Less Might Be More For USC Defense

USC is not doing any media today, which is probably a good thing because Alex Grinch won’t have to talk about the defense again.

Grinch said it all with his “vomit” quote after the Cal game.

But I want to revisit this play because it’s the second busted coverage in two weeks and it demonstrates a problem with the defense.


How does a play like this happen?

“This looks like a defense that has put it too many coverages and it’s confusing the players,” a Pac-12 coach told me. “They had a breakdown in the Arizona game too. Sometimes, you need to limit some things you do to make sure everyone knows what they are doing.

“I’m curious if the players really know what they are supposed to be doing.”

28 thoughts on “Less Might Be More For USC Defense

  1. Scott cherry picks the worst play by the SC defense in the Arizona game as if that illustrates how the Trojans play every down. The defense has problems but it is not as bad as Scott likes to portray

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      1. Gabby –It’s not by default –it’s his brand….
        Muhammad Ali [then Cassius Clay] on Archie Moore: “He’s a dangerous opponent because for him it’s not a sport –it’s a business venture.”

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    1. Less fingernail polish wearing (none at all) and get rid of the trash defensive coaching staff that has allowed the Ladies of Troy to wear women tights/leg warmers.

      Talk about woke…Jesus H. Christ!

      What’s next a sandbox for that idiot Donte Williams to shit in?


  2. Scott wolf: โ€œIโ€™m curious if the players really know what they are supposed to be doing.

    Sherlock wolf, instead of asking more questions than you answer. Find out if these 3rd and 4th string players and getting reps and instructions on responsibilities. We need to get to the bottom of “vomit-gate”

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  3. Hey Wolfe you never seems to amaze me with your talk with a unamed team coach. We all know you are kissing up to the trolls who are hiding and sitting in the corner licking their political losses. For you Wolfe your just a Mfn USC hater using other imaginary PAC 12 coaches you talk to and promote and glorify your pathetic haterism.


  4. The defense is terrible. Not really news here. However, a good defense can fall for this too. DB’s bit on the pump fake. S – – t happens. The more alarming plays are where the SC defenders just miss tackles and get gashed up the middle, which sadly, happens a lot. There’s just not that much talent on this defense.

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    1. There’s a lot less talent on the cupcake opponents the Ladies of Troy have faced.

      USC has 3 and 4 star players on defense that haven’t been developed, that’s a carry over from crap coaching. Pendergast was bad, Grinch, Nua and the other idiot Donte Williams are worse.

      The tights/leg warmers that Donte Williams wears is cutting off the circulation to the shit he has for brains


    2. Yep. Opposing teams aren’t running up 500 yards a game against us on blown plays —-it’s because of 20 missed tackles per game.


  5. the defense is a mixed bag…vs the rush they have been better than against the pass…they need to commit 5-6 different people to go after the q/b ,at least extreme pressure to flush the q/b in a planned direction, while still slowing the ground game.
    the 2ndary can’t cover for 7-8 seconds , so go after that q/b…AND STOP DROPPING A DT TO COVER A RECEIVER !!!

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    1. You’re wasting your time trying to instill any logic into the defensive coaching staff, not a single one of them have a clue


  6. If USC wants to win then they will have to decide on which defensive calls the will go with. I prefer a Cover 3 with everything in front of these players. Guys are getting interception hunting happy and not recognizing basic situational football. It happens to the pros as well. I can’t imagine it being hard to run Cover 3 man and Cover 3 zone.

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  7. This was the case when Monte Kiffin was running the defense. Players were running around with no rhyme or reason as to what they’re supposed to be doing. Sometimes these coaches feel as if they have to reinvent the wheel every week.


  8. Grinch has a horrible track record at OU as well with great recruits. Not sure why Riley was thinking he would differ at USC. Other teams have lesser level recruits and are not giving up USC yards. The excuse that are short on players or injuries is BS as the defense was bad prior to injuries.

    I would give one more year and then dump him. USC is wasting Riley’s talent on his short stay.


  9. It (USC defense) is a definite work in progress. Funny how everyone forgets the truly awful DC we had under Heltonska…. Clancy Prendergast.
    The anger and angst of parents claiming to resurrect the program would take a lot more than a new head coach and a lot more than 1 year. The lack of accountability and decorum on the sidelines, the incessant bad penalties destroying a solid defensive effort or a wasted offensive drive.
    Love to see the record 10 – 0 and frankly it should be but yeah 4 of these victories have been nail biters but when the winner of the William Bendix Jr. Lookalike Contest was running things USC did lose.

    Chip Kelly is in year 5 and seemingly he has finally found a way to win he also took in more transfers than USC but hey 1998 is a long time ago and 1954 is getting close to 70 yrs..

    Focus on CO this Friday 6:30 pm …. endure Petros Papadakis’ veiled snide remarks because he got himself sacked as USC Galen Court announcer and get ready for the rabble of clowns called ‘bel air tech’ and the subway alumni for ‘the princess’ – no one faces bi-annually the two-game stretch at the end of the season that USC does every even numbered year – nobody.

    This has been a banner year of accomplishments starting with Mike Bohn’s brilliant stealth grab of Lincoln Riley and also the move to the Big 10 with ucla < 2 yrs hence.


    1. According to gametv, Hiring Riley was very pedestrian , no big deal…he compared it to a billionaire buying a Ferrari……lame anlog


      1. ‘…pedestrian…?’ Really? Just who was available < 1 year ago
        to entice to coach USC after 5+ yrs. of truly 'pedestrian' coaching in Clay Helton? The current top 12 ranked programs have solid coaches and with the arrival of Lincoln Riley truly a flip from night-to-day again in 1 year. None of the top 11 programs, with 1 loss, have done that but Riley has.

        As to..gametv…' that's an offshoot of 'The Athletic' ….no different than what any opinion website does such as this….a bunch of us throwing out 'points of view'.

        I know of no other head coach that was available that is the equal of Riley. I think OK's AD Joe Castiglione wishes Riley was still there.


    2. I’ve been enjoying the Trojan games on TV a lot more this season
      –partially due to the winning record, partially due to not seeing “the Unmentionable” on the sidelines–as I’ve decided to use the mute button regularly.

      I do like Brock Huard as a commentator, and will not use the mute when he is on the call.

      Petros is a loyal–albeit opinionated–Trojan.


      1. Brock is solid and one of my favorites!!!!….. He was really upset and outraged over the officiating in the Utah game…..He was aware of how timely calls determine the outcome of that game.

        I hate to beat a dead horse, but there was some obvious bias taking place in the Utah game



    1. Yo, Charles.
      Forgot to give you a Solid A in my Monday post on grading the blog/posters for this season. Solid performance. You’re top of the class..

      With Riley game managing his thin defensive team, I WOULD NOT wager on USC CAL, USC CU buffs, etc–unless you’re betting Trojans not to cover ATS.

      That said, I’m thinking the O/U for USC UCLA should be at least 80!

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