep the wheel and were sold a used car as a new car by Larry and since then Georgie, this conference is crap. Blame it on the regents/presidents. I was shocked but thrilled to hear the news of the move. And I was perhaps the most connected to the conference as anyone I know. The ship is sinking and leadership is trying to figure out what outfit its going to wear for a stroll on the deck. And by the way, if leadership did its job, finances wouldn’t be an issue. Each member school would be making somewhere near what big 10 and sec members make. And no need to move off the non sinking ship.

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  9. Here we go again! …….Trump posted. “Rigged Election.”

    “More than 240,000 ballots had been sent out to “unverified” voters in Pa.”

    This fucking idiot puts his cock in his mouth every time he talks….. Can’t wait until he goes to prison…..


  10. Damn MG, there was no field mouse at the Tea Party, but St. Pat was there. He was signing Sark to a Clown U contract.

    Clown U in the CFP, what a roar. Hell, Commie Lush will be sober @ 8am before SUCC makes the CFP.


  11. Actually, USC has the skill players part figured out. They just need to get the “big uglies” part correct. Easier said than done, but still doable. If I were UCLA I’d be worried about Chip Kelly’s lack of excitement for recruiting. Especially if Deion Sanders gets a D1 job at Arizona State and well, that’s going to affect UCLA more than it would USC.


  12. Bill Walton I remember him back in the 1970s but a half-century later I only know that many think of him as a “bore” on t.v. with his excessive irrelevant talk about everything.

    Perhaps the genesis of this ‘Walton-Disease’ is he unfortunately started out his life with a severe stuttering speech problem throughout college that had to have frustrated and hurt him so much that when he overcame it he wanted to lash out at everybody who didn’t have patience listening to him.
    (Note: Spoken as an out of the closest ‘Psychologist’)

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  13. Gabby knows more about me than I do. Maybe next time I’m trying to remember some details about my past I’ll ask him. He must know!!!!…..After all…..Parcelman 007……that should tell you every detail about my years on planet earth.


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