Pac-12 Title Game Flow Chart

Source: Josh Furlong,

32 thoughts on “Pac-12 Title Game Flow Chart

  1. Wolf……that flow chart is waaaaay too advanced for slo cal….. you need to give him the flow chart for dummies edition…..he earned it



    1. The dumbass tries to claim I’m obsessed with Dementia Joe, yet HE’S the one who brings me up any chance he can. LMAO

      Typical hypocritical Dim.


      1. EAT SLEEP SHIT BIDEN……rinse and repeat 24/7……I call that a creepy obsession…….hey you earned it

        Slo cal I like to slap you around like a pinata…. Be thankful to someone other than MG who responds to you……You’re a bore, deal with it!


      2. So you’re trying to say you don’t have numerous comments directed at Biden daily within this blog…’re obsessed with Biden……creepy!


      3. I generally comment on something NEW he has given us to laugh about. If you knew how to read you’d know that.

        Don’t blame me because you were stupid enough to vote for dementia. Just Friday he claimed to have spoken to the guy who discovered insulin, Dr Fred Banting, who died the year before Dementia Joe was born!

        You’re a dumbass. Everyone on this blog knows it. That’s not my fault.


      4. “You’re a dumbass”……..??????

        Says the guy who has a zero football IQ……. So would that qualify you to be a football “dumbass”….. Sure does……. whip the drool and get the diaper changed


    2. Grinch, Nua and the other idiot Donte Williams are shit. The Ladies of Troy defense has no chance to stop UCLA so you fanboys can quit with your wet dreams of ‘Ol Mule Shoe taking his Ladies of Troy to any PAC 12 title game or CFP



      1. After 9 weeks in, why is Riley still ranked ahead of chocolate chip…….and you beat Utah…..HAHAHA!!!!…….hurry, pull the finger…it’s super ripe!

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      1. Thank you, Bourbon…. I hope this advise saves other after- Halloween gluttons….it’s too late for me.
        [From now on the getting-close-to-Maui-curfew -Halloweeners get ALL the candy left in the house. I can’t be left with 4 Milky Way bars ever again]….


  2. SC should make an effort to convince Gary Bryant to come back next year. He’s too good a receiver to let transfer out. Bynum and Addison will be gone after this year. That should open up room for him to play and he does have 2 years left.

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    1. I hope Zachariah Branch works out. Nobody is denying that the talent is there but if you watch his mannerisms on the field, he really looks like an immature kids who is in love with himself(quite different from his brother).


  3. Not so simple edition?

    FPI computer odds of winning out:

    Utah 23%
    USC 17.4%–includes odds of beating ND.
    Ore 13.6%
    UCLA 7.3%

    FPI computer odds of winning Pac 12 conference:
    Utah 27.3%
    USC 26%
    Ore 33%
    UCLA 12%

    Looks to me that the Pac 12 will cannibalize itself yet again and not send anyone to the CF playoff.

    USC dropped a spot in the FPI rankings from #10 to #11 despite winning vs Zona, and Penn State GAINED 2 positions from #12 to #10 with their stirring LOSS AT HOME TO OSU.

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    1. It’s like Riley said — “It’s all about us –we need to concentrate on winning each week —the rest will take care of itself.”


  4. All that really matters to me is beating UCLA.

    I am also concerned that USC’s next recruiting class is pretty bleak, aside from 5 top guys. What happened to recruiting? My guess is that Bohn-head has killed the recruiting by killing off collectives. His Blvd NIL is not sufficient.

    This is the type of move you see in ultra-liberal regimes where they are not willing to go all-in to win.

    What is Riley’s buy-out number? Because if I were him, I would start causing a ruckus about the university policy on NIL and outside collectives.

    If Bohn-head is going to put USC in the Big10, he cant handicap Riley’s recruiting efforts. USC fans are tired of excuses, that is what we had with Helton. Stop the progressive fantasies. If you want to win, you have to be willing to play the game at its limits, which means not attacking the external collectives that will be able to better focus money where it needs to go.

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    1. To what extent is Bohn hand-cuffed by President Folt’s edicts on NIL and outside forces? Heck, Folt took control of the Alumni Clubs fer cripesake. Bohn is all in. Riles is all in. We are all in.

      Is Folt all in?

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      1. Bourbon I love ya & I admire the way you look out for Bohn here —but….maybe it’s time for him to show how strong and independent he is by uttering his first words in public since Riley came on.


  5. …final note on recruiting.

    USC is on the right track, with all offensive position groups attracting great attention. Nice to be able to tell athletes/moms/dads that all the offensive groups are top rated.

    Win out in November, play well in Vegas (a defacto home game for USC), play well on New Year’s Day, and the recruiting will fall in place.

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