USC-Cal Live Blog

The defense is a mess. A real mess. USC leads, 41-35.

Well, USC can always score. It’s 41-27 but this game has officially entered embarassment territory.

This is not Lincoln Riley’s finest effort. USC leads Cal, 34-27 and there are still nine minutes left.

USC needs a special teams coach.

The busted coverage vs. Arizona was awful. The one USC just gave up to Cal was even worse. Jaylin Smith appears to be the culprit.

Denis Lynch in white cleats. Another low.

Raleek Brown wearing yellow socks. A new low for USC.

What the hell is Lincoln Riley’s game plan? USC has 34 passes and 15 runs. Why? It’s Cal not Georgia.

Cal may not be finished. It gets a 57-yard pass by throwing at Ceyair Wright and then scores a TD following a PI penalty on Calen Bullock. USC 27, Cal 14.

It’s a thriller of a move by Michael Jackson with his second TD catch. USC 27-7. Cal is finished.

Michael Jackson catches a TD pass from Caleb Williams. USC is not playing its best game but Cal is being Cal after the quick start.

Can you believe USC is only ahead 13-7?

How many USC players have slipped and fell on that yellow sideline mat I complained about weeks ago?

Well, this isn’t the start that was envisioned.

Caleb Williams drives USC down the field and Travis Dye scores the TD. USC 13-7. Order slowly being restored.

USC comes back and scores but the PAT gets botched on a bad snap.

The Trojans can’t stop Cal’s Jadyn Ott, who scored a TD on the first drive.

Linebackers Eric Gentry and Ralen Goforth are out again and not in uniform for the game. Wide receiver Mario Williams is also out. Jordan Addison did some warmups but went back to the locker room while the other receivers stayed out with the QBs.

Oh, I’m picking USC, 38-13.

128 thoughts on “USC-Cal Live Blog

  1. Wolf is right, defense is a hot or cold mess.

    Without Caleb and Travis, probably a 2 and 7 team that would end season 3 and 9

    I still think team with beat UCLA and ND.


    1. Here’s our 3 BIG problems — (1) Special Teams plays dumbo football —taking kicks outta the endzone, asleep on extra points and and onside kicks…. and (2) we’re gonna bring Addison and Williams back after such lengthy time off they’re not gonna have their timing down with Caleb…. the UCLA game could be another disaster….
      ….And (3) missed tackles —-we had roughly twenty of them tonight. Everybody is gonna want to go for 2 against us —we can’t wrap anybody up when the pressure is on. How many times did we have Cal in 3rd and long and, then, let them run right thru us?

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  2. Hey Crabs, you mongoloid idiot, the UCLA game is at AZ St.; so you do the RB attendance arithmetic if you’re capable.

    Cue: Reggie “I saws the money and I tooks it” Bush’s lame Wendy’s commercials.


    1. No way! When that skinny Wendy’s white guy sez he’s “red shirting” in his Wendy’s all red soccer shirt … and, then, Reggie hits him so hard he almost falls outta his seat I just crack up —it NEVER gets old…..

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    2. I corrected myself….dipshit….pull your brain out of the gutter and focus…I never follow the ruins… should thank me for asking…. ungrateful sack of shit


  3. So a team that was 4-8 is supposed to be one of the best in the conference, let alone the country the next year? The Trojans are doing what they’re supposed to do. Pete Carroll coaches in Seattle. Those days are over. Guys need to play sharper on defense and the offense needs to run better to set up play action and roll out of the pocket a little more Coach.


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