Morning Buzz: Is USC-Oregon Game Inevitable?

Like Lincoln Riley, I don’t care about the College Football Playoff rankings.

But I do care about the Pac-12 race and who plays in the championship game.

So I spoke to a Pac-12 defensive coordinator Tuesday who watched the game films of the Arizona-USC game about the conference race.

“Oregon is better,” the coach said. “Right now, (quarterback) Bo Nix better.

“But the big difference is the defenses. I don’t think USC could stop Oregon enough. I think Oregon might stop USC a couple more times. It would be a helluva game but I think Oregon is the team everyone will need to go through.

“I won’t be surprised if they play in December. It won’t be low scoring.”

What about the USC-Arizona game?

“Lincoln Riley pulled out a couple plays where he hit Arizona. He had Johnny Nansen’s number.

“Both quarterbacks were running around like chickens without a head at times. But if you can’t rush the passer consistently, and Arizona struggles to do it, it’s tough.

“I probably would have played more man defense against USC if I were Arizona. I would have tried more man packages to see if they could have slowed them down. They hit Arizona on some crossing routes. Maybe they didn’t run enough nickel packages. They were a little disorganized.

“It’s clear with the receivers out, USC wanted No. 16 (Tahj Washington) would be the guy. He had a nice game.”

50 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Is USC-Oregon Game Inevitable?

      1. The Three Stooges (Grinch, Nua and Donte Williams) will have no answer for the Ducks…it will be a massacre.

        Ducks will drop 70 pts. on the Ladies of Troy


      2. Hear that, Trojans?


    1. I hope it’s inevitable, because we can finally put to rest the false image of a top ten team the USC Sooners have earned from playing weak teams. Lincoln Riley’s football philosophy is great for entertainment, not national championships. You don’t need to take my word for it, because his history speaks for itself. ….Oregon 55 USC 30


      1. Grinch says that the Trojans shit defense is not his fault, it’s the crap players he inherited it who he blames

        Damn, that’s messed up!


      2. USC’s schedule so far has been tougher than UCLA. We played Oregon State at their home and Utah at their home (refs stole that game). Washington State is also a pretty good team. Oregon has played a tougher schedule.

        We will have to see how USC develops over the remainder of the season. Yes, right now, USC does not have a defense that can stop anyone. Let’s see if they can develop some answers.

        USC needs to learn to play with more consistency. Caleb needs to make sure he doesnt end drives with low percentage plays to guys like Branden Rice that either drop the ball or dont make a play on a catchable ball. i think over the coming two weeks some players rise and some fall in the receiving room. I think Riley will have more offensive schemes by the conference title game.

        It all comes down to Grinch and the defense. Can they pull together a D that gets stops? I really dont know.

        USC will find a way to stay in any game they play until the hit the CFP. Doesnt mean they will win, but they will not get blown out. This team doesnt fold.

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    2. Ton-o-Hel got 7-years of learning on the job at SC and now he has turned all that knowledge and experience into becoming a football coach, or has he?

      Come on now, Wolfie doesn’t need any real coach to tell him what he already knows, and if no coach is available Scott will just make him up

      What is with all this SC-Oregon championship game talk anyway, if sucla wins out they’re in, if Oregon wins out they’re in, if Utah wins out they’re in, only SC needs help with Oregon beating Utah.


    3. And USC is the #2 offense–after the Buckeyes–when the computer compares the offense’s efficiency vs the opposing team’s defense’s efficiencies.


  1. Here you go again Wolfe with your PAC12 mystery coach? Reveal if it was a coach from a team that Oregon and USC beat, but Oregon defense was more formidable or since they’re not leaving the conference, everyone not named Scoop W, crowning them as a CFP team. What’s wrong with you JESSE!!! Oregon got beat down on opening day, Bo Nix is a 5 year Sr., he is like DTR wanting to impress scouts that with 48 -50 starts I’m NFL ready, both Nix n DTR will be picked in 4th or 5th round picks at best it’s a reason Nix left Auburn he was trash accuracy and inconsistent play. DTR same thing he is 23? Not big enough to be a starter nor does he posses what teams are looking for a franchise QB. Wolfe just tell us it was a Grad Assist, who was a holdover from Helton So since he wasn’t retained he is hating on USC like Wolfe. Don’t agree with nothing you said and I guess Riley is trying to show his team to focus on 1 game at a time. Riley is really coy with the media and doesn’t let certain journalist know what he is thinking.

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    1. It’s Official…Buzz Aldrin admits NASA never landed man on the moon

      Aldrin can’t bring himself to lie to the little girl


  2. I hope it’s inevitable, because we can finally put to rest the false image of a top ten team the USC Sooners have earned from playing weak teams. Lincoln Riley’s football philosophy is great for entertainment, not national championships. You don’t need to take my word for it, because his history speaks for itself. ….Oregon 55 USC 30


  3. Looks like some people are worried about USC getting into the CFP. Relax, that coach forgot to mention the injuries. Let’s see who wins out before we speculate on the Vegas Championship.

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  4. Most improved player so far this season. Tahj Washington. He was sort of hyped last year but didn’t seem to get much separation on routes. This year he has been very impressive at times and looks to be in much better physical shape really taking advantage of his speed.

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      1. Do you get paid for this? Or do you actually buy this silliness?
        [I don’t want to think of you as a sad boy, tebow. Bad boy, fine. But sad boy…is sad]…..

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      2. The taliban reference, the destruction of democracy to start. How stupid are you Tebow? I have been called a terrorist because I am a vet, a taliban because I voted republican, yet I have never lost a debate based on facts. Call me names, that is all you really have. If you ever put a post on here with any substance at all we would all be stunned. Anytime you want to debate the USA, bring it, but pack your lunch. The one rule you always have to understand by Alinsky, was to accuse your rival of what you are doing to deflect any blame on yourself. In essence, lie, cheat, steal, but never admit to anything. That is what your dishonest video represents. Next time bring something with truth. And it would be best if you point a finger at me, you should know something about me before you call me names. You only have one: idiot.

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      3. btw…. answer to “what part of video is untrue?” is gonna get answered by voters next Tuesday….


      4. steveg49: “the taliban reference” is way over the top and made me laugh (though I see where they’re coming from). However, “the destruction of democracy” is valid. When people continue to question the validity of an election without any actual evidence (it’s been two years–where’s all the damning evidence presented in a court of law?), and then purposefully try to undermine future elections in order to maintain power–then the principles of democracy are being destroyed.

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      5. Name calling is all the morons have got. At least Tebow doesn’t use the same lame jokes/name calling that his twin does over & over & over & over again. Dumbass is probably as senile as Dementia Joe and doesn’t remember having used them 50 times or more.


      6. Oaktown, you are ignoring the biggest part of the rigged election. The media (with the help of the FBI) covered up the fact that Joe was not only unfit for office, but that he along with his entire family was corrupt and incredibly compromised. One in six Biden voters would have changed their vote had the cover-up not occurred, more than enough to sway the result.

        I realize you’re all in denial about that, but it’s a FACT.

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      7. Oh, the great conspiracy by the mainstream media + the FBI. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to see you. Is Joe mentally fit for office? Aside from brain farts, yes. And in any normal year he’d have lost or not even had the nomination as a result. But more than half the country weighed the risks of Biden vs. Trump and decided the risks were lower with Biden. The problem with hard right conservatives in this country is they like to fabricate and promote their own “facts” to support theories that fall apart under the lightest scrutiny. But it works because people want to believe those theories and are too lazy to fact check them—and anyone offering the truth is just part or the vast cover-up.


      8. As Steve stated, name calling is their only (weak) game. Love when the pussies resort to “triggered”. That has to be one of my favorites.


  5. I let others ponder how to solve problems like what to do about the weather and instead ponder who will play in the Pac-12 Championship game?–

    If Utah wins out it is in
    If sucla wins out it is in
    If Oregon wins out it is in
    If SC wins out it is in although should Oregon lose to Utah
    a tie-breaker between the Trojans and Ducks at 1-loss each would have to be utilized and since none of the rules apply the highest rated team would go to The Game, and with a late season loss Oregon would undoubtedly be rated behind SC.

    Good, now I don’t have to worry about who wins the meaningless Utah-Oregon contest from SC’s point-of-view and just concentrate on the remaining Trojans’ games especially against the Midget-Bears

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  6. An interesting corollary is what happens if Oregon loses to Utah and sucla wins out leaving all 3 teams with one conference loss each–

    sucla trumps Utah
    Utah trumps Oregon
    Oregon trumps sucla

    I guess it would have to go by the national rankings of the 3 teams with sucla rated ahead of Oregon and Utah, and Oregon still possibly rated ahead of Utah even with its loss to the Utes.

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    1. John, they have a formula, and believe me whoever came up with it is straight out of Berkley. It is really hard to understand. I know it comes down to results against common opponents, then it really gets weird.


  7. Scooter,

    this is my opinion, if SC plays oregon, oregon wins. Nix looks incredible. The last two games especially against ugly, he was almost perfect on running the offense. oregon’s defense will get a stop or two against SC and that will be the difference because SC’s defense will not stop the ducks. Too much fire power, formations, and plays to know their tendencies. Oregon will stop themselves by dropped passes or if sc can stop the run game and make the punt on 4th and long. This is my opinio, final score will be peking duck 52 SC 38


  8. The score of the USC-Arizona game could have been worse and it really wasn’t that close.

    The Trojans had a scoring opportunity literally taken away by the officials at the end of the first half.

    Riley’s tactial error on the onside kick attempt gave Arizona prime real estate, which the Wildcats capitalized on.

    And let’s not forget that USC still put up video game numbers on offense without the Trojans #1 & 2 WR and a couple of holes on the OL.

    I hope this conversation gets settled in Vegas, though.

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  9. On USC Defense Do NOT Have the The Linebackers Blitzing Stay in your Defensive Position waiting to see if the other team Quarterback is going to throw the football or if Handing the football to his Running back…. If the Quarterback is going to pass you must have a Defensive linebacker waiting if the Quarterback Runs with the Football to STUFf Stop the Quarterback back.. from run ning with the football…If The Quarterback Hands the Football to his Running back then you’re middle linebacker s can STUFf the Run game Wait to see. Who has the football the Quarterback or the Running back then make the Defensive STOP or STUFF the Run. Must wait until the Quarterback throws the football or hands the football to his Running back then make the Study the Running back…if you’re Blitzing your Defense over run s the play and the Running back will Run Right through your Defense for a touchdown down…USC Defense doesn’t have the Size bigger footbalplayers Right Now U have to Recruit…Also put Bryson Shaw at middle linebacker And need Gentry playing need his Height….have to put your Best Defensive players in Correct Defensive Position… fight on…. because USC needs to Recruit for next season.. you Still got to be happy with a New Football Coach and over 20 Transfers being 7 and 1 and Losing by 1 point to Utah Could be 8 and 0 undefeated only for Defensive coaching Mistakes at Utah… With having a Weak Defense…


    1. I like Shaw at middle when there is a passing situation. They have been using him in the dime and at safety. Cannot commit middle linebacker to be spy every down. They used everyone at different times, even Tuli. They just need to stay under control on the rush. Grinch is a good DC and he is disguising his defenses well. Our guys are not all top of the line but he is trying to exploit what talent they do have.

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  10. I have to remember what I was doing before, bypassing any comments by Tebow or his alias’. The Republicans are the basis for our republic, the democrats are the basis for socialism and marxism. Anything else is simply untrue. Anyone who follows Alinsky’s rules is anti American. Period. When Hilary went around talking about Trump stole the election, did all the Libs say she was destroying democracy? Hell no. She is still doing it to this very day. I’m done with this stupid bullshit.


  11. Bo Nix better?!? What?

    Look at this years numbers under the same competition.

    Bo Nix dunk throws as his pass per yards and adjusted yards per passes are lower. QB rating lot lower. Completion percentage lot lower. Rushing yards lower. INTs higher.

    All the important metrics are worse for Nix.

    Dumb take by the coach.

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